FAWM 2017 songs released!

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  • @radioovermoscow May 13


    I finished properly recording a couple of songs from this year's FAWM, finally! Most of you won't remember (because why would you?) my house got flooded in the middle of February. We've only been back a few weeks and are facing having to move out again because of ongoing incompetence.

    So I decided to get a couple of songs from the concept album I wrote in February out the door, before the subject who inspired it is impeached.

    And here they are! Pay what you want download.



  • @lvgd09 May 14

    Congratulations on the new record! Your stuff always sounds good.

  • @siebass  May 15


  • @radioovermoscow Jun 27

    And here is the album! Finally completed And Trump somehow still hasn't been impeached.


    Bandcamp in there, streaming sites coming soon.

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