Any new projects since FAWM

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  • @manonmarz Apr 16

    I put out a new EP since then

  • @tcelliott  Apr 16

    I've been doing songfight and weekly songs for a facebook group (GYAWS) and working a little on finishing the never ending libertarian rock album and even did a songskirmish song. But nothing to release, really.

    I listened through most of the album but I've got to head out for Easter Brunch. Glad to see some fawmers staying active and being creative. It's a great way to deal with some of the heavy crap going on (as you've done with this release.)

  • @lvgd09 Apr 16

    Anybody who is serious about their music and production would be working on the music year round. I did for years. There was no time off from the music. The only thing that can stop me is injury and or a bad attitude. Currently, my attitude is good, so I guess you could figure out the rest.

    Great job @manonmarz and @tcelliott

  • @jji7skyline  Apr 17

    Still working on my surf punk album 😝

  • @musicsongwriter Apr 17

    My project is to keep on going...
    I composed more pieces since February and continue to collaborate & listening to songs on fawm.

  • @wacha Apr 17

    I put together this compilation:

    It has a "studio" version of my song "Mandy Lane" & "Dear Leader" by @deena both songs were written during FAWM.

    I will then be working on getting all the backlog of songs I need to finish done.

  • @wacha Apr 17

    @manonmarz great job on the release! I have a political project I am going to start working on once I finish one other song I need to do for a release for charity compilation I take part in each year.

  • @siebass  Apr 17

    Switched gears to focus more on band music than personal music, learning more about basic mixing techniques and tools. Got one of my FAWM tracks mixed and getting it mastered to release it as a single. Finally tracked one of my songs that I hadn't added the music for from February. Just keepin' on, keepin' on.

  • @majordanby  Apr 18

    You can check out our album here...
    All written in FAWM this year except one.

    (If the link doesn't work, search 'Major Danby' on SoundCloud. Album title, 'If You Can't Be Good, Be Lucky'

  • @mikeskliar  Apr 23

    nice going, everyone!

    I wrote and recorded a new song today, my first in a while, since maybe first week of March, perhaps... was great fun and very cathartic to do it...

  • @ustaknow Apr 23

    I have been going through a lyric scrap book. Some more than 10 years old. I think, not sure, -- I may "preview", so to speak, ... preview them this 5090 with other that just sort of flowed right after this FAWM. I hate that it's this way, but, I seem to get hit by a huge wave of life-krappe and o-d-epression and my music saves me, gets produced. I've been eliminating music as well (if not forming yet, never will, -- years).

    I cycle between instruments, bass, guitar, drums, cello... getting back on the drum kit, -- now.... as much a drummer as other as some may tell by how I play guitar(?). -- Busy, busy... (I hope to be off the phone recording only, by 5090, but remain unsure about that, -- like the one take phone recording stuff.)

  • @tcelliott  Apr 24

    I joined the Nur Ein songwriting competition hosted on the Songfight! forums. I counted ten songs written in March and I'm about there so far in April and I've been making mostly full productions. Very happy with recent productivity. Amazing, really. I'm gonna keep riding the wave of motivation and inspiration until it starts to slacken. I doubt I can keep up the pace for long, but it sure is fun while it lasts.

  • @lvgd09 Apr 25

    @tcelliott I've watched you get better and better ever year since I've known you. You are the real deal.

  • @tcelliott  Apr 29

    @lvgd09 I really appreciate you saying that. Just when I started losing motivation on getting the next round Nur Ein song done, here I read this (as I surf the net instead of write a song) and get that boost I needed to at least finish something.

  • @unpronounceable Apr 30

    Just finished a 34 song album (all written in the past year) and I never want to write music again 😝

  • @tcelliott  Apr 30

    CONGRATZ!!! and say it ain't so *gasp*

  • @unpronounceable May 1

    Hehe thanks tc 😀

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