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  • @mistermann Feb 7

    Hey gang! So I started this positive protest folk song today and I'd like all of YOU to finish it. We're starting with a basic guitar track, one verse, and a chorus.

    So here's the deal: You write a verse. You record your vocals for verse and for chorus. Then SEND me those recorded vocals and I will add them to the song.

    You can optionally send one more instrument to the verse and chorus if you want to (in a separate file from the vocals please!).

    The chorus words must stay the same but you can harmonize if you'd like.

    Go to the song to get the sounds and more info:

  • @mistermann Feb 7

    @mikeskliar I am tagging you because I remember you being a part of the collab I started that was originally in this format. Remember doing "The End" at the very end of 5090 in 2011? This is the same thing but with politics! It's totally your thing!

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 7

    thanks for the tag- I'll have to give it a listen- might be a few days before i have time to work on this, if i can- if that's ok.. i completely forget that 2011 thing, but hey, i forget what i had for breakfast yesterday! thanks!

  • @declan  Feb 8

    I've added a verse to the song page.

  • @declan  Feb 11

    Any progress on this?

  • @mistermann Feb 16

    Not at this point @declan, but thanks for your verse! Could you record yourself singing the chorus as well?

  • @declan  Feb 16

    er ... I could try.

  • @popmythology  Feb 16

    @mistermann, I added a verse in the comments section for the song. Per your instructions I also took a stab at "singing" my verse and chorus but, gosh, I dunno...LOL. I'll send it to you for your consideration, though. Can I get your email address? It's not listed on your profile page. Or you can email me first at popmythologist[at]gmail[dot]com

  • @owl  Feb 16

    @mistermann I'm game, I'll send something over!

  • @mistermann Feb 19

    @owl yay thank you!

    @popmythology send it to and I'll see how much I can turn up the "talent" knob on it 😝

  • @roddy  Feb 19

    Really good idea. Hope you get a lot of people collaborating.
    PS your guitar and vocal starter verse and chorus sound great.

  • @declan  Feb 19

    @mistermann Added a chorus to my verse here -

    You might have to adjust its position.

  • @mistermann Feb 20

    Yay! Thanks @declan. I'm having trouble loading it on my phone but I'll try to have a listen later.

  • @siebass  Feb 22

    Just sent you the wavs for my contribution this AM (EST).

  • @owl  Feb 26

    @mistermann how's this coming along?

  • @mistermann Feb 27

    So I just compiled all 5 contributions into one song and holy cow this is one of the pretties things that I am proud to be a part of. Gonna twist the talent knobs to eleven when I mix and master tomorrow!

    Expect to see it polished published as an extra song tomorrow or Tuesday.

    TL;DR - Squeeeeeee pretty song soon!

  • @siebass  Feb 27

    I'm excited to hear it!

  • @mistermann Feb 28

    IT'S UP IT'S UP IT'S UP!!!!

    This is so insanely beautiful and poignant and I love each of its eight minutes. Thanks for making this happen guys!!!!!

  • @mistermann Feb 28

    PS. @declan I added one last plot twist by pushing the offbeat nature of your contribution by making it a vocoder-styled break a la Black Moth Super Rainbow (kinda sorta). Hope you like it!

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