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  • @cloudboy  Jan 2017

    I feel like this happens every year and I can never remember how I resolve it. Maybe it's that I figure it out, am excited that it worked, then begin engaging on the site, thus forgetting but...why can't I upload my 461k profile image jpg? Anyone else having this issue? Tried refreshing, different browsers...nothing.

  • @spiderhound1  Jan 2017

    I am having the same issue...can't figure it out.

  • @burrsettles  Jan 2017

    TBH, I can't figure it out either... here are some tips until I can do a more thorough rewrite of the site:

    1. Try saving the image in a different format or using a different program, or reducing the # pixels. This has worked for others in the past.

    2. Try a "hard refresh"after updating... sometimes your browser caches the old pic and this refresh will clear it and fetch the new one.

  • @stuartbenbow  Jan 2017

    I use my phone, and ended up resizing the photo to a smaller pixel sIze. It worked when I refreshed my page, but didn't look like it when I was trying to upload.

  • @nikke88 Jan 2017

    @burnsettles it worked! Yay!

  • @nancyrost  Jan 2017

    Working for me now - thanks!

  • @cloudboy  Jan 2017

    Tried a hard refresh, clearing the caches of three different browsers, saving it as png and jpg and I've got nothing. I'm going to eat lunch. 😀

  • @yam655  Jan 2017

    @cloudboy Check the pixel size. Sometimes you need to resize it smaller.

  • @cloudboy  Jan 2017

    Drastically reduced pixel size, cleared cache, tried different browsers, still nothing. I'll just give it a day.

  • @shannonwinnonah Jan 2017

    try selfie. these are usuly best 😀

  • @ajna1960  Jan 2017

    I can't manage it either 😞

  • @ajna1960  Jan 2017

    OK I deleted the browser history, reloaded the site and YEAH my new photo is there 😀

  • @acromie Jan 2017

    Ctrl+Shift+r worked for me!

  • @cloudboy  Jan 2017

    I ended up starting from scratch and uploading a png (+a hard refresh) and it worked. What I designed for the album cover is hard to see but ah well....Thanks for all your help!

  • @jonnyeureka33 Jan 2017

    Hard reset works.

  • @vikkiflawith  Jan 2017

    I tried to change mine to no avail. So I guess I'll boldly stick to the Enterprise.

  • @sonicdeatheagle  Jan 30

    Strange. Uploaded on Chrome but can't see it. Opened FAWM on Safari and can see it. Still can't see it on Chrome...

  • @js6  Jan 30

    @sonicdeatheagle Clear your cache, that should do the trick.

  • @ampersandman  Jan 30

    Had the same problems yesterday, @acromie 's trick Ctrl + Shift + R did the job for me.

  • @sonicdeatheagle  Jan 30

    Thanks @js6, that did the trick! (But now I'm thinking my new pic sux....)

  • @redgypsee Feb 1

    Ctrl + Shift + R worked for me TY!

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