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Oregon City USA   Aug 2009


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Influences:   John Vanderslice : Legowelt : Boards of Canada : Disasterpeace : Nils Frahm : Olafur Arnalds : Gillian Welch : Tom Waits : Vince Guaraldi : Koji Kondo

Hello FAWM 2018! You really snuck up on me this time. My name is Jaron and I'm a big ol' synthesizer nerd.

FAWM 2016 yielded the first album in the Mundane Space Adventures universe; whimsical synthesized sci-fi about doing boring stuff in space. It is available here http://mundane-adventures.space.

FAWM 2017, last year, was a strange in-between period of trying out new styles and workflows, taking the path of least resistance and abandoning intentions.

In the interim year I started making musical videos at the Anodyne Institute, a fictional place that represents multiple locations and periods. You can travel through time with us at http://anodyne.institute/tv.


This year I'm ~really~ hoping to return to the Mundane Space Adventures universe. I want to expand on the microcosms presented in the first album, this time focusing on the boring stuff you can do in spaceports or on the surfaces of alien planets.

That said, there may be nominal synth fuzzies and sadboy music if I'm just not having any fun in space.

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