Does anybody here use RapChat?

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  • @michaelepic Mar 10

    So I found this APP in the iOS app store called "RapChat" and it gives you free freestyle beats and lets you share your rap's with others. Now, I'm no rapper but I've been having a blast by recording raps bad mouthing about the people on there and the app itself in jest.

    I was wondering if anyone else here uses RapChat?

  • @michaelepic Mar 29

    This is pretty similar to my thread "My Tree is more famous than I am" and it's more homework shit.

    This is spam. On the FAWM forums. WTF.

  • @unpronounceable Mar 31

    Lol this sounds potentially therapeutic 😀. Thanks for the share

  • @tcelliott  Apr 2

    I'd boot the *some word that means bastard* but I'm not a moderator. Sucks going from IRC to here and not being able to boot someone!.

    I might check out your rapchat, although a short, bald, middle aged white guy rapping sounds like a recipe for disaster... or at least bad taste.

  • @michaelepic Apr 11

    @tcelliott - Me rapping isn't much better haha I'm not a rapper by a long shot! But, its fun to toy with and it makes my wife laugh so that's epic (no pun intended lol)

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