Last round at the bar (Who's Still Here, May 2 edition)

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  • @metalfoot  May 2

    I'm still slowly listening to tracks here and there and willing to drop comments. So... let me know if you're around and I might stop by your wall for a listen!

  • @ladyred May 2


  • @chrishope  May 2

    large sigle malt please

  • @musicsongwriter May 2

    Yes, still here.

  • @chipwithrow  May 2

    I'd be willing to give a few listens and comments if anyone's around to see them. Gives me something to do as I wait for 50/90.
    I have been involved in the Facebook song skirmish group. And there's listening/commenting there, too.

  • @wacha May 2

    I am still popping in a few times a week.

  • @igg  May 2

    Hi Guys,

    I'm back among the living.
    My vision is returning to normal (but slowly), so I figured I'd catch up on comments both reading and writing....
    The time in the hospital was a trip!

  • @metalfoot  May 2

    @igg --- so GLAD to see you back!

  • @chandra83  May 2


  • @lvgd09 May 2

    I check what's new in the forum everyday so I guess I'm still here. Sadly, most of the people here are what I call "weekend warriors". There is plenty to talk about in here but it just doesn't happen. Too many worthless threads this year too. Sorry, that's how I feel about it. I want to talk about "Songwriting" and "Demo Recording". I guess I'll find some place else until 5090 starts. By the way, 5090 has the same pattern. After the challenge (during the challenge?) people drop off like dead flies. Who want's to listen and comment on peoples music who are not even here? Sorry if I offended anybody. I'm acutally a pretty good guy most of the time.

  • @brrrse  May 2

    I'm here and I"m actively updating demos and such.

  • @siebass  May 2

    Don't waste your ears on what I've got at this point; I just enjoy checking the forums to read about the creative stuff folks are doing. Still here in that regard. Post some threads about song writing and demo recording and I'll contribute, @lvgd09. I've been more focused on mixing, mastering, band music (instead of personal), and real life lately, but I like to read and contribute on the forums in the slow time during my work days.

  • @andygetch  May 3

    checking in here and at 50/90 every couple days or so

  • @metalfoot  May 3

    @siebass It's no waste-- I'm listening because I want to.

  • @jji7skyline  May 3

    Still checking in and listening to songs 😀

  • @mikeskliar  May 3

    had not checked here in a while, but happened to, just now, and saw this thread, so.... here.

  • @zxcvbnm  May 3

    Occasionally ☺

  • @johnstaples  May 4

    I keep FAWM in my browser toolbar and click in almost daily until 50/90 gets closer. Mainly just checking in on the forums though; not doing any listening/commenting as the place is fairly empty now.

    @lvgd09 yeah I feel ya! But FAWM is really only about February (sadly!) I'll do 50/90 but like you said, that one drops way off about 2 or 3 weeks in so I plan to be ready to jump outta the gate at a sprint!

  • @tallmarkmusic  May 5

    Here every now and then, but very minimally.
    There's always more to listen to and I have never heard enough.

  • @pipewrench67  May 8

    I might still be here?

  • @aeye May 8

    I'll take a Jameson and Gingerale please

  • @iveg May 9

    I check the forums at random intervals. April/ May is the Nur Ein competition at ... so most of my attention is over there. I'm out already. Sigh. So I'm shadowing the real competition.

  • @musicsongwriter May 9

    Still here and listening, not as often as I'd like to but trying to.

  • @siebass  May 10

    @metalfoot and @lvgd09 thanks for the listens. I've also been thinking about getting back to the skirmishes, as I think it would be pretty neat to do a live stream song skirmish, so folks on facebook can get a window into the crazy process of generating a song from start to finish within only 1 hour.

  • @metalfoot  May 10

    As one of the SongSkirmish moderators, both on the FB site and the standalone website, you're always welcome. And I'd love to see your process. Mine would be too boring to broadcast!

  • @siebass  May 10

    The most harried, by far, was actually your palindrome skirmish for "Tacocat", where I foolishly attempted to track drums, guitar, bass, and vocals, with punch-in for a guitar solo and vocal harmony. As the clock wound down I ended up singing the harmony vocals as I was playing the bassline, as I knew I was out of time for any more takes. It was a lot of fun, but waaaay too ambitious for the time limit.

    I might try it again just for the chaos, though 😀

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