Could you keep up FAWM for a whole year?

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  • @djohnson 4 days

    I went to a masterclass at my uni earlier from the songwriter Fiona Bevan. In it she said she writes around 200 songs a year! Which begs the question - could you keep up the rate of FAWM for the whole year, every year? I barely manage one a fortnight...

  • @andygetch  4 days

    Between FAWM, 5090, NaSoAlMo and several song-a-week groups in between, I am close to 200 for the year. And my brain hurts right now.

  • @metalfoot  3 days

    I'm with @andygetch on this one. FAWM count:78, 50/90 count: 120, I did 12 for NaSoAlMo, have done a scad of others for this, that, or the other 200+ a year is pretty much my pace.

  • @djohnson 3 days

    I'm not going to lie, I'm impressed.

    How do you manage it alongside other work commitments, family, friends etc? Do you have a daily routine or something? How do you have so many ideas?

  • @andygetch  3 days

    @djohnson not meaning to impress. I have found that the more I write, the more I write. When I started, my first song took six months, then I wrote a song every two months, then one a month. Then I found about about FAWM and was not sure I could do it. My first FAWM, 5090 and NaSoAlMo were in 2012 and I struggled at first with keeping up the pace. Now I typically go with the first idea and experiment a lot. For time management, almost all the songs I write are done in an an hour or two, many from prompts, such as in the skirmishes where I give myself 40 minutes to develop the words and music, 10 to record whatever I have, and 10 to upload/post. I like to write a song on my lunch hour. Ideas are all around us, observing and listening the world. Having meaningful themes really helps me focus my songwriting. Random prompts, random chords, different guitar tunings or instruments all stimulate new ideas. The recordings I post are very basic scratch tracks, many times just one track using one condenser microphone.

  • @cblack  2 days

    I'd love to be able to do 200 songs a year. What's stopping me? Motivation, mostly. I'm unemployed without kids, so I definitely have enough free time. But yeah... Doing the thing is harder than thinking, "Hey, I should do the thing."

  • @brrrse  1 day

    I was doing really well. The soundcloud I started for FAWM 2016 has 175 tracks currently, but I have more than several songs that were lyrics only or skirmishes, or collabs for songwriting groups. In the middle of 50/90, I lost my muse - but my life took a big swing - and there just wasn't a place or time for music. In January, I hope to set up the equipment I've been quietly acquiring and maybe start recording and writing and composing again. I'm too lazy to go through the archives, but I think I did 60 songs FAWM 2016, and 90+ for 50/90 2016, then 92 for FAWM 2017 and only 33 for 50/90 - During 50/90 2016, I was invited to join an online songwriting group, and I'd produce at least one full song a week for that every week. It's not difficult. The hard part is getting past the perfectionist in your head and being content with "good enough". First, instead of starting with full orchestral ambient, try a melody and a harmony with an interesting drum track - you can knock out one song once a day in one hour, every day - that's 365 days a year.

  • @ustaknow 1 day

    Having a reason to write, helps allot. That's what FAWM5090 does, --provides a reason. Hopefully one develops relationships, and that sustains it.

    I love just creating songs. I don't allow anything, nothing negative to effect that. Writing every day is not an issue. Finding the ones I want to keep, the "special" ones is my reason. If I don't fish, catch and release, so to speak, --I'll never catch the keepers.

    How I see it.

    (Side note: the above folks are some of the most serious about "just doing it", that I've seen... --you're in good company around here. So, what's nice, special is, --if, when folks provide input, advice, it's likely as good as it gets from any reasonable person, --that has "value". Master classes are nice but, "just doing it", everyday life long may be one of top ones too.)

  • @brrrse  1 day

    Hi @ustaknow good to see you

    And adding on something I forgot to add above: Songwriting is like any other craft or occupation - you make time for it. I've heard it said many times right here in the forum about making things into habits - Anything you do repeatedly for a number of days becomes routine. So you set aside 830PM to 930 PM every night for song writing - whether you actually produce a song or not. You said you have a lot of ideas - so spend one session a week on brainstorming and planning - you don't have to produce a full song every night - just spend an hour being present with your music every day.

    Sorry - don't mean to lecture LOL I'm just a lonely old woman who doesn't get out much.

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