Vancouver/Lower Mainland Represent

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  • @audrey  Jan 2017

    Hi from Vancouver and surrounding area. B.C. is so big, I thought I'd try to narrow it down a little. Anyone else from around here?

  • @vikkiflawith Jan 2017

    Hi Audrey! Vancouver was my hometown for many years. Since moved to the island, but wanted to say hi 😀

  • @igg  Jan 2017

    Hi Audrey!
    Here in Victoria BC!

  • @audrey  Jan 2017

    Hi back @vikkiflawith and @igg Happy FAWMing.

  • @tallmarkmusic  Feb 2017

    Greetings fellow 604-ians!
    I'll be hitting up many open mics around town this month, maybe I'll see some of you there?

  • @bethi Jan 2018

    Hello Vancouver! I see all the previous posts are from last year but.. anyone here this year?

  • @igg  Jan 2018

    I'm back!!!

  • @debs  Jan 2018

    Hi Friends! I'm in Toronto, but it is my great hope that I'll be representing from Vancouver in FAWM 2019. Hope it's okay that I pop in here and start getting to know my soon-to-be local FAWMily!

  • @vikkiflawith Jan 2018

    waves from Van Island. Which is close 😁

  • @mauramer Jan 2018

    Vancouver! This is my second FAWM and I'm stoked to be back!

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