Common Tech Questions

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  • @burrsettles  Jan 2017

    1. Updating your profile photo can be buggy. See:

    2. When you donate, your "rock hands" are updated manually by a volunteer. Please wait about 24 hours before contacting us if you still haven't gotten yours. Thanks! 😀

    3. You cannot change your username. Maybe one day, but not today...

  • @burrsettles  Jan 2017

    BTW, kudos to @ericdistad and @jendistad for their rock-hands-updating marathon today! I should have given them more warning before launching the site...

  • @toms  Jan 2017

    My hands showed up within about 90 seconds! 😀

  • @jji7skyline  Jan 2017

    Thanks just got mine! 👌

  • @joyfulbliss22  Feb 3

    Not sure who I should be asking but I need to find my stuff from last year. I had no idea it resets. Is there anyway to get back the lyrics I posted? And who could I talk too about this? Thank you for any and all help.

  • @zecoop  Feb 3

    @joyfulbliss22 - If you archived your FAWM 2016 (using the "Archive" function on the top right, under your profile name) then you'll have your lyrics. If you didn't.... they might be gone. 😞

  • @joyfulbliss22  Feb 3

    I didn't know that was something you could do. I don't believe I archived anything last year. Are there any other possible avenues for retrieval?

  • @nikke88 Feb 14

    I accidentally pushed "report abuse" -button, when I tried to push "edit" -button.

    Why isn't it possible to cancel "reporting", if it were a mistake?

  • @jendistad  Feb 14

    @nikke88 Don't worry, you're not the only one who has done this. The Admins consider each report as they come in, but know that there are sometimes accidental reports. (=

  • @fuzzy  Feb 14

    Can I see a list of comments that I have given?

  • @jendistad  Feb 14

    @fuzzy: Not easily. You would need to look at the songs list and click through to any song title with a speech bubble next to its comment count. Those are the songs you've commented on. Same process applies to forum comments.

  • @audiofumes Feb 16

    How does one delete their profile?

  • @owl  Mar 1

    How do I unlock a song I locked earlier? It's a collab, if that makes a difference.
    The title of the song doesn't seem to be clickable, so I don't know how to access it anymore!

  • @helenseviltwin  Mar 1

    @owl - if you're not the person who posted it, you'll have to get your collaborator to do it. If you are, the person who posted it, then that's a bug I've not previously encountered.

  • @owl  Mar 1

    Thanks @helenseviltwin!

  • @sailingmagpie  Mar 1

    @joyfulbliss22 I was about to tell you about the wayback machine but I see @johnstaples beat me to it.

  • @jendistad  Mar 2

    @audiofumes There is no mechanism in place for you to delete your profile. Either you need to ask @burrsettles for help on this or you can just blank out all the fields in your profile. Hope this helps.

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