Where and how do I view my watchlist?

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  • @spinhead  Jan 29

    It appears I'm destined to ask this every year. After 12 FAWMs, I still don't know how to find and view my watchlist.

    I have, though, finally successfully added the C major chord to my guitar repertoire.

  • @fuzzy  Jan 29

    Go to the "FAWMers" section. Your Watchlist should be in the menu on the left there.

  • @spinhead  Jan 29

    Yes. Yes it is.

    @burrsettles for some reason it feels like I should access this from my page, not a top level menu. Probably why I can never find it.

  • @snoozin  Jan 29

    Oh THERE it is!!! I've been looking all over too! Thanks!

  • @downburst  Jan 29

    On 5090 it's in the main menu on the profile page. I like that better too. I also like the "watchlist songs" function. All this functionality is dispersed across several different menus here:

    My Profile
    Add New Song
    My Watchlist
    Watchlist Songs
    My Saved Songs
    My Bookmarks
    My Mentions
    Log Out

  • @lemonstar Feb 8

    OK I got it.

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