What is an Exquisite Corps, and How it's Done

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  • @brownium  Feb 24

    An exquisite corpse is an exercise in which each participant write a portion of a song, then passes a "baton" to the next participant.

    A song writer starts and records a song of approximately 60 seconds. The critical thing is that they don’t END the song. It is left open ended so the next participant can add another 60 seconds of music. As each participant finishes their portion, they send ONLY the final 10 seconds (the baton) of the recording to the next participant, and the whole recording to the stitcher. When the last participant gets their turn, they get to put an ending on the song. The stitcher takes all the individual recordings and stitches them into a single song.

    I recommend that three things be done in a corpse:

    Tune your instruments to standard pitch so everyone can match your key
    Play to a metronome so everyone can match your tempo
    When you pass the baton to the next participant, tell them what key and tempo you are using

  • @tcelliott  Feb 24

    Also, the last couple of words of the lyric are usually a nice thing to include as well. You generally don't give much away and it helps immensely when the recordings aren't the clearest and we are in a rush.

  • @atitlan Feb 24

    @tcelliott's point is especially important if you write an instrumental segment but receive one with lyrics, as it allow the lyrical theme to carry onto the next person who adds vocals.

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