Woody Muller 10


Arkansas USA   Mar 2010

Artist Bio

Influences:   Zappa, Lehrer, old Doctor Demento type novelty tunes, jazz standards, folk, country

Hey folks, I live in a cabin in Arkansas with my two cats. Actually, the cats live outside now, their choice. I programmed for a living in the 80's and 90's when it was more in demand, but only as a hobby after that, having burned out on corporate political hoo-hah, at which I am no good. I turned to music theory for my mathematical jollies after got into classical choral music and wondered obsessively why there should be 12 notes, instead of some other number. Thank Google sometimes now I think I actually why well enough to explain it, but the feeling passes. I started playing guitar ten years ago initially because you HAVE TO be able to make chord sounds in order to study chord movement in any meaningful way. I stumbled on to a friendly group that nudged me into singing at open mics and liking it. Sometimes I can write funny songs.

I try to learn a lot of jazz standards to be able to sing thru keys and accompany self on acoustic guitar. it's coming along. It's making my singing pitch more accurate, and my ear better.


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  • @brrrse  Feb 2017

    Perfect. Song Catcher. Just perfect. Thank you so much. so very much.

  • @brrrse  Feb 2017

    @woody My mother had me memorize that lovely Shel Silverstein poem at a very young age! Thanks for reminding me 😀 happy thoughts. Sir, you may rummage through my soundboard and meddle with any lyrics that strike your fancy. I know you'll treat 'em well.

  • @tcelliott  Feb 2017

    Good to see you around. Holler if you wanna.

  • @ductapeguy  Feb 2017

    Yay @woody made a fashionably late entrance to the party.

  • @brrrse  Feb 2017

    @woody I think there's something up with the file - it won't play and when I try to download it I get a long error string.

  • @brrrse  Feb 2017

    @woody go ahead and copy the lyrics and set it up on your page with me as collab 😀 Have fun with it! thanks for asking!

  • @alboe Jan 2017

    Hey, hope you have a nice FAWM.

  • @mattblick  Jan 2017

    You back this year?