RIP Chris Cornell

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  • @metalfoot  May 18

    Died suddenly overnight after a show in Detroit, apparently. What a talented vocalist!

  • @kraftec May 18


  • @ampersandman  May 18

    What. The. Fuck.

    Seriously, I can't recall being this saddened about the loss of a musician. Not Bowie, not Lemmy, not Scott Weiland. I grew up with Cornell and Soundgarden, and the Singles OST is the most important record in my life in the sense that it shaped me and my taste in music until this very day.
    This came so unexpected. Plus I'm already vulnerable since he died at the same time as my cat. I'm really down at the moment.

  • @izaakalexander  May 19

    ... ... ...

  • @sph  May 22

    Remember the Soundgarden/Faith No More/Guns'n'Roses concert in Würzburg 1992. Must have been one of the hottest days of the year. Soundgarden had the most impressive lightshow because the lightnings of an approaching thunderstorm illuminated the region around the hill where the concert took place. KimMattChrisBen impressed me. Part of FNM's set and most of GnR the rain poured down heavily.
    His death hits me hard.

    The only positive in the last few days is: I now know how to play "Seasons":

  • @unkept May 22

    @ampersandman , sorry to hear about your cat. :'(

    I came back here, listening to stuff from FAWM, as I thought about the loss of Cornell.

    It's taken time to hit me, as I had somewhat forgotten how much I would listen to his music when I was young. I've had Black Hole Sun stuck in my head... :'(

  • @nicetrip  Sep 7

    Just wandered to FAWM and found this post. Me and vocalist from my band had made cover to "Black Hole Sun" in memory of Chris. You can check it here:

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