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Victoria Canada   Jan 2007  

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Influences:   ENYA, Loreena McKennitt, Alan Parsons, Electric Light Orchestra, Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Thomas Newman, Ella Fitzgerald, John Williams, Sarah Brightman, Andrea Boccelli, Puccini, Mozart, the Beatles, John Lennon, Janis Ian, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Shirley Bassey, Evanescence, July Collins, Diana Krall, Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Donald OConnor, June Allison, Judy Garland, Rogers & Hammerstein, Gershwin, COLE PORTER, Buckwheat Zydeco, The Blues Brothers, Verdi, Leonardo di Vinci, Simon & Garfunkel, Gordon Lightfoot, Mendelssohn, Grieg, Shubert, ROSSINI, James Newton Howard and a host of others.

Heck I was looking back and I think I did my first FAWM maybe in 2006? Cause I did LOTR theme in 2007...

I usually write on a theme... I've done Lord of the Rings, I've done Camelot, space, 'cats', random phrases from old journals.... Star Trek. In 2016 I did 'Songs of the Milky Way'. In 2017 I did "Monoliths" as a theme.

In 2018 I'm thinkin I might either do a bunch of ambient tunes or go back to my FAWM roots and write some updated LOTR stuff or... hmmm ummm or maybe just do some avant garde electro-somethings 😁

((Oh yeah, some folks might know me as "Hummingbird" *grins*))

My favourite thing about FAWM, 50-90, NaNoWriMo, GYAWS, etc., is the sense of community and the inspiring nature of the challenges. I try not to hate those who write 100 songs in 20 days or complete the challenge by day 3; and I try to appreciate my own feeble efforts to make at least the required number. But above all, it's the participation and the fact that you wrote something you wouldn't have written without that compulsion to rise to the challenge... for that I am really grateful 😁

Songs (15)

#1 Avarice 101 8
Feb 5
#2 Metropolitan Droid 5
Feb 10
#3 Alien Victorum 3
Feb 12
#4 Wishin 3
Feb 13
#5 Buoyant Green 4
Feb 14
#6 Snug Cottage 5
Feb 15
#7 Vintage PvP 2
Feb 16
#8 Presentiment 2
Feb 17
#9 On the lam 4
Feb 20
#10 Weylin ZONG
Mar 1
#11 Play a Little ZONG
Mar 1
#12 Emergency Response ZONG
Mar 1
#13 Cumuli ZONG
Mar 1
#14 Fourteen ZONG
Mar 1
#15 Crop Circles ZONG
Mar 1