I released an album today...

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  • @alexvan123 Mar 11

    ...and it's almost all FAWM tracks. I wanna thank everyone here for making motivation easier and encouraging me to continue with my passion.

    Oh, and since this is Shameless Self-Promotion, I'll include a link. https://omnicode.bandcamp.com/album/p...

  • @tcelliott  Mar 11

    Just started listening, but it sounds pretty good so far. Congratz on the release.

  • @brrrse  Mar 11

    Congrats, you! Great job!

  • @alexvan123 Mar 13

    I also released the second half today 😀


  • @metalfoot  Mar 13

    Is that the one I helped you come up with a name for? Been fun watching your work in progress on the Slack channel. *downloads*

  • @mikeskliar  Mar 13

    @alexvan123 - I just downloaded the second of your new albums, 'reverse psychology'--- I like!!!! (I'm more a fan of the gentler stuff, I guess). Congrats on having not one but two new albums up! I just released a new album as well, 'this is what democracy sounds like', which is more conventional songs with vocals, etc -but the project i did before that, 'chill on chill' is all-instrumental loop-based stuff, you might dig... (all on bandcamp as well) congrats again!

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