Sing Me A Story - "Chucke"

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  • @owl  Apr 3

    Just popping back in to mention to anyone who's still around that one of my FAWM songs, "Chucke," has been turned into a real, full song courtesy of @chlamore and @ndavies and our other non-FAWMer bandmates in Gentle Brontosaurus, properly recorded, and posted on Sing Me A Story as a fundraiser for Gilda's Club Madison:

    I know there are lots of other FAWMers who participate in this site--children in need write and illustrate stories, you write a song based on one of the stories, and donations made for the song go towards the child's associated nonprofit. Our story was written by a five-year-old girl who I think has cancer, and I think the story is about a dog. If you have three minutes to spare, please click through and listen!

  • @johncrossman  Apr 8

    I was not aware of this, or if I was, it was way on the periphery of my memory. How wonderful. Clicking through and listening now.

  • @owl  Apr 10

    Thanks @johncrossman 😀

  • @darcistrutt  Apr 11

    I've done a couple for SingMeAStory! Nice!

  • @ustaknow Apr 11

    Well done.

    I could not find the descriptive story, but some stuff does not always come up on my iPad. Other stories were there for other songs. I will re-look 😀 when at a PC. Anyway again, well done.

    -- Nice site, core concept. I can see if one separately markets the link within another fund raiser, even a "gofundme" type, this could be a great additional option for that target organization, (the person/child of the story, is the story base that facilitates the .Org fund raising, if I read the site FAQs correctly, -- it's .Org support). It all looks well laid out and clearly explained, -- as far as I got, sans emailing for more information as they offer.

    -- Great stuff! 😀

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