Minnesota - Twin Cities

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  • @famouspatrick  Jan 2017

    I'm giving it another go. If you're in the Twin Cities area, it might be fun to meet in person.

  • @acromie Jan 2017

    Excited to be here again this year. Yes, perhaps this year we'll actually do something.

  • @ericdistad  Jan 2017

    Hey Twin Cities Fawmers! Great to see you all here!! Let's rock this thing! 😀

    Yeah, I think it would be awesome if we could meet up. (In years past I've tried to organize more elaborate things that haven't worked - February is just too busy. And then the last few years I haven't even had the capacity to think about it. Maybe we should just pick a restaurant or something to just meet up and hang out and talk FAWM. Ideas?)

  • @famouspatrick  Jan 2017

    I'm game for a meetup. I'm open to just about anyplace, and my time is very flexible. Maybe a post FAWM at the beginning of March at a pizza place or and Appleby's Outback Champs etc. Or I could host it at my place in Blaine (I promise that I'm not an axe murderer!) 😉

  • @jlampson  Jan 2017

    I live in Minneapolis and would love to welcome you all to my place to hang out or collaborate! I play guitar, bass, keyboards, sing, and leave drums to the experts!

  • @travelswithcharlie Jan 2017

    MPLS here, and would love to meet up and collaborate! 3rd year participating, and I play mostly Americana/Bluegrass/Folk. Good luck everyone!

  • @darcistrutt  Jan 2017

    Hudson, WI - the Wisconsin suburb of the Twin Cities! I'm betting some of you poor planners have stopped over on Sunday to buy beer. It would be fun to meet IRL. Looking forward to our virtual life here too!

  • @isaacq  Jan 2017

    just checking in from winnipeg, which is close enough we may as well be the triplet with MSP 😆 also I'm down there several times a year so consider myself an honorary mpls citizen.

    if there's a twin cities FOP this year I hope to make it, barring any troubles due to... current political climate.

  • @jlampson  Jan 2017

    I love it! We are practically Southern Canada here, @isaacq . I've added you all to my watchlist by clicking on the creepy-looking "Watch" eyeball. Here's to some successful FAWM-ing!

  • @famouspatrick  Jan 2017

    @isaacq 500 miles is close enough to be a triplet?? Okay, I'll buy it. Has our President tweeted the Canadian border closed yet? ;-0

  • @ellsworth Feb 2017

    @isaacq I made my first road trip to Winnipeg last summer!

  • @mikedayton Feb 2017

    Plymouth here

  • @nuerdetjuligen  Feb 2017

    Yay! Twin siblings! I've had my Minnesota Drivers license for just over a year, kicking it in south-central Minneapolis. I'd love a meet up! Around here or in Winnipeg.

  • @famouspatrick  Mar 1

    I'm going to contact each of you individually, also. I'd love to have a meet up with you folks. I'm available this 3/4, 3/5, 3/11, 3/18 or 3/19. We could meet at a restaurant, or you could come to my place - it's a large (2,000 sq. ft.) mobile home with lots of room and a permanent recording studio in one of the 4 bedrooms. Post here with your availability and preference for a meeting place.

  • @ericdistad  Mar 1

    This sounds like fun! I'm a maybe for 3/11 and a bit more likely for 3/18 or 3/19. I'm good with wherever works - having set these up in the past, my instinct is to do a restaurant or something similar, but I'm open to whatever.

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 1

    I could do 3/18 and the afternoon of 3/19! It would be fun to actually meet some of you in person! I'd see if I could grab Dawn, @dawnsoap to come with me!

  • @famouspatrick  Mar 1

    Cool! Sounds like the best day so far is Saturday, 3/18. Any preference to what time? I'm open all day.

  • @acromie Mar 2

    I have a few other things going that day, plus I have my kids. So...I'll just have to see how things pan out.

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 2

    @acromie bring the kids - we can write a song with them 😀 I love to do such things!

  • @nuerdetjuligen  Mar 4

    Thanks for organizing this! I'll come if I don't have to work.

  • @famouspatrick  Mar 4

    Looks like we have 4 or 5. Let us know if you're bringing someone with, as that might influence where we go. Do we want to meet for brunch or lunch someplace? I'm thinking that might be easier than finding a place for supper on a Saturday night. I'm game for pretty much anything but sushi.

  • @jendistad  Mar 4

    @famouspatrick: count me and @ericdistad in. (=

  • @famouspatrick  Mar 9

    So then, how about lunch at a restaurant like Applebee's or TGIFriidays on Saturday, 3/18? I don't go out to eat a lot so I don't know a lot of places, and those places tend to have something for everyone without breaking the bank. What to do you all think?

  • @famouspatrick  Mar 14

    No suggestions coming in for the FOP, so how about the Applebee's in Roseville -1893 W Highway 36, Roseville, MN 55113; maybe at 11:30 AM this Saturday for the FOP? I'll post this on each of your pages.

  • @famouspatrick  Mar 14

    I will be hosting a songwriters' showcase at Dulono's Pizza on Lake St in Mpls on Thursday, 3/16. I will be the headliner, playing from 8:30 to 9:30, so stop by and say hello if you're so inclined. I'll be the handsome older gentleman with the shaved head. 😉

  • @acromie Mar 14

    I'll be at a birthday party with my son that morning and we are ridiculously broke right now, so I'm going to have to pass this round. Have fun, and I hope to find a chance to meet you all in the future!

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 14

    I'm excited for Saturday at Applebee's in Roseville! Looking forward to meeting whoever can come!

  • @ericdistad  Mar 14

    @famouspatrick - That works for me! I'll see you all there! 😀

  • @famouspatrick  Mar 15

    Update on Thursday - I've been downgraded to 1/2 hour between 8:00 & 8:30. See how the mighty have fallen!

  • @famouspatrick  Mar 15

    Okay, so far it looks like it's @ericdistad , @darcistrutt and me at Roseville Applebee''s at 11:30 Saturday. Looking forward to it!

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 15

    I'm going to bring along my hubby. He is my audience...and often song topic.

  • @jendistad  Mar 16

    @famouspatrick I'll be there too. (I often assume that if Eric has confirmed that I have been included in the confirmation.)

    Can't wait to meet up! (=

  • @famouspatrick  Mar 16

    That's great @jendistad! Looking forward to meeting you all!

  • @nuerdetjuligen  Mar 18

    Have so much fun at the meetup! I'm so sorry I won't be able to make it to Applebee's today and I'm sad I missed your showcase at Delano's Patrick! I hope you'll continue to Let us know about things like that in the future.

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 18

    So wonderful to meet IRL! Thank you for coming out! It was an honor to have lunch with you three.

  • @jendistad  Mar 18

    I had a lot of fun meeting y'all! I'm so glad you came out. Thanks @famouspatrick for organizing this! (=

  • @famouspatrick  Mar 19

    Great FOP - loved meeting my "imaginary friends!" Loved hearing the story of the genesis of FAWM. I'd definitely be up for doing it again sometime.

  • @ericdistad  Mar 19

    It was awesome hanging out with you guys @darcistrutt @famouspatrick . We definitely need to do it again!

    Thanks for putting it together @famouspatrick

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