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Austria   Feb 2017

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Influences:   Genres: Classical music, VGM, Complextro, ... | Artists: Kenji Yamamoto, Savant, Ayreon, ...

Hello everyone, Vaia here!

I'm a huge fan of more or less everything related to computers - mainly using it for programming and writing music, but also for games and CAD.

I play the clarinet in our city's orchestra - a lot of classical music, but also movie soundtracks or... anything you can play with a wind orchestra really.

I've always loved video game soundtracks, starting from the early gameboys and DOS programs right up until today.

For my first FAWM, I plan to write mostly chiptune* (I use REAPER as my DAW, but do my best to value the original chip capabilities), maybe with a few exceptions.
(Hello Ger, the chiptune album is finally coming into existance!)

I also like to write music with a bit more modern sound; you can find examples of that on my soundcloud page. I wouldn't call it EDM, but I might be getting close to that.

Special thanks to all my friends from the 2HTS community for motivating me into starting to fawm!

I'm totally open for collaborations, by the way; just drop me a message and let's do this!

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