Limiters and Maximizers: When do you use them?

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  • @siebass  May 14

    Limiters I understand in general are useful for clipping out spiking on a given track, allowing for more perceived loudness for any given track.

    Maximizers are more subtle, and I don't have a handle on those.

    Basically, what would you use these for, in a practical application?

    Most of the vids I have watched indicate that they are useful for polish and getting extra perceived loudness out of a mix.

  • @radioovermoscow May 14

    Limiters will prevent a sound going over a set db level, with a very fast attack. A clipper will have zero attack and infinite compression, so sounds that try to go over the level will literally be clipped - just held at that level. Others might pull it back a certain amount per decibel, eg. for every 10db it tries to over, it pulls it back to one.

    They're essentially fast and hard compressors - pretty much the same science, just more extreme.

    You'd use them to get more volume out of a track, ideally without destroying the sound. Great for catching one-off brief peaks, though noawadays you'll hear them used to crush the dynamics out of a track so it's ALWAYS LOUD AND NEVER QUIET AND SOUNDS LIKE CRAP COMPARED TO PROPERLY MASTERED MUSIC.

    Maximizers I don't think are defined as anything - sounds more like a marketing term to me. Probably a combination of limiting, saturation and harmonic exciters - like a one-size-fits-all mastering tool that might work wonders for a piece, but is no r

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