I LOVE FAWM (but I HATE how it cuts off my messages!!!!)

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  • @johnstaples  Mar 10

    @burrsettles...FAWM is PERFECT! Thank You!!!! But one small thing for next year...could you please fix the bug where it cuts off my posts without warning or any way to recover? It happens in forum posts and it happens in songs. So frustrating to get into a groove and be leaving someone a nice long comment only to hit that red button and have your message cut off in the middl

  • @brrrse  Mar 10

    I love how you started your post with a positive, then made your case, even showing an example. Great writing! Love to hear it when you set it to music 😉 *hugs* But yeah, I agree, it is very frustrating. 😀 There is the counter below the edit window (at least for me) that has a count down of how many characters are left. Right now, it says 1647. Is that counter correct? I'm tired and don't feel like testing it out. 😀

  • @metalfoot  Mar 10

    One other minor site request--- use an HTML5-based song player instead of the flash/js based one?

  • @johnstaples  Mar 10

    @burrsettles...and if fixing the posting is too much please, please, please at least fix the counter which taunts me by saying I have 2000 characters when in fact it only allows 1000! Removing it completely would be better than assuring me I have plenty of characters left and then truncating my post!

    But...other than that...THANK YOU for WONDERFUL FAWM!!!

  • @brrrse  Mar 10

    @johnstaples thanks for testing it out! 😀 I never really tried to. 😀 *hugs* I wasn't being snarky above - just having fun 😀

  • @tcelliott  Mar 11

    There is a hack, btw. Although it creates another problem. If you reach your limit, post then edit, you can add up to a total of 2000 characters.

    But if you paste what you went over with, often it will post a second comment instead of adding to the first. So be careful how you go about hacking.

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