After loads of gang vocals (involves swearing)

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  • @thelowestbitter Feb 6

    I've recorded this song about the alt-right/Milo, and I really want a big load of voices on the final chorus. It does involve a couple of swear words. Lyrics are on the song page and the track can be downloaded from soundcloud - the tempo is 124bpm if you record to click. The bit I'd like sung is in ALL CAPS on the song page.

    Can't tag more than one collaborator on FAWM but I'll put your name in the liner notes and in the soundcloud info with a link to your website/soundcloud/bandcamp as you wish. If you want to have a go it would be greatly appreciated 😀

    Files can be emailed to jed_howlett[at]hotmail[dot]com, or you can upload them somewhere for me to download and post here if you prefer. Thanks!

  • @mdavisto Feb 6

    Yurrr I'll give it a bash. I can only record tomorrow afternoon, cos, reasons, but, I'm in.

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 6

    Excellent @mdavisto! No rush at all, got a whole 3 weeks of this FAWM business left 😉

  • @pinky  Feb 6

    Hell yes! I'd be honored! It's already incredible and I can't wait to hear what you do with the gang vocals.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 7

    Oh, I'm in... I fully supported this.

  • @toms  Feb 7


  • @thelowestbitter Feb 7

    Cool @pinky, @toms, @guatecoop you can download it here, just click "more" under the track and there is an option to download it

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 7

    @pinky, @toms, @guatecoop And here's just the vocal snippet with the beat if you don't want the distraction of all the horns and synths when you're recording your vocal

  • @jamesstaubes  Feb 7

    I feel compelled to throw my hat in on this one. I will send you the vocals. 😀

  • @w1n Feb 7

    I'm in, I'll try to record some later today.

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 7

    Okay @w1n @jamesstaubes @pinky @toms @guatecoop, if you haven't recorded yet slight change to the lyrics...

    @mdavisto highlighted something I'd already thought about myself, which is my problematic use of the c-word given the message and context of the song.

    "You cannot use "cunt" as a perjorative without implying that vaginas are bad. This is a right-wing conservative position, in direct opposition to the central message of the song, and detracts quite significantly from the power of the chorus. This is a pity, especially when several equally rude (and some more so) swears exist."

    He's totally right to call me out and has solidified my preexisting doubts about using the word here, so if instead of the c-word you could sing the lovely, ungendered swear "fucks" instead that would be great.

    The two lines affected will now read:

    "Let's bury all these f*cks"
    "Stop being such f*cks"

  • @toms  Feb 7

    That's a good change. Will do it this afternoon. 😀

  • @paulh1237  Feb 7

    Count me in!

  • @pinky  Feb 7

    Understandable. We really need some new curse words. So many of them are based on genitalia, sex, or sexual orientation being bad things. How'd a bunch of prudes monopolize the curse words?

  • @jamesstaubes  Feb 7

    Got it. Should be able to get to this later in the week. 😀

  • @wacha Feb 7

    I'm in. I will work on this later this week.

  • @tsunamidaily Feb 7

    my c-word is now "cankle"-- it's a lower cut, and far less attractive and useful. of course, that doesn't rhyme....

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 9

    Here's the track to download with the updated lyrics

  • @fearlessflight2014  Feb 10

    I will do this on Monday once I get back in the studio!!

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 10

    @fearlessflight2014 great! 😀

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 14

    @toms @wacha @guatecoop @fearlessflight2014 @jamesstaubes @w1n @paulh1237 hey, I've only gotten one set of vocals so far and I know how easy it is to forget stuff at FAWM, so here's a reminder that if you're still interested (and not too busy) I still would really love your vocals 😀

  • @toms  Feb 14

    Ah, you are completely right about that. Will get on it ASAP.

  • @w1n Feb 14

    @thelowestbitter sent a Dropbox link to your mail address

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 14

    @w1n thanks so much! At work right now but looking forward to hearing them later

  • @wacha Feb 14

    I didn't get a chance to take care record my vocals last weekend. I will make sure to get to it when I do my next round of recording. Sorry for the delay.

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 14

    Thanks @wacha!

    @w1n and @fearlessflight2014 your vocals are both great! Love the layers in yours @w1n, and @fearlessflight2014 those extra backing vocal bits you recorded are perfect. 😀

  • @fearlessflight2014  Feb 14

    Oh good!

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 19

    Mix is sounding good as it is but I'd love a couple more vocalists to make it really massive - @toms @wacha @paulh1237 I'm probably going to look to get the final mix done and uploaded Saturday at the latest because I'm going to Germany at the end of the month, so if you're still up for it if I could have vocals by then that would be great. No worries if not, I know FAWM gets especially hectic in the last week.

  • @toms  Feb 20

    Oh, geez, I could have done this yesterday. My laptop just fried, have to get that sorted out tomorrow, and will do it then. Blame my advanced middle age. 😁 My apologies!

  • @wacha Feb 21

    Totally slipped my mind over the weekend. I will make sure I get to it in the next day or so when I record my next song. Sorry to drag my feet so much on this.

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 22

    @toms @wacha okay glad to hear you're still up for it! No worries, just want to make sure I'm not posting it before everyone who expressed an interest gets the chance to get onto it.

  • @toms  Feb 23

    Coming to you now. 😀

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 23

    @toms I've emailed you but thanks so much for this! Your vocals are great

  • @paulh1237  Feb 25

    @thelowestbitter - probably too late, and I have the sniffles - but I did have a go in the end..

  • @chrishope  Feb 25

    'cocks' would have been a suitable alt.. 'cock womble' a current english fave, are we too late?

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 25

    @paulh1237 not too late! At work so can't listen just now but I'll mix it all and put it up tomorrow. Thanks!

    @chrishope - planning to have this up tomorrow which is my final FAWM day before I go on hols, if you're up for doing it today/tonight though then go for it!

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 26

    okay, absolute final call, @wacha @chrishope if either of you have interest in being on this song, midday UTC 26/02 is the deadline before I post my completed mix to the FAWM site.

  • @thelowestbitter Feb 26

    @fearlessflight2014 @guatecoop @paulh1237 @pinky @toms @wacha @w1n

    OKAY IT'S DONE! Thanks so much to all of you for recording vocals, you all sound great together. I think from L-R vocals go @paulh1237, me, @toms, @fearlessflight2014, @guatecoop, @wacha, @w1n, @pinky if you want to try and pick yourself out in the mix.

    Thanks again!

  • @jamesstaubes  Feb 28

    Dude, sorry I didn't come through for you. 😞

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