Newbie here- need help with demo uploading

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  • @winchperry Feb 4

    If I have an mp3 recorded on my phone how do I link it to my profile with the new song? Do I HAVE to use soundcloud? Also, how do I get the url of my new fawm song so I can post it in the skirmish's forum stream?

  • @scottlake Feb 4

    You don't have to use SoundCloud. But it is probably the easiest.

  • @ericdistad  Feb 4

    Hi @winchperry The FAQ has some info on Demo Hosting: . Basically you have several options, from stuff like Soundcloud, or Dropbox, or hosting it on your own server or the FAWM file hosting. Ultimately, the FAWM website needs to have access to the file via the web in order to display it in the player.

  • @winchperry Feb 4

    Thank you @ericdistad that was very helpful.
    Now my next problem is that the voice recorder on my android phone is saving the sound files in a .m4a format, not mp3. Anyone have a suggestion for another phone app to use? Soundcloud will not take m4a format.Thank you

  • @firebird Feb 7

    @winchperry If you have a PC, Audacity is a great sound editor (FREE) that will instantly convert from m4a to mp3 for you.

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