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  • @squeakmouse73 5 days

    1: what does the tag "feast" mean?

    Secondly, how the heck do I remove my own comment from a board. I've really done some stupios lately, including making duplicates and putting comments on one of my own pages instead of on the other artist's page. Note to self: No commenting when you're half asleep.

  • @tcelliott  5 days

    A feast is when you speed write. Tim Wille started the idea with writing like seven songs in two hours with full production. (He video recorded the process and it was cool to see.) And "games" like songskirmishes (in which you have an hour to write, record and post a song from a title/prompt) are typically marked feast.

    The feast tag was first implemented because of complaints about not being able to exclude lesser produced songs from the jukebox random player. But we haven't had a bug free jukebox in a while so it's just popular convention at this point, imo.

  • @tcelliott  5 days

    I don't believe you can not remove/delete a comment. You can only edit it. If I screw up I just change it to something like: Edit: ignore this post

  • @squeakmouse73 4 days

    Thank you, @tcelliott

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