A country-folk hit song without lyrics/vocals

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  • @alamous Feb 26



    I've got a song coming, but I have zero ideas for lyrics so I figured that meybe someone over here does. There's a link to a demo. Feel free to download it and make it in to something 😀

    If you wan't I can take care of the mixing, etc and maybe even try some harmony vocals. Just send me the vocal track+lyrics via the internets and I'll think of something. Or you can just record the vocals and upload it on your own.

    As long as the lyrics aren't a form of hate speech etc. I'm cool with anything.

  • @alamous Feb 26

    It's 140 BPM In the key of G (major)

  • @bithprod Feb 26

    I would love to help you out, but I'd like someone else to sing it (from my guide vocals). Not that it should be a problem, seeing that there are so many talented singers on FAWM. Let me know what you think asap, and I'll get going.

  • @alamous Feb 26

    @bithprod go for it!

  • @alamous Feb 26

    Is there a way to include more than 2 people on collabs? It would be so cool to have some one interested in singing do the vocals!

  • @downburst  Feb 26

    (It's all good but) That main verse chord sequence is lovely!

  • @kevinemmrich  Feb 26

    very nice backing track! sounds super. I don't have any ideas, though.

  • @vegansongs Feb 27

    I might be able to sing this. Can I hear your guide vocals / see the lyric?

  • @bithprod Feb 28

    It's up (with temporary vocals): http://fawm.org/songs/75512/

  • @alamous Feb 28

    @vegansongs Perfect!

  • @vegansongs Feb 28

    Sounds good guys! I have so much on my plate I will step back... next time!

  • @alamous Feb 28

    Bummer 😞

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