50 Songs in 90 Days Starts July 4th

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  • @tcelliott  Mar 5

    I didn't see any mention of our sister challenge, the marathon that is 50 songs in 90 days. It's a lot of fun.


  • @kahlo2013  Mar 5

    I am already looking forward to it!

  • @brrrse  Mar 5

    vroom vrooom.........cannot wait.........cannot wait......!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @andygetch  Mar 5


  • @ajna1960  Mar 5

    I'll be there 😀

  • @timfatchen  Mar 5

    I can't even start. Perhaps after mid-August....

  • @ustaknow Mar 5

    What's that all about?

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 5

    For sure I'll be there. I didn't get to my banjo or mandolin or lap harp this FAWM. And yesterday I got a really cool guitar - 4 strings, electric, body is a cookie tin, action raised for playing slide. So I'll get to show off those for 50/90.

  • @metalfoot  Mar 5

    I don't know if I'll be doing it. Probably, but not likely to start till late July/early August because of real life commitments.

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 5

    I'm really looking forward to it this year! @ustaknow it's similar yet different than FAWM. Some of the same challenges, but also some different ones. It runs a full 90 days and to get the "trophy" you need to create 50 songs. I have made 50 songs only once in the six years I've joined. A number of us do both FAWM and 50/90 so you'd see some familiar names.

  • @musicsongwriter Mar 5

    Looking forward to 50/90, hope to partcipate as much as I can.

  • @steviez  Mar 5

    Is there a link to a good divorce lawyer on the 50/90 site? Cuz I feel that would drive my wife over the edge if I did a THREE month challenge - I got manic enough over the 28 day one as it was 😀

  • @bethdesombre  Mar 5

    I'm with @steviez -- this is actually the first FAWM my spouse didn't HATE, but that's because he had two week-long trips during the month, and I made a point to do most of my songwriting while he was gone.

    On the other hand, I've NEVER considered 50/90 -- not remotely interested. But having two weeks when I easily wrote a song a day, and LOVED doing it, made me think that, some day, some how, I could do 50/90. Just not in the next decade . . .

  • @ihelen  Mar 22

    When do people start posting on the 50/90 site for this year?

  • @johnstaples  Mar 22

    I treat 50/90 like a mini-FAWM. I shoot for 5-10 songs but my interest wanes as the initial group thins out by the last of July.

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 22

    I'm retired as of April Fools Day... I'm hoping that is not significant! In any case I'm looking forward to 50/90! Woot!

  • @timfatchen  Mar 22

    Still a possibility after mid-August.

  • @michaelepic Mar 22

    I will be there at 50/90 with more silly dance pop songs 😀

  • @dasbinky  Mar 22

    I always enjoy 15/90. It's so much more laid back than FAWM.

    @kahlo2013 seems to enjoy 500/90, but she is certifiably insane. In a good way.

    50/90 is much more Choose-Your-Own-Adventure than FAWM.

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 22

    I'm looking forward to 50/90 already! I have a 50/90 to-do list, including song titles I didn't get to for FAWM.
    Last year, I went on a 9-day trip to see my family in Ohio - I was able to comment during that time and even post a few demos that I had recorded before I left. I wrote a set of lyrics, too.
    This time, I'll be gone sometime in August, I think, for a 10-day yoga training with limited online access. But I bet I'll have some inspiration for lyrics and maybe even some a cappella.
    So as usual, the goal will be 50 solo demos. And I just went back to my profile to confirm that I did no collabs last year, and I didn't do any for FAWM this year. So I have to collab this 50/90!

  • @zecoop  Mar 22

    I did a few 4-track tapes last year and that was the first year I participated, but I'm unlikely to do much this year. I save it all for FAWM.

  • @chandra83  Mar 22

    Yay 50/90! \m/

  • @fuzzy  Mar 23

    I will be there for sure!

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 23

    Ooo @chipwithrow - We could do a reprise of our pirates and their green smoothies! Actually now that I'm eating more paleo the though of Paleo Pirates tickles my imagination too... 😁 Paleo Pirates Pilates Practice could also be fun. Is it July yet?

  • @wacha Mar 23

    I was considering doing it but at this point I have a few dozen songs I want to record and produce so I think I may sit out and try to get all of those songs done so I can release them.

  • @ustaknow Mar 24

    Just an idea... but, anyone not "doing" 5090 could always just comment, and not write. Also, imo, I feel it may be a consideration to there, preface prior work from, e.g., this fawn, and ask for critical feedback (regardless of "doing 5090"). I see enough "core dumps" of songs "day one" so to speak, to consider that not all are waiting, and then only writing then 😝

    Additionally, on that last "point", -- I've notice that if one even has 10 songs ready day one, they may do "better" for comments, input, if they release only 1 every day, or second/third day, not all at once. Me, what I otherwise do then, is not listen to all, since overwhelmed. If "spoon fed" ? 😀 I don't otherwise choke on the Album of work. It also give "you" a chance to digest what's said, and accumulate a few comments there first. You'd otherwise risk, I feel, getting "sounds good - like it", otherwise. (Build the relationship?, so to speak)

  • @ihelen  Mar 24


  • @metalfoot  Mar 24

    hey, I've never done a @chipwithrow collab! Maybe we can aim for one in 50/90?

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 24

    Yes to collabs with you, @metalfoot and @darcistrutt!
    I have this weird quirk about collabs versus solo demos - the last few 50/90s, my goal has always been 50 solo demos, because I can't help but think of a collab as a half song. Even though I spend a lot of time on my collabs - the equivalent of what I'd spend on a whole song - because I want my partner(s) to be happy with the results.
    Also, even though the vast majority of my collab experiences have been positive, it's the two that weren't that I still think about.
    Time to get over my collab weirdness.

  • @metalfoot  Mar 24

    I admit to a similar quirk, @chipwithrow; I had great fun with 50/90 but part of my drive to keep going was to hit 50 solo tracks, because I did do a lot of collab tracks.

  • @lvgd09 Mar 24

    Coming Soon: Garden of Ash - The Fiftieth Fall / The Ninetieth Day

    This is a concept album that Luke Adro and myself wrote and recorded in 5090-2007. Yes, that was one year before FAWM adopted the challenge (many thanks to FAWM for keeping 5090 alive). While I admit that the record is a bit too dark for some people, I can honestly tell you that I am very proud of this record (3 CD's) Coming soon to a Google Play store near you. 😀

  • @cts  Mar 25

    I'll be around as well. Like @johnstaples, I don't shoot for 50 - I've done that before, so I'm just going to do a few tunes and enjoy everyone else's.

  • @sw1n3flu  Mar 25

    I usually get excited, come up with two songs from skirmishes then fade away

  • @izaakalexander  Mar 30

    ... I bought tickets to the High Sierra Music Festival which is June 29 to July 2 this year! Just in time to be completely inspired for the 50/90 challenge! Can it be summer already!?

  • @majordanby  Mar 31

    I've never tried 50/90 as it's in the summer and I'm far too busy getting drunk that time of year!
    February is perfect as I rarely leave the house unless I have to from Christmas until the Spring 😉

  • @jamkar  Mar 31

    25/90 is my usual speed, but yeah, looking forward to a big time!

  • @hoppiern  Apr 1

    You all have made me feel like I might try 50/90 - I know I couldn't write 50 or even close but hearing you all say that it would be acceptable to do less and still be a part of the community by listening sounds good! 😊

  • @metalfoot  Apr 1

    @hoppiern It's largely the same feel and people as FAWM but not as much pressure. So I like it a lot!

  • @tcelliott  Apr 2

    Lots less people and the activity is muted, less people are crazy enough to attempt 50 in 90, but yeah, do what you want. It's a closer knit group because the numbers are less... or at least it seems that way to me. Until the past three years or so, I liked 50/90 more than FAWM. But now that's changed a bit for some reason or other.

  • @lvgd09 Apr 3

    @jamkar I was thinking 14 songs in 90 days. However, there can be no room for bad tracks/songs. All 14 songs must be the best writing, playing, and singing songs you can produce. Your best album, and completed in 90 days (includes publishing).

    5090 is about being creative? I understand that....seriously. My interest has changed to one of timelessness vs some crap I made up that day. Need to cut the crap...if you know what I mean. Why even bother releasing something that is not radio ready? To get feedback? In here? I tried that and many were close to zong. As soon as I said that I realized I've posted good songs in here too that almost got zong. Never mind....just thinking out loud today for no particular reason. Your destiny with this challenge will surely be different than mine.

  • @lvgd09 Apr 3

    @tcelliott I actually did this challenge in the yahoo group three times before FAWM took over. The group size was always around 60 members. That majority were lyrics only. The dropout rate started kicking in after the first two weeks. By the end of the challenge, there were less than a dozen of us left...still making songs. Same pattern for all three years I was there.

    FAWM 5090: I don't know how many but a lot signed up and rarely participate. My guess? After two weeks there will be one dozen audio making monsters posting songs regularly, and probably another dozen with lyrics only....and with greater song numbers.

  • @tcelliott  Apr 7

    @lvg09 I remember you being part of the pre-FAWMer supported 50/90 challenge. I kinda felt sorry for that core group of "old timers." I think the website changed the challenge enough that it wasn't really recognizable to some of the previous participants. It'd be interesting to see how many are still around.

    I'm in that odd place where I lack motivation to do new songs, but then I get a kick and hit two or three in a weekend. Last year I did 25/45 and quit half way through. I wonder what this year will bring.

  • @tcelliott  Apr 7

    Oh, and I came here to mention it's less than 90 days until 50/90 now. Like 88ish, I think... ish.

  • @ajna1960  Apr 8

    I can't wait !!!!!!!!!!

  • @kevinemmrich  Apr 8

    The "original" 50/90 email (I think):

  • @johnstaples  Apr 8

    @kevinemmrich that is very interesting. But fifty "pitchable" songs? Maybe if you don't have a job or a life!

  • @kevinemmrich  Apr 8

    I didn't say I could do it (ha, ha). I would think that there are quite a few pros in nashville, New York and LA who could knock out 50 "pitchable" songs in 90 days given good titles or scenarios. But that is what they do for a living. We would have to be rich or retired (preferably both) to do that!

  • @metalfoot  Apr 8

    Whoa. Newsgroups. There's a blast from the past.

  • @lvgd09 Apr 8

    @kevinemmrich notice that he said songs. I didn't see any mention of recording those songs. However, he did mention that they need to be good songs and completely created during the challenge.

    The moderators during my membership there from 2005 through 2007 have said that you need to have "intent" of completing the song to be official. In other words, it was ok to post just lyrics with intent to make audio, eventually. Or you could make instrumental with intent to write lyrics, eventually.

    There was a David moderator in the group when I joined in 2005. I don't know if it is the same David who originally came up with the idea for 5090. This David ended up being too busy to participate during 2006 and 2007. David is a good songwriter (lyrics only).

  • @lvgd09 Apr 8

    If I didn't have to do the music part I could write ____ songs in 90 days!

    Just kidding

  • @metalfoot  Apr 9

    I loved 50/90 last year. It was great. Fun. Wonderful times, good people. I want to do it again. It just depends what sorts of wrinkles 'real life' throws this summer. If I have at least 25 days, I'm sure I can do 50 songs. 😉

  • @kc5 Apr 9

    I found 50/90 to be much more relaxed (for me). It's not quite as intense as FAWM. I was so nervous about my first FAWM last year and 50/90 seemed crazy to me to write so many songs and I was shy of the fifty, but this year FAWM didn't seem nearly as overwhelming. I think on account it increased the output of ideas on a more regular basis for me just from doing it. Besides, the FAWM 50/90 police aren't going to come arrest you for not meeting the challenge in song numbers. If you're on the fence, just Jim over!

  • @andygetch  Apr 18

    Last year was the first I got to 50 solo demos with words and music that I felt okay about. Pitchable, for me, is another level (or two) up.

  • @donna  Apr 19

    Will definitely be present at some point, but not aiming for a specific number of lyrics. Just chilling along, commenting and encouraging others. I've hit the 50-mark and beyond a few times already, so no longer need that personal challenge. 😉
    I love posting mini-challenges, though, so will likely conjure up a few of those. Plus I'll check out skirmishes.

  • @chipwithrow  Apr 20

    I just went over to the 50/90 site and notice a tiny bit of forum activity.

  • @andygetch  Apr 21

    yup 😀

  • @rainchaser  Apr 24

    Is it fair to actually have song ideas prepared for 50/90 before 50/90 starts? Heck, I've already recorded some of the material down (fragmented harmonic pieces), and even wrote a few lyrics down.

  • @ustaknow Apr 24

    Hey @rainchaser ... well "imo" it's fine.

    I've seen this asked from time to time. The consensus seems, -- do what works, but work 😀

    Personally, I qualify from song to song what it did. "Here" I don't think I ever saw anyone complain about a long, written explanation, --even.

    This FAWM, I explained, near the end, I resurrected a 10 year old lyric, never played out, etc., but "debut" here 😀 , so to speak.

    I've seen folks who post prior songs, entered on other sites, looking for feedback from "here", -- why not (but say so, so as not to appear as spamming released, long finished prior work, here --imo.)

    My observation as second time "here" is it's not hard to make friends, or get quickly ignored 😝 "Work" here, do "other" elsewhere 😀

    After FAWM stopped, 3 songs immediately came to me. They'll be on 5090, as songs that came just after FAWM.

    One last, "personal imo" tip, -- regardless of how many songs you have "ready", only put one up at a time, every couple of days after prior song discussion. You won't appear "spammy" and are more likely to get listened to. Core dumps of 10 songs, rarely get looked at by me, if that matters 😝 , but seems like others too. That may matter.

    Others may feel differently, but, I've not seen it, --in context of sincere work, here.

  • @tcelliott  Apr 24

    @rainchaser - Ideas are fine. Completed (or mostly) completed songs are frowned upon. Ultimately it is a self challenge. So if you think you've put enough work in for it to count then it counts. If you don't then it doesn't.

    Some folks want only "new" songs (so a title, phrase, motif etc., is fine, but no verses or choruses written) and others go by the so called 50% rule (if you've written at least 50% of the song during the challenge then it counts.) And still others will do a "finish Friday" where they take older songs and rework them or polish them and post them with a message in the liner notes saying as much. (They won't pass off an older song as a new song that way.)

    Ultimately it's up to you. Most people only care that you are being creative, but if it looks like someone is "gaming" the system then that is generally noted and frowned upon with big frowns and upside down smiley faces.)

  • @rainchaser  Apr 24

    @tcelliott Ok, so ideas are fine that's good. But what do you think about if you played a bunch of chords, liked them, and then you decided that they can work in a song. Is it OK to record that for 50/90 before 50/90 starts? As for the lyrics written down part, I actually wrote a few lines that would only work in one song. However, they would only work as an introductory verse to the song,. I believe the main topic of the song wouldn't be related to the introductory verse.

    But yeah with that being said, I don't want to be seen like I'm "gaming" for 50/90. If it appears I am, I would gladly suspend my recordings and partial lyrics after 50/90 then. 😀

  • @tcelliott  Apr 25

    I record ideas a lot (and then seldom use them, but sometimes do.) I tend to rerecord the part anyway. For instance, if I have a nice chord progression or rhythm that'll work for a chorus, I end up writing a verse and then recording all the guitar parts over again.

    My personal opinion is that if all you have is a the guitar part you haven't written a song until you write the lyric and add other instruments or whatever. But that's just my opinion. You're the one that has to decide ultimately. If I were to do that, I'd make sure I put it in the liner notes like "I had this guitar part for the verse since April. Just wrote the lyric, melody and added all the other parts for 50/90." or something.

  • @lvgd09 Apr 25

    @rainchaser You can do the challenge anyway you want to. However, you take away the "challenge" anytime you present preexisting material. The challenge is write 50 songs in 90 days. Guitar progressions don't count as songs so it is perfectly fine to write some of those down. Pre recording guitar progressions? Again, this is breaking the rules because it is recorded outside of the challenge. That said, these are rules that I don't even care about. But I can tell you that it makes you feel better when you have played or written everything during the scheduled time slot (starts July 4th).

    Time is a factor? People, this challenge is not for everybody. If you are too busy in the summer (winter in Australia) then maybe this is not the challenge for you. That said, I can write 50 good lyrics in less than 10 days....so I don't see how time could ever be a factor. Also, if I can do this then you certainly can too. Just say to yourself, "I'm going to get 50 songs in 90 days" and the

  • @lvgd09 Apr 25

    cut off

    and then just do it.

  • @andygetch  Apr 27

    I find that the more I write, the more I write. In the past I have had a list of title ideas but used very few, however, they were a springboard to other ideas. My goal is to write a song a week between challenges. I will not post pre-July 4th songs for 50/90, but that song a week songwriting practice has me in the habit of writing when the challenge officially opens. When a challenge starts, in this case July 4th, I start all new songs.

  • @rainchaser  Apr 27

    @Ivgd09 I've actually decided to omit the recorded guitar progression ideas as well as the partial preexisting lyrics from the challenge. Now, ideas are OK to use, right? I have a list of ideas that I want to use in my songs for 50/90. Again I can leave out these ideas from the challenge, if it appears it takes away the "challenge" from 50/90. It's no biggie, I can always come up with ideas for songs during 50/90. 😀

    Btw, Last 50/90, I did reach the finish line. However, I wasn't able to record all of the demos to my songs. This time I'm not that worried about hitting 50 but rather worried being able to post full recordings of all of the songs I will post on 50/90. Like I did with FAWM this year. During this 50/90, I'm also going to spend a lot more time on my recordings to make sure at least my vocal performances are spot on. They don't have to be perfect takes in a sense of capturing passion or emotion but good enough for the vocals to "work" in the recording.

  • @rainchaser  Apr 27

    I think I'm not going to be able to hit 50 this time because I'm quite backed up with a lot of songs to record before the challenge, but I will try my best to do it.

  • @lvgd09 Apr 27

    @rainchaser right now is a great time to gather ideas for songs. My plan is to write a few hundred titles for songs and work off of that list. I never run out of ideas but tend to not follow up. Earlier this year I posted about a hundred song titles in this group (FAWM) for anybody to use. Turned out nobody used any of those titles including myself. Not because they were not good....they were all good. The problem is I didn't follow through with the plan. Yes, and I had a few hundred off board titles too that I didn't use. I plan to change that this year. Ideas I have got but a slacker I've been. I had some medical problems though and that put me out of the creative mood that I started just prior to FAWM 2017. I'm still having medical problems but I will commit now to write 50 lyrics during 5090. If I can't play by July I will offer my lyrics to the group for collaboration. One way or another I guarantee you that I will have fifty good lyrics on the board.

  • @metalfoot  Apr 27

    @lvgd09 50 good lyrics is a mighty good plan!

  • @sueawesome Jun 6

    I'll be trying my hand at joining 50/90 this year but forgive me in advanced if I don't quite go for the 50 as I'm wanting to pair up my writing with painting (something I tried to do in feb but time didn't allow). I'm signed up though (same username) so please come say hi if you have a different username over there. 😀

  • @lvgd09 Jun 9

    I'm downgrading my pledge of 50 good lyrics to 50 rough draft audio demos. I just want to sing and play. I've grown tired of audio production. I'm actually at my best when I am completely raw. That said, I have a pretty good setup for playing live and making decent demos. Further, I don't like virtual instruments anymore. Just me and one of my guitars are good enough. I know this because I have been doing it this way a lot this month, and it sounds better that way. I'll be using effects on the vocals and DI (amp simulator) on my guitars. I can easily squash this challenge by putting out one or two songs a day, and with very little time away from having a life.

  • @writeandwrong  Jun 13

    I'm in for 50/90, but it will probabaly be like 5 songs in 90 days since Maine's summers are so short, and I'm okay with that. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 50/90 boards!!

  • @ampersandman  Jun 14

    I'll use 50/90 to finish my album and play around. I'm currently thinking of buying a traveler friendly guitar and interface for the holidays.

  • @unkept Jun 14

    Chiming in to say I'll be there, and for the same reason as you @ampersandman ! Glad you'll be around as well.

  • @complexissimple Jun 27

    So, I made a 50/90 account. . .
    It didn't ask me to create a password, and I haven't received one in my e-mail.
    So how do I sign into my account?

  • @vomvorton  Jun 27

    Any chance you could have received the email but it has gone into a spam folder or something like that?

    If not, I guess you could try the 'request new password' page:

  • @complexissimple Jun 27

    I have been checking my junk folder. I have also tried requesting a new password at least twice.

  • @vomvorton  Jun 28

    @complexissimple hmm, how strange. I just tried registering a new account using a spare email address and I got a message (from admin@fawmers.org) almost immediately.

    I've made a post on the 50/90 forum seeking help so hopefully Eric or one of the other admins can help out:

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