March 7 - Who's still here? Check in... (or out)

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  • @zecoop  Mar 7

    This is a place to let people know you are still around. It's always nice to know comments on songs are going to be seen. 😀

  • @kevinemmrich  Mar 7

    I could do with another round of listening/commenting. I'll do my best to comment on anyone who posts here.

  • @chandra83  Mar 7

    Still here! (with @ladyred.) 😀

  • @alphanerg Mar 7

    Still here, trying to hit at least 200 comments before I tap out. Lots of good stuff still needs to be listened to.

  • @petemurphy  Mar 7

    I'm here, doing a bit of listening...

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 7

    I was able to spend my lunchtime listening/reading/commenting. I'm still hoping to add melody to a couple of my hope folk stay around a little longer!

  • @jacobeverettwallace  Mar 7

    I'm doing my listening this week!

  • @zxcvbnm  Mar 7

    In, not sure why though. ☺

  • @hazeyjohnii  Mar 7

    Still here, still commenting... very slowly. Still discovering great stuff though, so why stop?

  • @pipewrench67  Mar 7

    still doing my best to be here.

  • @brrrse  Mar 7

    i'm here

  • @siebass  Mar 7

    Still here, too much stuff to leave.

  • @toms  Mar 7

    I'm trying to be, but this week is killing me. Next week is spring break! 😁

  • @nadia Mar 7


  • @stephenwordsmith Mar 7

    o/~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~ Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark!

  • @kahlo2013  Mar 7

    Here! here!

  • @metalfoot  Mar 7

    Still here! (almost wrote 'hear'... Freudian slip?)

  • @sailingmagpie  Mar 7

    I'm still here. I feel like I've barely scaled the surface of my listening!

  • @sailingmagpie  Mar 7

    *scraped, not scaled.

  • @quork  Mar 7

    Still here, poking around, not ready to let my first FAWM experience go.

  • @nancyrost  Mar 7

    Still here.

  • @fearlessflight2014  Mar 7

    I'm still here, still got 7 demos to post, should be up by the time the tumbleweeds start blowing around lol...

  • @scottlake Mar 7

    Liz I will listen to your demos. I have to swing through my watch list for unlistened by me demos. So many.

  • @leah0k Mar 7

    I have about 1,386 more songs to listen to sooooo.... I'll be around a while. Muahahaha.

  • @netnoise Mar 7

    I'm still around - here and in Slack. I have 2 songs to finish and I'm hoping to co-write one of them with a friend who isn't in FAWM this year. But FAWM will be my soundtrack for weeks to come.

  • @musicsongwriter Mar 7

    Here, listening, reading, enjoying so much listening to so many amazing songs. Hope to have the chance to work on collaborations. I've promised one this fawm and one back in 50/90.

  • @tiller2  Mar 7

    I'm here, just back from a weekend away. I have lots to do on my songs, and will listen to about songs 10/day. Today I am zong-busting!

  • @wacha Mar 7

    I'm still here.

  • @kevinemmrich  Mar 7

    dang, this thread is filling up faster than I can keep up with!! ... and that's a good thing.

  • @alboe Mar 7

    Still here.
    Doing my best to find the time to listen to some songs every now and then.

  • @carleybaer  Mar 7

    I'm still here! Gonna get some listening in tonight finally 😀

  • @snoozin  Mar 7

    Still here. Listening and commenting.

  • @johnstaples  Mar 7

    Yep! I'm still here. Great list of folks to focus on!

  • @radicalmguy  Mar 7

    Checkin in. Its my birthday so I have another year of perspective to add to my comments now, haha

  • @rainchaser  Mar 7

    Still here as well! Slowed down significantly though. Last night I had to go home early from work because I was so frazzeled from the huge number of customers busting through the registers! Feeling better now, but still recovering from being lightheaded.

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 7

    Thanks for starting this thread! I was just thinking of doing that myself.
    I'm here, and I'll stay at this party til the beer runs out.

  • @julesbf  Mar 8

    Still listening and commenting, think most of the people i gave comments to have done a runner.

  • @spinhead  Mar 8

    I'm here all month. Try the fish.

  • @hummingbear Mar 8

    Still hanging around.

    Happy Birthday @radicalmguy! If I'd a known it was your birthday I'd a baked you a cake!

  • @negasi  Mar 8

    Am here, just need a couple more days before I get into the commenting swing myself (sickness going round here)

  • @cynthiawolff  Mar 8

    I check in a few times a day...

  • @theresaj Mar 8

    Still hanging out! Got more listening to do and not ready to say "bye" yet.

  • @ihelen  Mar 8


  • @wobbiewobbit  Mar 8

    i had intended to comment more but somehow a week of march has got away! am still planning to catch up more yet.

  • @andygetch  Mar 8

    In less

  • @bachelorb  Mar 8

    I'm still here...... I stream everybody's songs all day long. I love the music!!!!!

  • @reggiestyte Mar 8

    I'm still checking in, reading, listening, commenting, typing...

  • @steviez  Mar 8

    Still here with a vengeance 😀 SO much many more amazing songs to hear and comment on!

  • @audrey  Mar 8

    Still here listening to lots of great new tunes and commenting. Trying to bust zongs too. 😉

  • @boyatheart  Mar 8

    I'm still around, probably until I hit my next century comment mark (400).

  • @michaelbone Mar 8

    still here! great to see even more comments and participation then during feb hah

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 8

    I've made it through the cowcore! I kept up with the storycube but there were fewer song. Hope to inspire more in 50/90. I'm not done yet! So much good music out there!

  • @zecoop  Mar 8

    @darcistrutt - I don't think @kovbleu put cowcore on this one, but the Casio drum pattern I used has a *VERY* prominent (fake) cowbell, lol... 😀

  • @eargoggle  Mar 8

    Yeah, I'm still checking stuff out....and checking and checking....

  • @ballyhoot  Mar 8

    I'm sill here. I'm hoping to get around to doing some more commenting this weekend.

  • @the3queens Mar 8

    I'm hoping to get some listening and commenting this week.

  • @ustaknow Mar 8


  • @scubed  Mar 8

    Still here - hope to do some more listening and commenting in the next few days. I'll probably be gone after Friday, though. I'll be traveling and will have only sporadic Internet access for awhile.

  • @mikeskliar  Mar 8

    still here as well, and tomorrow, if all goes well, will do a bunch of listening and commenting...

  • @unpronounceable Mar 8

    Here! Can't let go!

  • @jwhanberry  Mar 8

    Hangin' in.

  • @johncrossman  Mar 8

    I just got here.... 9 years ago. I've been leaving ever since.

  • @izaakalexander  Mar 8

    😀 I'm still in, especially after seeing how many of y'all are sticking around!

  • @quork  Mar 8

    @johncrossman, looking around for the like button.

  • @owl  Mar 8

    Didn't do any listening for a few days there, but I'm intending to do some more in the next week or so and make it to the next tier of the Century Club if I can 😀

  • @chrishope  Mar 8

    hear here

  • @vomvorton  Mar 8

    Still here, still listening.

  • @atitlan Mar 8

    Still checking in from time to time

  • @lemonstar Mar 8

    I'll be lurking around for a fair bit longer as I didn't really get going this year due to several things - my aim was to do between 2 and 4 songs if I'm honest and I failed on that but it still meant a lot to me as I haven't been doing anything much to do with music for quite a long time and it must have Oct/Nov 16 when I started playing/singing again after a gap of about 2 years - I can't even remember what or if I did FAWM last year but now I'm back singing again I want to keep it going. I had a few new songs on the go but got badly sidetracked with alternative tunings but I still didn't commit much time to FAWM this year - probably 4 days for song 1 and another 5 days that produced nothing - well, I didn't finished anything else. There is so much to listen to here and still plenty to read - good ideas, advice, helpful links etc so I'm sure I'm going to be around for another month or two possibly.

  • @adforperu  Mar 8


  • @ampersandman  Mar 8

    Reporting for duty

  • @acousticmaddie  Mar 8

    Still here

  • @sherrycanary  Mar 8

    Still here. More after Friday when company leaves

  • @bethdesombre  Mar 8

    I'm here! Doing some listening, happy to be listened to. (I'm about to update some of my demos -- I've been in a real studio recording them for an EP release of all FAWM songs; something I've never done before.)

  • @roddy  Mar 8

    Still here; adding comments and trying to improve some songs. Very grateful to all the people who have commented on my songs after the end of February.

  • @billwhite51 Mar 8

    im still here, listening to as many songs as i can and leaving comments on most of them. im going to go down this list and if i comment at least once on everyone, ill make the second tier of the century club.

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Mar 8


  • @sapient  Mar 8

    Yup - still here!

  • @dasbinky  Mar 8

    Still here, still commenting. My watchlist alone is pretty ambitious, it's got 650+ songs to work through... I won't hit em all, but I'll try.

  • @kovbleu  Mar 8

    Here. I had to step away for a minute to deal with "life" things that I'd been ignoring all February, but I'm back now trying to get in more listening and commenting!

  • @sheamiejay  Mar 8

    Still here. Listening, commenting and reading.

  • @helenseviltwin  Mar 8

    Yep - still here.

  • @squeakmouse73 Mar 8

    Here still. Listening, occasionally playing peekaboo on the forums. Still got lots of demos I need to do, although sometimes I wonder if I'm too late for that. maybe not?

  • @metalfoot  Mar 8

    @squeakmouse73 Never too late! Just let us know when you do and folks like me who don't believe in leaving will listen.

  • @standup  Mar 8

    Still around though my commenting has really bogged down in the last few days.

  • @squeakmouse73 Mar 8

    Thank you, @metalfoot, for your encouragement. I'm still figuring out what to do with the whole pre-FAWM, but I'm so glad this network is still here, regardless of how much I do with it.

  • @kahlo2013  Mar 8

    Here here!

  • @jinzo Mar 9

    Still here!!

  • @mikedebenham  Mar 9

    Still chipping away.

  • @guatecoop  Mar 9

    I'm here...

  • @songsville  Mar 9

    9th March 2017 I am gone! Thanks so much for all your comments and forum posts and of course your great songs! See you at 50/90 perhaps and fawm2018 for sure ... I write all year round, so email me if you want to collab ..

  • @juoppis  Mar 9

    I just started to really listen to all your stuff, didn't have time before 😀

  • @timfatchen  Mar 9

    I'm briefly back, but not seriously. On and off. I don't know that I will ahve time to finish my two locked songs either.

  • @pcob1993  Mar 9

    I'm finished a killer contract next week yayyyyy and I'll be listening and commenting a lot... suffering from sleep deprivation the last two weeks.. still love you guys... Pearse

  • @ustaknow Mar 9

    I've checked out of March 7th... never saw the 8th, and finally made it forward to March 9th 😝 It's 2018, correct?

  • @sandicove2015 Mar 9

    Hello Fellows,
    girls and boys alike! I am sad because I have written almost 14 songs, and had to learn Garage Band and my interface and all before I could record them. Now I have some already made into mp3s but I don't know how to get them onto my site. Now I cannot add more songs to my FAWM site....It was just a techie problem. How do we continue to add songs to our list of songs with liners and all? I want to continue sharing and observing others and interacting. At the very least I will be more ready next year but it seems a shame this can't go on longer....I thought March was going to be March Album Editing Month MAEM Is that not so?

  • @tallmarkmusic  Mar 9

    Still here, whittling away at the commenting bit by bit!

  • @sandicove2015 Mar 9

    I am just learning how to makee my recording into mp3 but con't know how to point it so I missed my ability to show you my finished songs....such as they are in one months time. Is there ongoing possibility to add to my sandicove site?

  • @kevinemmrich  Mar 9

    @sandicove2015 : February is all we have to add new songs, sorry about that. You can add demos to the two songs that are lyric only at the moment. I will give a listen to your one demo that you have, although I know that won't make up for the disappointment of not being able to add new songs. 50/90 starts July 4th!!.

  • @ustaknow Mar 9

    Hey @sandicove2015 -- just an idea, however bad?... the site is locked to "that", new songs, as far as I know.

    -- However, there are a couple of threads for "updates" to songs, demos now with music, second chance listening-s ... and you'd not be off topic since certainly an update to your account. Anyway, if I see one of those threads at the top from edits, I'll give a listen, as much as I can.

  • @jamkar  Mar 9

    @sandicove2015 Another option is to point listeners to a collection at your off site page i.e. soundcloud, bandcamp, what-have-you. Comments can still be made but only at your FAWM page.

  • @donna  Mar 9

    I'm still poking around, slowly catching up with my commenting, and listening to new songs.

  • @sherrycanary  Mar 9

    Will finally have time starting tomorrow

  • @barbara  Mar 10

    My pace may be nothing heroic, but I have much more listening to do, for the pure pleasure of it! I will be around.

  • @cairobraga Mar 10

    My pace is slow but I am committed to listening and commenting thru March and beyond! so expect my name on your notifications soon, hehehe

  • @pfoo  Mar 10

    I am still here, but barely - busy week. I wanted to comment more than I have been able. I am hoping to listen to more songs this weekend.

  • @sunnymae  Mar 10

    I'm still checking in and have been listening to music and making some comments

  • @sheilerk  Mar 10

    I'll be in and out for the rest of the month. Just maybe not every day, since I'm having some water damage repairs done on the house and some other things coming up soon.

  • @timfatchen  Mar 10

    No, checking out now. Bye all. I have to shift songs across to Bandcamp later because the links won't work after 17 March (thank you and goodnight, Dropbox. It was good while you lasted.)

  • @scubed  Mar 10

    I'll be in and out for the next day or so.

  • @mungus  Mar 10

    Still here, there are still so many tracks to be heard!

  • @michaelepic Mar 10

    I'm here and check daily but my time is completely tapped out because it's like 21 days until my wedding and there is so much stuff to do!

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 10

    On March 30, I leave for a 10-day yoga retreat/training with very limited internet access. So that seems like a good stopping point for checking in. As long as there are others around in the forums, so I know there's a good chance of seeing the comments I give, I'll be here til March 29.

  • @scubed  Mar 11

    I must bid you all a fond farewell. I'm traveling right now, and I don't have enough time and Internet access to keep listening.

    It's been wonderful! I hope to see you at FAWM 2018 - and maybe 50/90 this summer.

    @michaelepic, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! 😀

  • @karlsburg25  Mar 11

    I will be here all month as have lots of listening to catch up on. Travel stress attempting a crap form of island hopping has not helped . Now settled and ready to get down to serious listens and comments 😎

  • @karlsburg25  Mar 11

    I will be here all month as have lots of listening to catch up on. Travel stress attempting a crap form of island hopping has not helped . Now settled and ready to get down to serious listens and comments 😎

  • @kevinemmrich  Mar 11

    fare thee well FAWM 2017. Going to travel to pick up my daughter from her London spring break and then back to college. Tomorrow starts daylight savings time and a new chapter. See you at 50/90 and fawm 2018!! I had a great fawm this year. Too many good songs are being left unlistened to (again!).

  • @rickamorphis  Mar 11

    Still here...will be all month!

  • @chrishope  Mar 11

    still here

  • @fearlessflight2014  Mar 12

    I've had a couple of days off but I'm back commenting. If there's any songs you are particularly proud of, feel free to leave a link on my soundboard and I'll give em a visit!

  • @mikeskliar  Mar 12

    @fearlessflight2014 - just listened to another amazing one of yours (that one with pete murphy's lyric- wow!) as for my stuff, the ones marked 'favorites' are probably the ones to get to (considering them all for the album i'm working on, and have been revising and remixing as needed..)

  • @davewermers  Mar 12

    I'm still here and will be checking in and doing some listening from time to time.

  • @ladyred Mar 12

    Still here ...

  • @scottlake Mar 12

    Selfishly downloaded a bunch of tunes this evening and commented on several. Will continue until I make it through my watchlist.

  • @steviez  Mar 13

    Still here - still listening - still commenting 😀

  • @ampersandman  Mar 13

    Still around, trying to give everyone in this thread a visit. If you want to make me a lovely birthday present, I'd be very happy about a comment.

  • @cts  Mar 13

    I'm trying to be around. I have a goal that I am determined to complete...

  • @eargoggle  Mar 13

    Yep, still checking stuff out

  • @siebass  Mar 13

    I'm checking out; it has been great everyone! I'll still be hanging around on FB and in the songskirmish site from @brownium. This has been a wonderful time for writing music and listening to music. I have learned a ton.

  • @zecoop  Mar 13

    Still here, after a few days away on an emergency work trip. Back to listening today! Thanks to everyone who is still commenting and see you next time to those who are checking out. Thanks to everyone for helping make this such an awesome FAWM.

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 13

    If someone wants to beat me to it go ahead, but if not I'll start a new version of this thread tomorrow (7 days since this thread began).
    So that means I'm still here. The administrative part of my job requires me to be at the computer 2-3 hours a day, and I like to jump back and forth between work and commenting.

  • @zecoop  Mar 13

    Go for it @chipwithrow 😀

  • @kc5 Mar 13

    Here some as time permits.

  • @nancyrost  Mar 13

    I've had a busy few days but will be catching back up with you all soon!

  • @petra777  Mar 14

    still here but dealing with health issues & life in general so i havent been able to do much... 😞

  • @janeg  Mar 14

    I am still checking by tags for songs I missed but think I will deem that done zwithnhowever far I get tomorrow. Might stay on forums a bit longer.

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Mar 14

    Sorry @petra777! 😞 Hope those things get better. Maybe being around here will help a little.

  • @dancrook Mar 14


  • @chipwithrow  Mar 14

    Cool! Some folks still around. Now I'm going to go start a new thread like this one.

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Mar 15

    Still. 😀

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