MD/VA/DC metro area

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  • @petra777  Jan 2017

    MoCo county MD here...

  • @mosley  Jan 2017

    Fredericksburg VA here!

  • @ginomakesmusic Jan 2017

    Baltimore (county), MD!

  • @standup  Jan 2017

    Washington DC, Northeast

  • @pfoo  Jan 2017

    Heya! I'm in DC with my husband @Standup.

  • @standup  Jan 2017

    : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

  • @jcuempire  Jan 2017

    Anne Arundel County MD

  • @tiller2  Jan 2017

    DC NW Friendship Heights

  • @monty  Jan 2017

    Near Annapolis

  • @cts  Jan 2017

    Chesterfield county represented here (VA)

  • @aeye Jan 2017

    One Half of us is located in Baltimore county (DJKenneth A)

  • @heuristicsinc  Jan 2017

    I'm in Howard County MD.

  • @shauna161 Feb 2017

    Columbia Heights, DC!

  • @siebass  Feb 2017

    Silveriest of Springs

  • @nuchoyce Feb 2017

    A little late to the party but DMV stand up!

  • @risbon Feb 2017

    MD as well, DELMARVA tends to pop up in my songs.

  • @paulharrison Feb 2017

    Eastern Shore of MD (formerly AA Co.)

  • @insaneian Feb 2017

    Does former count? I lived in Baltimore/Parkville for 37 years but just moved to the Chicago-land area. Life long MD boy tho...Go O's/Ravens!

  • @aeye Feb 2017

    @insaneian Staying true to the teams, I love it.

  • @elainedimasi Feb 2017

    Do I have any friends in DC who could be interested in letting me couch-surf tuesday night, 14 march? I'll have been in a conference near Georgetown I think, have the conf. hotel monday night only and want to leave weds.

  • @prsrose Feb 2017

    Yep. All of the above.

  • @tiller2  Mar 2017

    prolly too late this for year, but it would be cool if we could have a FOP or a song-share evening for us DMV folks. Or even show up at the same SAW (Songwriter's Assn of Washington) open mic.

  • @siebass  Mar 2017

    Not quite the FOP other regions are doing, but I'm trying to run an open-mic at Bump 'n Grind coffeehouse in Silver Spring, MD on Friday, April 23. That might work for folks if you want to test-drive some material.

    7:30 signups, 8 pm music until 10-10:30. It's an all acoustic open mic, so no powered stuff, generally speaking. I'll be giving 1-2 of my FAWM songs a test run. Depending on turnout I may try to make it a monthly thing.

  • @tiller2  Mar 2017

    Cool! @siebass, I'll see if I can go. Is there sound reinforcement (mic/PA) for an acoustic guitar without a pickup? Wait--you mean Friday, April 21, right?

  • @siebass  Mar 2017

    @tiller2 Oops, yes Friday, April 21st, my mistake. There won't be any mic or PA, as the open mic ironically and traditionally was acoustic only, but I can loan you my acoustic for your set if you want if you are concerned about its volume (I just have a basic Fender FA-100 but it does carry). I think just playing your acoustic and singing would work just fine, it's not a huge space.

  • @tiller2  Mar 2017

    Great! I am free that night so I'll plan to be there and play. If you wanna correspond directly, my email is in my profile.

  • @standup  Mar 2017

    I'll try to make it

  • @siebass  Mar 2017

    Here's the Facebook invite; I just made the FB event today.

    Usually everyone gets to play 1-2 songs, and then recycle to the top of the list or late entrants.

  • @pfoo  Mar 2017

    I'll be coming along with @standup. I'm not a performer, but I will be there for moral support and to say hello!

  • @standup  Apr 2017

    @petra777 , @mosley @ginomakesmusic @jcuempire @monty @cts @aeye @heuristicsinc @shauna161 @nuchoyce @risbon @paulharrison @prsrose

    See above, we're doing an April 21 Silver Spring open mic invasion.

  • @heuristicsinc  Apr 2017

    Heh, I don't really do anything acoustic... synthesizers and computers and whatnot don't make much noise when they're not plugged in ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @cts  Apr 2017


  • @siebass  Apr 2017

    If you've got batteries I think it's ok, but I believe the spirit is to keep things unplugged where possible, for this particular open mic at least.

  • @ustaknow Apr 2017

    Hey @siebass -- nice space, concept. None in NJ like that!

    With all the glass, stone, -- plenty loud acoustically. They set up against the stone wall pictured? Could play toward it too.

    To bad it's a 3 hr drive -+ for me.

    Anyway, -- nice! Good for you all.

  • @siebass  Apr 2017

    @ustaknow yeah it's a pretty good space. You do need to project, but you don't need to belt. Usually it's set up like in the photos at the link, if you want to get an idea.

    A 3 hour drive to perform a few songs does not seem worth it at all. Mainly it's good because the crowd is generally very attentive and supportive.

    I figured it might be fun to do the open mic, since there hasn't been any activity regarding a FOP for the DMV area that I had seen, and I will be running the open mic for the first time.

  • @tiller2  Apr 2017

    I'm still planning to be there, on Fri. From the photos, it appears that at that venue, performing acoustic music truly unplugged will require full-volume singing and playing. (Some performers have used a PA or amps there.) So I'll choose songs accordingly. I look forward to meeting other FAWMers in person!

  • @siebass  Apr 2017

    Looking forward to meeting you all in just a few days.

  • @ginomakesmusic Apr 2017

    Dang, this is what happens when you stop looking at the forums! Hopefully I get a chance to perform with some FAWMers another time.

  • @siebass  Apr 2017

    Gonna try to run the open mic again, waiting to hear back from the owner, so you may still have another opportunity.

  • @siebass  May 2017

    May 19th for the next open mic, if folks are interested. I did pick up a small PA for those that desire amplification, and I'll bring one of my mics as well.

  • @ziahassan Jan 2018

    Silver Spring!

  • @jcuempire  Jan 2018

    Severna Park checking in!

  • @monty  Jan 2018

    Severna Park also. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @aeye Jan 2018

    Lots of Baltimore County folks in here ๐Ÿ˜€.

    One half of us is checking in from there. Tee other is across the country.

  • @petra777  Jan 2018

    North MoCo checking in....wonder if we can get a songwriting group together this year? Not sure how my schedule will look but Im open to hosting here...

  • @natrin Jan 2018

    Hello from northern Delaware!

  • @cts  Jan 2018

    Iโ€™m there a time-loop/warp thing happening? The dates are messing with me. ๐Ÿคจ

  • @tiller2  Jan 2018

    NW DC says hi

  • @aeye Jan 2018

    @cts it looks like they didn't reset the forums from last year? I know they did a relaunch then and I think that cleared all the posts etc previously.

  • @petra777  Jan 2018

    I think a few threads stuck around if they were posted on close to the time of reset...

  • @heuristicsinc  Jan 2018

    That's odd. I'm still here!

  • @airbagtester  Jan 2018


  • @cts  Jan 2018

    @aeye - alright...I feel a little better about things... ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @tseaver  Jan 2018

    @mosley, @kevsweeney621 Another Fredericksburg VA fawmer here!

  • @pfoo  Jan 2018

    NE DC

    It's like we never left...

  • @tiller2  Jan 2018

    But this year, I've met a couple of youse guys in person! Thanks to @siebass's open mics!

  • @chasingandromeda  Jan 2018

    I may be available for a meet up. I live in Ohio but work every two or three weeks in the Greenbelt, MD area. Back pack has all the tools I need.

  • @standup  Jan 2018

    @chasingandromeda that might be fun -- we are 6 metro stops from greenbelt, or 25 min in a car if you have that option.

  • @siebass  Jan 2018

    Ha ha, happy to oblige @tiller2! I can reserve April's open mic for a FOP in silver spring instead of having a featured artist that month, if folks want that.

    Good to see folks back again!

  • @jbxl3 Jan 2018

    Iโ€™ll be moving to the Front Royal area this spring, so do I count as a pre-Virginian?

    Looking forward to the next few weeks. Pleasure meeting you all!

  • @dannen Feb 2018

    Bowie, MD says Hi!

  • @joetime Feb 2018

    Baltimore MD!

  • @siebass  Feb 2018

    Might be able to host the FOP open mic in March after all; my feature may not be able to make it.

    Also I'm hosting the normal open mic next Friday night (Feb 16) at Bump 'n Grind, Silver Spring, MD, if you want to test your songs. 7:30 pm signups, music 8-10 with a feature in the middle.

  • @amysens Feb 12

    Baltimore, MD ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @vivalarayna Feb 14

    NoVa, but I spend a lot of time in D.C.

  • @aeye Feb 14

    @joetime @amysens Hello fellow Baltimoreans!

  • @sccherry Feb 15

    NE DC

  • @nuchoyce Feb 15

    Haven't cranked out many songs for FAWM do to my preparation for tonight's show. Opening up for Night Train 357 and Ethan Spalding. If your in DC slide through.

  • @amysens Feb 15

    Hello! @aeye!

  • @tiller2  Mar 5

    @siebass are we doing a FOP in Silver Spring on March 16, 8-10PM? Hope so!

  • @siebass  Mar 5

    Well, I didn't think we'd have critical mass, so I did find a featured artist for March, however the open mic will still be open, and I will be there with my FAWM songs myself. I still have to learn all of my new songs for your jam fest as well!

  • @tiller2  Mar 5

    True that! ๐Ÿ˜€ I'll be there on the 16th and take an option on a future FOP. Thanks for building out our corner of the DC songwriting scene.

  • @siebass  Mar 8

    I'll do what I can!

  • @siebass  Mar 14

    Open mic in Silver Spring is this Friday, for folks who want to test drive some songs. 7:30 signups, 8-10 music with a featured artist in there. Bump 'n Grind coffeehouse Silver Spring MD.

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