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London UK   Jan 2012


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Influences:   Björk, Joni Mitchell, Timbaland

This is my 4th FAWM.

2017: I'm hopefully releasing an album this year and for the previous releases I've been very focused on the production side and I've ended up with quite busy arrangements sometimes. I want to strip it back more for this album - so I'm guessing FAWM will take that route as well.

2016: I made only one song again (hangs head in shame) BUT I loved the song and it ended up on an EP I released in December. Thanks FAWM!! 😁

2013: I made one song on an iPad, which was kind of ambient. I was working and commuting long hours in London at the time - that's no excuse for such poor turn out though! 😉

2012: First FAWM, unemployed and on holiday in Istanbul. I composed songs on my iPhone 4s using Garage Band and an old acoustic guitar. And then one techno song on Ableton when I returned to the UK.

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