Do you want me to mix your song?

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  • @ampersandman  Mar 20

    I might end up hating myself for that. But I just finished two major projects and I'd like to keep on practicing the craft, so I offer you to mix one song of yours that you think could use a more polished sound. Maybe I'd add some production.
    For example I'd love to lay my hands on to "Career Opportunities" by @hazeyjohnii which is a fantastic song (don't know if he is still around).

    Send me your suggestions or leave a comment here and I'll listen and tell you if I think I can improve anything.

  • @tallmarkmusic  Mar 20

    @ampersandman I always appreciate production advice or help or skill lending! I think the personally cleaned mix from my FAWM album is SYSI (Song 3) but I'm happy to take your feedback or aid on any of my songs. Shot Clock probably could be a lot better. Statistics is all right. Prelude/Exhale if you want something different/instrumental fun. Towards the end of FAWM I got simpler and simpler with the number of tracks that I used on each recording. Feel free to contact me via email or social media if you're interested. 😀

  • @hazeyjohnii  Mar 20

    Hi! Still lurking - I would honoured for you to mix one of my songs. All I have is the GarageBand file, is that any use to you?

    I spend quite a while fiddling with volume and pan controls and applying some preset EQs but have no idea how to mix properly, as you can tell... Trying to learn about it now, so it would be extremely useful and interesting for me to see what you can do with this. Happy to talk here but you can also reach me via my username on Gmail.

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