Who's still here - March 14 update

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  • @chipwithrow  Mar 14

    I am! And I'll keep checking in, until I leave for a 10-day yoga retreat/training on March 30.
    I think/hope I've reciprocated for everyone who has commented on my songs, and I'll continue to do so. Also, I'm commenting on songs by those still active in the forums.
    The admin part of my job requires about 2-3 hours a day on the computer, so I work a little, comment a little. And the basketball tournament that begins Thursday is a great time to go back and forth between binge watching games and commenting.
    Who else is still around, and for how long?

  • @fearlessflight2014  Mar 14

    I'm still here! Still got five more songs I'm planning to post, Though that is looking less and less likely. I'm hoping to rack up another century in comments before the end of March. I keep finding great songs!

  • @brrrse  Mar 14

    I'm here. Not really doing much beyond listening here and there and commenting on forum posts here and there.

  • @sherrycanary  Mar 14


  • @vomvorton  Mar 14

    Still checking in and doing a bit of listening. Will keep doing so as long as there's any sign of activity!

  • @steviez  Mar 14

    Yup - still here! Commenting on Forum and trying to listen to and comment on as much amazing music as I can...

  • @boyatheart  Mar 14

    Still here, checking in, but not had any time to do much commenting in the last week. I'll be hanging around though for the rest of the month pretty much.

  • @tamsnumber4  Mar 14

    hoping the blizzard gives me time to come in and chill out with my listening ears.

  • @ampersandman  Mar 14

    Still here on Strg+R

  • @jwhanberry  Mar 14

    Here. Don't have sense enough to leave. 😉
    Hope to get another demo redone today.

  • @audrey  Mar 14


  • @zecoop  Mar 14

    I'm still here!

  • @metalfoot  Mar 14

    Until someone locks the doors, you can't get me to leave. 😉

    Still lurking about, listening to a song here and there, looking for interesting forum posts, etc.

  • @chandra83  Mar 14

    Here! (With @ladyred)

  • @zxcvbnm  Mar 14

    I look in daily, OK more than once daily!

  • @quork  Mar 14

    Hanging in till the bitter end.

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 14

    Still checking in! Work and life have been busy but it will slow soon. I'm listening when I can though! Reading lyric is easier since I can do that while I'm on boring conference calls... 😁

  • @michaelepic Mar 14

    I'm checking out guys. I spent the entire weekend doing wedding stuff, assembling decorations and picking music with my fiance.

    Regretfully, I'm totally out of time for FAWM, PS4, writing lyrics, really anything except wedding activities.

    It was a great FAWM this year...I'll see you guys at 50/90 or FAWM in 2018!

    Michael Epic, out!

  • @kristian  Mar 14

    Still here 😀 just wish I had more time!

  • @rainchaser  Mar 14

    Still here, but commenting has slowed down a bit for me. Hope I can get back to it soon! Lately been checking out one of @donna's links. Tight stuff!

  • @sheamiejay  Mar 14

    Still here.

  • @seanbrennan  Mar 14

    I'm trying to be here, but my computer just turned into a potato so I am very limited in access in the short term. Hopefully I'll get this sorted out soon.

  • @pipewrench67  Mar 14

    Not as much as I hoped but still here.

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 14

    Cool! I started this thread this morning and when I returned from work I had all kinds of people to listen to!

  • @johnstaples  Mar 14

    Still here!

  • @crisp1  Mar 14

    Popping in from time to time.

  • @alphanerg Mar 14

    Still around listening and commenting on and off. Just hit 200 comments (which was my goal). I expect to comment some more, but probably not going to hit 300. 😉

  • @izaakalexander  Mar 14

    My goal is close to 100 more comments, so I'm sticking around as much as life will let me. You are wonderful people!

  • @ballyhoot  Mar 14

    Not very active, mostly lurking, but in still around, posting the occasional forum post and listening to and commenting on songs from time to time

  • @andygetch  Mar 14

    Still popping in every day or two

  • @petemurphy  Mar 14

    I've been ill the past few days, and trying to catch up on 'real life' stuff but I'm still knocking around. I didn't do any commenting over the weekend, but I'm hoping to do a little more in the coming days.

  • @spinhead  Mar 14

    Still commenting on some of my watchlisters for a bit longer. Off to a wedding in Idaho for the last week of March, then busy the first 2 weeks of April (and I'm never busy) so I suspect I have about a week left, until Monday or Tuesday the 20th/21st.

  • @chatdawg Mar 14

    I'm here. Haven't commented much, or presented any music, but that's coming. Newbie blues.

  • @toms  Mar 14

    I am trying to be, but we lost power for a while, and then this other thing happened, and then that other one also. So, now that all of that stuff has happened, nothing else can, yes.

  • @unpronounceable Mar 15

    Here! So cool that all the zongs are gone! I'm commenting slowly these days, but glad there's still peeps around 😀

  • @scottlake Mar 15

    Here. Now and then listening and commenting.

  • @kahlo2013  Mar 15

    Here and there and checking out songs daily!

  • @mikeskliar  Mar 15

    still here! was busy that first week of march finishing my album (now up on bandcamp, called 'this is what democracy sounds like' ) but I'm back, and tomorrow should be able to spend some time listening and commenting to more. So many great songs here!

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 15

    It was my Hubby's birthday so not a lot of time. I am exploring two FOPs. I'm feeling the need of connection! Tomorrow I'll get back to listening!

  • @stephenwordsmith Mar 15

    Still here. I'm a handful of comments off becoming a centurion. I should really do something about that.


  • @petra777  Mar 15

    still here occasionally...but only able to pop in for a minute or 2 for now...blah...

  • @johnstaples  Mar 15

    @stephenwordsmith, this is for you...

  • @sci Mar 15

    wow, other people!

    I made a checklist on my profile, so you can glance at that and see how long I'll be here.

  • @karlsburg25  Mar 15

    I will be here listening as much as possible from my hammock when wifi is working .

  • @bithprod Mar 15

    Still here occasionally...

  • @snoozin  Mar 15

    Checking in randomly...listening and commenting 😀

  • @mishykatz  Mar 15

    I been popping in and out but for some reason today I can't seem to play any songs...they all show as 0:00...weirdness

  • @mishykatz  Mar 15

    Seems to work on my phone however

  • @metalfoot  Mar 15

    @mishykatz -- did your computer recently update flash player?
    (I had that problem when my flash player a couple weeks ago, closing down entirely and reopening my browser fixed it)

  • @cynthiawolff  Mar 15

    I'm back for a wee bit...
    Miss you guys!!!!

  • @tiller2  Mar 15

    I am still here, checking in daily

  • @seanbrennan  Mar 15

    Glad to see this thread active! I really want to dive into my watchlist. Especially since so many people have been so kind to me this FAWM who are brilliant musicians. I have so much to listen to...

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Mar 15


  • @kevinemmrich  Mar 15

    LOL -- I am still checking in a couple of times a day. I just can't leave!

  • @pixeltender Mar 16

    i'm still hoping to catch up on songwriting after my office's big annual conference ends next week!

  • @audrey  Mar 16

    Still here, but winding down. Only made 2 comments today.

  • @alboe Mar 16

    Lurking a bit every now and then but can't find the time anymore to listen and comment.
    Probably will be signing out in a few days.
    Had fun again this year, thank you all.

  • @tcelliott  Mar 16

    I've been in most every day and even made a couple of comments, but nothing like I intended. Luckily I didn't announce that I'd be commenting because I'm failing completely.

  • @musicsongwriter Mar 16

    Here, waves.

  • @eargoggle  Mar 16

    Yeah, there's still a lot of great stuff I haven't listened to yet...

  • @ajna1960  Mar 16

    I am 😀

  • @squeakmouse73 Mar 17

    Meow. You don't see me much, but I'm still playing peekaboo, putting up demos, deciding which songs I want to put up demos for and which I want to just throw out to collaborators to play with.

  • @iveg Mar 17

    Barely here. Popping in at odd times. Haven't demo'd any of the songs I wrote lyrics for, but did 1.75 for SongSkirmish

  • @lemonstar Mar 17

    Yes, still hanging around - is there an after-party site (or has one already been discussed) for posting songs that were started during FAWM and finished off after? I had a few songs started that really didn't warrant posting even as bookmarks during FAWM itself - I am keen to try and keep the modicum of momentum going, small though that might have been for me this year.

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 18

    I'm going to spend a good part of the weekend watching basketball and working toward my 300th comment given. I think I've gotten to at least one song by everyone who has posted here (I'm going to double-check now) and I'm focusing on you and those who are still in the other forum threads.

  • @nuerdetjuligen  Mar 18

    Yes!!! Keeping it alive

  • @nuerdetjuligen  Mar 18

    Yes!!! Keeping it alive!

  • @rickamorphis  Mar 18

    Still here!

  • @timfatchen  Mar 19

    I do quickly creep in to check the forums, but I'm not doing anything much. At least...not doing anything much HERE!

  • @cynthiawolff  Mar 19

    Still read and listen while drinking my morning coffee...a habit I can't quite give up yet...this year, unlike last year, I am still working on my songs...tweaking lyrics, typing them up properly and putting them in my book and most important practicing and memorizing them...already performing the new songs at open mics...this year, I really do "feel" like a songwriter... I luv Fawm!

  • @zecoop  Mar 19

    I'm still here... just a little less than before. Life is creeping back in. But still listening when I can! 😀

  • @spinhead  Mar 19

    Van in the shop twice so far in March. Spent yesterday buying a second car. Leaving Wednesday for a week long trip to a wedding. Probably almost invisible for the rest of March.

  • @mrblitz000 Mar 20

    if anyone wants me to tell them how their mix sounds through these headphones/ears, drop me a line. or, no matter what the mix, if you want more people to listen to one of your songs, i'm there.

  • @johnstaples  Mar 20

    @mrblitz000 if you wanted to give this one a listen I'd welcome your opinion on the mix. I believe it has a specific problem but it got a lot of comments and no one mentioned it!


  • @quillwraith  Mar 20

    I check in occasionally still.

  • @sueawesome Mar 21

    I'm not typically here this long after but someone did a demo of a piece that I finished and posted a few days after fawm ended.. (which I'm floored that he even did it but also am in awe yet again because of his talent). (I will never stop being amazed at what you musicians do)

    @mrblitz000 if you want to take a listen.. http://fawm.org/songs/76947/

  • @mikeskliar  Mar 21

    still check in here sometimes 😀

  • @leepat  Mar 21

    still here
    at least until the end of March
    listening, commenting, all
    lemme know if you need feedback or a high five...

  • @wacha Mar 21

    I have been MIA for about a week, struck down with a nasty sinus infection but I am back on and will be commenting on what I can for a while.

  • @scottlake Mar 21

    Crossed the 300 comment threshold last night on some songs from the recommended song thread. Might be done once I make it through that list

  • @cynthiawolff  Mar 21


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