Life After February

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  • @stevejordan  Feb 26

    can comments dialogue continue after Feb? At this wonderful site some mysterious person has selflessly provided for a very long time.

  • @petemurphy  Feb 26

    Yes, Steve.
    You can continue listening, commenting, and using the forums, etc.
    The only thing you can't do is post new songs.

  • @torniojaws Feb 26

    Until end of April or May, was it?

  • @krayzie003  Feb 26

    You can use the site to listen coment and comunicate until the reset next January but activity drops of pretty rapidly after mid March.

  • @ajna1960  Feb 26

    isnt to be thought about until March 1st 😉

  • @bithprod Feb 26

    Life after February? Nope. We all crawl back into our coffins for 11 months. Seriously, I'm not kidding. Or is it just me? Damn...

  • @donna  Feb 26

    Some serious tidying will take place. 😣 I have barely an inch of space visible in my work area and living room area, what with computers, lyric printouts, and books on one side, and paints, brushes, and aother assorted 'arty' stuff on the other, plus photographs and paintings/painted ceramic tiles occupying the entire big sofa. Jeez…

    But once that dust has settled - or, literally, been removed 😉, I'll be visiting regularly for a few weeks, to comment and check out the wonderful forums. At least until April, when I have an overseas visitor arriving and will be travelling to France.

  • @jacobeverettwallace  Feb 26

    Most people try to keep the commenting going though March, since it's nearly impossible to keep up during February. There are some some FOP's (FAWM Over Parties) happening in March at various locations in the world so I plan to be active through that. Austin, Texas is playing host to one in late March.

  • @squeakmouse73 Feb 27

    Seriously, I don't want this to go. I feel like I spend so much time touching on different aspects of the site that I haven't really gotten to network as much as my heart normally wants to do. Plus, I had no clue how good the stretching of my brain would be for me. I knew it would help, but wow! I've always been one of those writers that seem to need inspiration to pounce on them before they start writing. I don't know what I'll do with most of these songs, but just doing this has brought a lot of life and musical refreshing. thank you so much, @nancyRost, for providing a platform like this for all of us.

  • @nancyrost  Feb 27

    @squeakmouse73 I appreciate the appreciation, but should clarify that @burrsettles is the person who's done most of the work over the years to provide this platform! @ericdistad and @jendistad also do a great deal behind the scenes.

  • @andygetch  Feb 27

    I still write about a song a week, either in the Facebook Song Skirmish group or more other challenges like 5090, NaSoAlMo, Fearless Songwriter. Otherwise I will be learning the better of these songs to play for anyone who will listen in occasional performances, adding to my musical skills toolbox in various ways, and life will go on.

  • @darcistrutt  Feb 27

    I tend to stay around for a few months! I'm still hoping to add a melody to my two lyric-only. I have lyric for another grandson's song that I hope to add melody to, but he requested dulcimer, steel drum, and harmonica so this may take a bit. If it doesn't come together I'll add the lyric to keep it visible post 2/28. I have a lot of commenting to catch up on. Hopefully most folk stay around for a little while. Then there's normally a "who's still here" thread to let you know who's around and will still see your comments. It isn't the same, but it doesn't leave you cold turkey.

  • @wacha Feb 27

    I plan on sticking around for a while. I will most likely not retouch the songs I have posted because I have a lot of other projects to work on but I will being listening and commenting to a lot of stuff that I missed during the month.

  • @zecoop  Feb 27

    I'm definitely sticking around... I love after-FAWM and all the music I discover when I don't have the pressure to write and record!

  • @toms  Feb 28

    @bithprod , it's not 11 months to 50/90! 😁

  • @bithprod Feb 28

    Yeah, @toms... but I'm not a big fan of 50/90. Too few people, even less commenting going on, and I'm not a marathon kind of guy. I do one sprint a year, and that's it. 😉 I'll probably do what I always do, though.. write 5 or 10 the first couple of weeks and then nothing. It should have been 90/50 instead.

  • @odilongreen  Feb 28

    I quite like 50/90, for almost the exact same reasons @bithprod *doesn't* 😀. FAWM is absolutely wonderful -- no complaints at all -- but I do like the slower, less intense feel of 50/90 (technically, 50 songs in 90 days is more intense, but I don't really aim for that). The smaller number of participants, the resultant lower pressure to constantly stay on top of songs and comment, the luxury of taking additional time to develop one's tracks... I really like it, and definitely plan to participate this year!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 28

    Yeah, I'll be here after-FAWM probably almost up to the 50/90 site refresh. Not sure if I'll be doing 50/90 this year but if I can't make music, I'll probably still come hang out with those who are.

  • @ajna1960  Feb 28

    I too like 50/90, but I don't feel it's a race to 50 songs, more a community to share what you are writing 😀 for me anyway 😀
    I also belong to GYAWS, in which you can write a song a week or every 2 weeks, all year round. That encourages me to keep writing in a way too 😀
    I write all year, but FAWM is FUN writing 😀

  • @sheamiejay  Feb 28

    My family won't let me do 50/90 again. They claim it took up too much of my time. I'll sign up, but won't try for 50 songs. I love being part of the community and need the support.

  • @zxcvbnm  Feb 28

    A few of us will be carrying on at . We are a small, very democratic group looking for new, active members. We have regular challenges and all genres of music are welcome.

    Why not join @tootoobee @feeslip58 @audrey @burnzie1401 @pamgrisham and others and keep your songwriting hand I until next FAWM.

  • @ustaknow Mar 2

    FAWM 2016 I was "around" until the refresh, and the same for 5090 2016 -- still there. Just the other day I referred someone to 5090 2016. My "feeling" is, there may be more folks around than one realizes. Only an Admin could confirm log-in traffic, which only reflects the log-in until refreshed.

    Then there is the FaceBook stuff that continues year round, -- I had a hard time keeping up, and I kind of work differently, so not "there".

    -- I don't get the skew on the down side intimations, at all, -- I don't really see one. (I do get, "it" happens) What I've observed, and from pre-Browser internet days, circa 1995, when you find a community of folks where there will be differences, yet, you can still "move on", and directly ask for help even, and get it... (nothings all puppies and kittens), ... well, that's as well as one can do with human beings, and on the, "WWW" (wild wild west as we used to call it).

    No comments or not enough?:
    Heck as far as relationships go, inet ones... since my days from 1995, this is the first and only place someone actually apologized for getting something wrong... -- we all get stuff wrong, so what. Nonetheless, here or rather the 5090 community, it was more productive, not less, -- for me. I am not a "Pollyanna" type person "obviously" (?) and simply avoid the folks who I seem to rub the wrong way, and I guess they do the same (no need to really)... so, for "sensitive" artist types, this is fairly significant. It is a mixed, online teaching and learning environment! No comments may mean, "great, like it!", -- how many times can that be said?, no enough! 😀 I guess. Comment MORE on OTHERS "stuff"?

    When folks "stomp out of the room", so to speak ... it's really very unnecessary as I see it. Stay, broaden horizons of "authentic life functionalism" 😝

    -- In my life, the nicest folks, ("my door is ALWAYS open, types), tend to make the worst long term friends, rather vise versa; ironic.

  • @quork  Mar 2

    Thank you for all of the great information, people. As someone who has previously squirreled himself away to write (or not write) songs, it's nice to know there are so many supportive options for staying on songwriting track. GYAWS looks interesting. @ajna1960 what are some of the weekly themes?


  • @ajna1960  Mar 2

    Hi @quork 😀 Anything and everything really - they are not hard and fast either. For myself, I take the theme and let it inspire me. Sometimes the song that comes out appears not to be connected, but the theme was my inspiration, if you see what I mean.
    Nobody is going to growl if your song is distant to the theme, as long as it inspired you to write the song 😀 If you submit the instrumental option, then you do not have to write to the theme 😀
    Examples of past themes: Summer love, Creepy lurker, Junk in da trunk, This is the end, regret, Bring it, Deserted, Sing me your dreams, truth, innocence, falling tears, grinding stone, sidewalk jam, feel the love, finding your tribe and so on...
    Currently the weekly theme is decided by an open poll of the members, where all members can add whatever themes they like to the poll, as well as vote for as many as they like.
    I hope this helps ??
    If you want to chat in more detail about GYAWS, please feel free to voice call me via the FAWM Slack chat room, or via voice call on facebook. I also have Skype.

  • @quork  Mar 2

    @ajna1960 , thank you for the comprehensive reply. Much appreciated. I may take you up on the offer of a chat, but this gives me much to chew on.

  • @johnstaples  Mar 2

    I agree with @bithprod regarding 50/90. Every year I participate (and will again this year) but I always yearn for it to be more like FAWM and it never is. There is a flurry of activity for a couple of weeks at the beginning then it kinda dies down. I understand this is mostly a problem with my expectations but I always hope for more. I really wish we did a single month like FAWM in August! I think it would get much greater participation and be lots of fun. So my plan is to be ready on day one and complete my own personal July Album Writing Two-weeks (JAWT)!!!

  • @ajna1960  Mar 2

    I enjoy 50/90 too, although it is much more leisurely, and I never plan to write 50 songs...
    If a bunch of us stay interested past the first few weeks, then it will be fun 😀

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 2

    @johnstaples in 2013 there were "album" challenges each month during 50/90. You needed to host your album on a site that allowed you to put it into a grouping and it was recommended to have a theme and an over-all album length. That part was tough since most of my writing is short!! I did SAWM...September and chose the theme of songs from quotes. It still is one of my favorite groups of music and still up on Soundcloud. We were partnered with another SAWM person and each did an album review. It was different from song by song...though we also had them on the 50/90 site so had song by song comments as well. Cool experience.

    Another site I've provided music for is Sing Me A Story. You take a child's story and turn it into a song. You give up all rights to the song so that may not be some folk's cup of tea, but for me it felt good to make a child smile, and help the organizations that help disadvantaged or ill children.

  • @johnstaples  Mar 2

    @darcistrutt I think I recall that but 2013 was my first 50/90 so not sure what I remember!! 😀 There are certainly good ideas at 50/90 but just not enough people participating IMHO.

    I think partly it is because 50 songs in 90 days sounds like a ridiculous challenge that only the most hardcore songwriters would be interested in. In fact almost every time I hear someone describe 50/90 to a potential newcomer they always include some sort of disclaimer about how you don't need to do 50 and most participants don't do 50, etc. I don't recall how many make the 50 but I don't think it was a very high number.

    Another reason I believe there are so few participants is there are so few participants! One of the things people love about FAWM is the fact that there are more than 2000 people playing along. At 50/90 it starts with maybe a quarter of that and then rapidly tapers off to just a handful. Personally, I really feed off that FAWM energy and it motivates me to write.

  • @johnstaples  Mar 2

    Another likely reason for low turnout is summer is a busy time for many in the USA.

    I will still participate in 50/90 but, as I have said before, I wish we had another FAWM in August! I would gladly give up 50/90 to have two FAWMs a year!

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 2

    Well, I guess I'm in the minority - I like 50/90 as much as FAWM! I know there's not as much activity, but it's enough to keep me going. Also, I have a nostalgic soft spot for 50/90 - for a couple of 50/90s, we spent the whole summer at the beach, and up until last year I was a full-time teacher with summers off.
    I'll be there for 50/90, and I'll most likely try for 50 again.
    I'm getting back into that Facebook skirmish group in between, too.

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 2

    50/90 is active enough for me! It's a different 'playground' but there are still a lot of fun challenges and familiar names. I've made 50 once, and the remaining years I have set a personal goal of a lesser number. I'm leaving Corporate America at the end of March so this will be my first 50/90 without work getting in the way!! I'm betting I'll be hungry for the interaction!

  • @sailingmagpie  Mar 2

    I agree with @johnstaples. I would love for there to be an AAWM as well. I've never done 50/90 though, so I don't know how that compares. Maybe this year.

  • @johnstaples  Mar 2

    @sailingmagpie you should definitely check out 50/90 because there are some great FAWMers (like @darcistrutt and @chipwithrow) who participate! My personal issue with it is it is not FAWM-like enough for me! 😁

  • @ajna1960  Mar 2

    I love 50/90 too. Both for the great company and the music I can make with collaborators, always fun.

  • @mardeycranbleson  Mar 3

    I'm heading back to reddit song a week.... initially 50/90 seemed like a bit much but if its anything like this place then it would be worth it. Anyways this is as good a place as any to say thanks to everyone especially fellow skirmishers, i really enjoyed my first fawm and im really sad to see it over.

  • @sailingmagpie  Mar 3

    @johnstaples Well, the more FAWMers there, the more FAWM-like it will become! 😀

  • @johnstaples  Mar 3

    @sailingmagpie ...sounds great to me!! 😀

  • @ampersandman  Mar 3

    I missed 50/90 last year, but I hope to come back this year to finish my album, play around and participate in skirmishes and exquisite corpse games. I have written some of my best songs in 50/90 2015, so that should be enough encouragement to anybody for giving it a go.

    Now since the thread title was "Life after February" I have other things calling for attention that I've neglected in that crazy time of year. I'll go back to doing band-related stuff and mixing, and then there's still work and familiy and stuff.

  • @sailingmagpie  Mar 3

    @johnstaples I taken the plunge and signed up. Not sure if I'll get close to 50 but I'll surely do more than the 4 or 5 non-FAWM tracks I've managed in the last year!

  • @standup  Mar 3

    50/90 has a different personality, and there are some folks that don't do FAWM who are there in the summer for 50/90. I will probably do it again this year, and get somewhere between 3 and 25 songs done.

  • @quork  Mar 3

    Thanks to @ajna1960 and her encouragement I've signed up for GYAYS.

  • @ajna1960  Mar 3

    Ohh @quork Did I just deal with you earlier today ? 😀

  • @scubed  Mar 3

    My first 50/90 was in 2015, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I ended with 52 or 53 songs. (Don't be impressed. I'm retired. 😀 ) Last year, I TOTALLY bombed - I couldn't get my head in a songwriting place and ended up dropping out. I'm looking forward to it again this year - keeping fingers crossed I won't flame out again.

    @ajna1960, what's the web address for GYAYS?

  • @ajna1960  Mar 3

    @scubed the GYAWS SignUp page is
    GYAWS is a secret Facebook group, so we have a sign up page to make sure folks understand what we are about before joining 😀
    It keeps the main group safe from trolls etc, plus people feel safer to post raw, unedited and phone recordings, etc.
    Let me know if you apply, as I am the one who deals with such things 😀

  • @quork  Mar 3

    @ajna1960 you certainly did. 😀 Prompt, courteous service!

  • @ajna1960  Mar 3

    Thank you Sir @quork 😀

  • @johnstaples  Mar 3

    @ajna1960 approximately how many active members are there in GYAWS?

  • @ajna1960  Mar 3

    We currently have 77 listed, and all post at least now and then (or I kick em out 😉 )
    Every week we have at least 20 songs 😀 Some folks post every week, some every 2 weeks, and a few less often. But some are on tour and such things (excuses !!!) 😀

  • @ajna1960  Mar 3

    We do have a live (very amateur) tv show once a week too playing our songs of that week (for those of want to be included that is), but it's on hold at the minute as my internet has gone bad 😞

  • @ajna1960  Mar 3

    The Challenge is..... post songs or get kicked out when we 'cull' lol In reality, people rarely get kicked, and have only to ask to rejoin and they are back 😀

  • @johnstaples  Mar 3

    Is there any active listening and commenting on songs like FAWM?

  • @ajna1960  Mar 3

    As far as I know most everyone who posts a song listens to the others, commenting is less so. But commenting is fine.
    Some folks who don't post also listen. Its much smaller than FAWM, so bound to be much less active.

  • @timfatchen  Mar 3

    I find it slightly ironic that I won't even be trying 50/90 this year because the opera which 50/90 generated way back in 2009 will be in workshop and a two-performance season....

  • @izaakalexander  Mar 3

    I always play at 50/90. After my first FAWM (2011, where I only posted 7 songs or so) I decided to use 50/90 as a sort of FAWM training. Partly because of the lighter traffic and exposure, and partly because of all the encouragement, I really let go of my perfectionism and shut down the inner critic. As I result, I completed a FAWMs worth of tunes in the first 28 days of 50/90 and proved to myself that the win was possible and worth it. I've made it to 14 songs every FAWM since then. I've only reached 50 out of 90 once, but I usually finish somewhere between 30 and 40 songs, and my best work, in my opinion, has come out of the 50/90.

  • @izaakalexander  Mar 3

    And worst work, now that I think about it. 😀

  • @scubed  Mar 4

    @ajna1960, I'll be sending in an application to the GYAWS FB page. Thank you!!!

  • @ajna1960  Mar 4

    Ok @scubed 😎 I'm falling asleep right now but will check first thing in the morning.

  • @pcob1993  Mar 4

    Thank you Amanda for the nod about gyaws... I adore FAWM and the fabulous Fawmers I've listened to and I'll be listening to more every night pre- face plant. FAWM gets me excited every year again about songs, singing, playing and writing in exactly the same way I felt when I was seventeen in a tent in the Wicklow mountains in winter plucking a mangled version of Famous Blue Raincoat on a plywood guitar thinking I was wooing the red-haired girl beside me in her sleeping bag but as it turned out she'd nodded off after the first verse..... Sheesh, I never wanted to be a celebrity anyway......

  • @quork  Mar 4

    @pcob1993 the description of your seventeen year old self is evocative and could make a great song.

  • @rainchaser  Mar 4

    Listening, commenting, school, work, going back to record my 50 older songs, witing a blog, and backing up my older songs to a CD.

    As for 50/90, for my first 50/90, I had a great time there and was able to make it to 50 songs. Though I kinda had a rough time with it but probably due to first time experience. I was definitely was frustrated with the lack of activity on there as well. And despite having school and work for 50/90. It didn't take much of my time that time. At my work, we don't get busy during the summer, compared to winter, and spring. Not much family stuff going on either. Not sure if I will be able to do it this year, because I want to get caught on rerecording my older songs that were and weren't from 50/90.

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