Woody Muller 2


Arkansas USA   Mar 2010

Artist Bio

Influences:   Zappa, Lehrer, old Doctor Demento type novelty tunes, jazz standards, folk, country

I started playing guitar ten years ago initially because you HAVE TO be able to make chord sounds in order to study music theory. I find the chord movement of the old jazz standards highly educational and enjoyable. Sometimes I can write funny songs, and that's usually what I aim for.


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  • @airbagtester  Mar 1

    Hey I didn't realize how much I missed your songs and your voice this year until I listened to "Looking for Something" (I think I mostly skipped FAWM last year, and maybe put a week into 5090 2017...)

    Thanks for the two songs at least! 😁

  • @barbara  Feb 2018

    I'll see that "Yoo hooooo," and raise it to a "Woo hoooo!" Good to see ya, Woody!

  • @kathym  Feb 2018

    Yoo hooooo ... anybody home? Let me know if you end up joining in and put something new up.

  • @barbara  Jan 2018

    If'n you aim to show, why then here's your first 'hello'. Of many, I'm sure. Happy FAWM, Woody! 😀