Hey, we made the Forums "last", solid, 'till 12 April :) , nice!

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  • @ustaknow Apr 13

    Just say'in... I'd say as of today, it has now "officially" fallen off, "FAWMing" here.

    -- I was wondering..., this being only my second one.

    I never left the last one, and will be here, -- well, more or less 😀 The song organization and comments are just to well organized to simply "forget" 'em here.

    But, I guess, as of today it could be a while to respond if something is posted to "me". So, if don't, -- I will eventually, however long it may take 😝

    [I liked that "singmeastory" thing that came up the other day, -- so am looking into that now, (we'll see), aside from 5090 to come.]

  • @metalfoot  Apr 13

    Well... it has fallen off, but yeah, so it goes.

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