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  • @siebass  May 11

    I've been compiling a list for myself as I work through learning to mix and master. I've found several cool videos/channels/websites that all have different and useful information related to both mixing and mastering.

    A great blog covering some basic ideas for mixing, such as making space for the bass drum, kick, and carving out a notch to boost the vocals. Several good blog posts.


    Some good videos on tips and tricks for mixing

    https://reverb.com/videos/tips-and-tr... for videos on mixing

    Izotope has a 5 part series with many good tips on mixing; I found these all very helpful. The use pro tools for most of the videos.


    Propellerhead has some cool videos dealing with specific topics, such as how to create a melody and hook, and other useful techniques such as checking your mix in mono to make sure it doesn't collapse under its own weight. He uses Reason

    I also found a site with many free VSTs, but do beware, there do seem to be some non-safe files, so check this out at your own risk. Basically if it's not a .dll or .ny file, I'd stay away. I did pick up some cool eqs and de-essers for audacity on the site. Use AT YOUR OWN RISK


  • @brrrse  May 11

    Recording excellence - the website has lessons for purchase, but their youtube channel is free - and I've learned a lot. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC09i...

  • @lvgd09 May 12

    Cool links, thanks.

    I did a remix (not dance remix) this morning. Yep, it came out pretty good. But my friends, I have been watching videos like these for several years. Most of the stuff they are telling me I have heard over and over again. I still watch though....until I get bored or run out of time.

    About my remix this morning:

    It had 8 tracks. The drums were on one single track. By the way, drums software and beats don't impress me. In fact, they mostly just get in the way of the good stuff and make a lot of noise. However, I did use the drums in today's mix. The drum was a real drummer. But I wanted to tell you that there was a clash with synth and vocals and something had to give. I could have cut instruments. However, I used a side chain compressor on the vocal track and assigned the clashing instruments to "duck" during the vocals.

    Where are my links? Don't have any today. However, Groove3, Lynda, and YouTube have a lot of good advice.

    Side Note: If Camtasia Studio supported Asio d

  • @lvgd09 May 12

    Side Note: If Camtasia Studio supported Asio drivers I would make you all a video showing you some of my tips and tricks.

    Thanks for the great thread @siebass @brrrse

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