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Oregon City USA   Aug 2009  

Artist Bio

Influences:   John Vanderslice : Legowelt : Boards of Canada : Disasterpeace : Nils Frahm : Olafur Arnalds : Gillian Welch : Tom Waits : Vince Guaraldi : Koji Kondo

Hello FAWM 2017! Second FAWM under this alias, previous FAWMs @jaroneldon.

By day I'm a programmer and spend a lot of time in front of the computer. I've gravitated towards modular and hardware synthesizers for making music, which has been a passion since high school. These days I try to record with a portable Zoom H6, using hardware effects and sequencers, and just dump it into the computer for tidying up. Keeps me happy : )

For last year's FAWM I made Mundane Space Adventures, a whimsical synthesized sci-fi album about doing boring things IN SPACE. It's been spiffied up and can be found here:

This year, in addition to nominal synth warmth, I'm trying out the idea of 'The Quiet Bits' - nostalgic 16-bit era video game tunes about the in-between moments of our favorite classics.


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  • @sci Mar 7

    I'm still trying to listen to everything on FAWM first, but for sure I'll give Monolake a listen!
    As for the Megadrive question: you can technically change the FM algorithm / parameters once per frame (so: 60 times per second)
    ...but in practice that's really convoluted. 😝

    You're almost required to change the algorithms fairly often, though, since you have a limited number of channels to work with. Gotta get the most from those channels, after all!

  • @apertome  Feb 24

    As for the MS70CDR, I love mine. I really want an Eventide Space, and I imagine I'll get one eventually, but the Zoom is pretty fantastic. I also prefer knob-per-function interfaces but I find the interface fairly logical on the Zoom. And it sounds great, too! The number of reverb/delay models is kind of overwhelming.

  • @apertome  Feb 24

    Whoops, kinda misphrased that last one. I meant to say that I used both stereo spread and LFO panning on that patch.

  • @apertome  Feb 24

    Re: Prophet 08 panning, yes, pan is one of the modulation destinations on the P08. I used both in that patch.

    It also supports stereo spread, which alternates voices left/right. I was using both on that and when the delay comes in it's a pingpong so you get some great interactions between the channels.

  • @apertome  Feb 24

    Thanks so much for your kind and insightful comments! I have a few things I want to respond to so I'll just do it in a few messages as I get time!

    About Clouds, yes, I have struggled to get good results as well. I don't have a lot of VCAs, but I do have a basic passive mixer/attenuator permanently next to clouds and I attenuate almost every modulation source I throw at it. It makes a HUGE difference. There's also a calibration procedure that can help. Additionally, I like the alternative firmware "Parasites" as it adds a lot more features!

  • @spiderhound1  Feb 23

    @viktiglark yes, I love Thom Yorke and Radiohead. I love the modern boxes album and Thom Yorke's love for experimental electronic music really resonates with me.

  • @njihe Feb 22

    Hello, thanks for your kind words 😀

    The term 'Sunday shoegaze' has its origins in the fact our project always practices on Sunday. I have made some sketches for the project during FAWM but I think my "official" FAWM stuff is just something else. And, the project was supposed to be shoegaze but I think we've not played a note of trad shoegaze yet 😀 The user @shoehaze is the founder of the project.

    Enjoying your soundscapes like a madman!

  • @sci Feb 2017

    oh yeah, any BoC comparison I give is intended as a compliment, even if it's delivered somewhat sarcastically. 😝
    As for your somewhat extracurricular question: The methods people used to write music for the Genesis back in the day is as varied as the styles of music on the system. There were two very popular sound drivers though.
    one is just called "SMPS", which we only know about through extensive reverse engineering. It was mostly seen in Japanese games (including every mainline sonic game!).
    In America, the most popular sound driver was called GEMS, which we know a lot more about because the source code to the dev environment was actually leaked!
    this guy isn't very proficient at using the thing (at all) but it gives you a little bit of an idea what the program looked like:

    you can grab it yourself from here:

  • @alphanerg Feb 2017

    Also, your band name is listed as "Mundane Space Adventures"?

  • @alphanerg Feb 2017

    Listening to your album from last year (great stuff!) and realize that you used the song title "Do Androids Dream of Electric Bees?". I must have forgotten that from last year! I also notice you never changed the "Blue Monday" bassline for "1am Pub Crawl". :-p

  • @apertome  Feb 2017

    BTW, yes, I will definitely be releasing my FAWM album. I released 6 albums last year, including my FAWM album. It's all free on my Bandcamp page.

  • @apertome  Feb 2017

    Hey, yes, that panning is coming from Clouds, at least most of it. I have the Parasites alternative firmware installed, and that was in the Resonestor mode. You can trigger 2 alternating voices and pan them. It has a lot of stereo capability.

  • @alphanerg Feb 2017

    Alessandro Cortini sounds cool. I will have to check him out when i get a chance, after fawm of course. That makes sense then why i would think that your track sounded like NiN.

  • @vomvorton  Feb 2017

    No uke on 'In My Dreams', just acoustic guitar high up the neck! I'm thinking I'll be doing some more slightly-shoegaze too, I don't seem to be able to resist putting delay on everything at the moment...

  • @cblack  Feb 2017

    Glad I could help!

  • @alphanerg Feb 2017

    I'm not sure how much time i will have this year, but i will try to do something. I will certainly be listening to whatever you produce this in this years fawm!

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Feb 2017

    re: Sky Green Sky loop processing.
    Yeah, I'm running the loops through some EQ and then my tape emulator plugin. Helps a bit to beef them up.

  • @apertome  Feb 2017

    Hey thanks, looking forward to hearing your stuff as well! I'm excited for FAWM again.

  • @vomvorton  Jan 2017

    Hello! Love the website. Gonna give the updated Mundane Adventures a listen for synthspiration!

  • @phlex Jan 2017

    Hoping you have the oscillators warming up!