Willie de Sacra 8


Sacramento USA   Jan 2010


Artist Bio

Influences:   Many and varied. We are eclectic listeners and only steal from the very best.

The four members of the Willie de Sacra songwriting collaborative, Wm Fuller, Spence Kimball, Gary Sears and Jack Hastings, have been performing in various combinations for a large number of years. This will be their ninth FAWM project. This year's offering, Denvil Head, is a mystery of the swamps sometime in the near future after the solar flare that ends civilization is followed by a cataclysmic rise in sea level.


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  • @janeg  Mar 28

    Thanks for the nice comment on Spores Across the Universe. No, I won't be at Worldcon but I expect a lot of my filk friends will given how many are in LA and the Bay area. Hope you do your FAWM songs. Feel free to do my Spores too! I hope to do it as a one-shot at FilKONtario nexr month.