zoelogical 6


United States   Feb 4

Artist Bio

Influences:   Beyonce, Emilie Autumn, Vienna Teng, Florence and the Machine, Janelle Monae, KT Tunstall

No bio for this fawmer. 😞


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  • @rustyp  Feb 9

    I'm just connecting with fellow FAWMers in SoCal. 😀

  • @misterd Feb 9

    Thanks a lot for listening and the kind comments on my song ' same way the river flows ! . Cheers

  • @oddbod  Feb 5

    Okay thanks, I'm up to my ears in other collabs and stuff but I'll definitely find some time to give it a shot.
    BTW & FYI, tagging Fawmers only works in the forums not on comments or soundboards. I only picked up your reply because I went back for another look at your lyric. Cheers