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United States   Jan 2016

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1) Well, I know what I know, and don't know what I don't know, yah know? So, [iustaknow] a bit, but maybe not so much anymore. :~) Then [nutation] got hold of me in 5090. And now, I'm just handhammered :~)

2) *** Comments 😀 , yes, (not sure why it is an issue since is "FAWM", here). So, if it's heart felt and you can explain it, --tell me, why not? I have friends, family globally, and realize people from different Countries (languages) speak, phrase, "think" differently. I have such rude, blunt Austrian, German family 😀 -- not.

So, if I comment, it's only in that context above and figure if I have to explain it, -- you'll ask (?), or just ignore me..., I'm OK with that too 😀

3) I've engaged music since ~6 y.o. What I've found is, real music people, artists (of a type) ... well..., it's like their baking their first cake, never quite sure of the ingredients or why; and, if comes out well, really quite surprised and happy about it (and hope all others are too, with them... the greatest feeling).

4) Collaborations are welcome during FAWM under the agreement they will not be considered joint, rather seperate works. All contributions will be individually, seperately owned unless other agreements are made in advance. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

-- See the FAWM Admin posted Forum, FAWM statement of rules concerning Collaboration, Etiquette, and that, all work belongs seperately to its originator, author, creator.

Songs (23)

#1 The Family You Get (Hey I Mean It) [has -- Demo URL] 19
Feb 2017
#2 Gonna Get Me Ignition [demo URL in Notes] 10
Feb 2017
#3 We Were the Lost Toys (of American Dream) [DEMO URL in Notes] 10
Feb 2017
#4 Austrian Girl – on the train (The Night is Cold) [Demo URL in NOTES] 8
Feb 2017
#5 No Effort Cort [Demo URL in Notes] 7
Feb 2017
#6 Anyone's Fight 6
Feb 2017
#7 Anyone's Fight [Demo URL in Notes, Revised wMusic] 5
Feb 2017
#8 After All I've Not Done Wrong [DEMO URL in Notes] 7
Feb 2017
#9 For Z-man 5
Feb 14
#10 Z-man (Revised) [Demo URL in Notes] 3
Feb 14
#11 My Hearts at Peace [Demo URL in Notes] 5
Feb 16
#12 My Hearts at Peace (Revised) [DEMO URL in Notes] 7
Feb 16
#13 Jamaica Ave L-Train Blues 1968 [DEMO URL in Notes] 6
Feb 17
#14 Knee Deep [DEMO URL in Notes] 3
Feb 21
#15 Knee Deep (Revised) [DEMO URL in Notes] 6
Feb 21
#16 You Win [DEMO URL in Notes] 3
Feb 22
#17 You Win (Revised) [DEMO URL in Notes] 4
Feb 23
#18 Not for Christmas [DEMO URL in Notes] 6
Feb 23
#19 Heal Us (from 2005) [DEMO URL in Notes] 6
Feb 24
#20 After the Rapture - Folks Outside [DEMO URL in Notes] 5
Feb 24
#21 Give Me My Horse Back [DEMO URL in Notes, '16 5090 holdover] 5
Feb 27
#22 Simple Man [DEMO URL in Notes] 7
Feb 27
#23 Breath on me, Breath of God (Hatch 1878, re-write) [DEMO URL in Notes] 3
Feb 28


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  • @ihelen  Apr 2

    Hey - I haven't been logging in much lately. Saw your nice comment on my soundboard. Sometimes I overthink things, but that's just the way I am.. u know. 😀 Anyway, logging off for now. Take care!

  • @ballyhoot  Mar 17

    Thanks for commenting on my songs!!!

  • @jessica14  Mar 13

    Thanks for your comments on my songs! Congrats on 23 of such well-crafted songs. You sure had some fun this FAWM 😀 Glad you found me on facebook. Let me know if you want some feedback on a reworked song sometime 😀

  • @kc5 Mar 10

    I just got done listening to many of ihelen's compositions/works. She is fabulous! I'm so glad you steered me in her direction. Everything you said about her is spot on!

  • @acromie Mar 10

    The mic is a usb mic. My uke does have a DI, but I don't have that setup at work. When I record at home I use the DI plus I place my SM58 on it to make the sound a little fuller and warmer.

    I tried a few things, but just removing all fx, the room noise is AWFUL on that vocal track. Gonna re-record it to get a better take for sure.

  • @piney  Mar 10

    Thank you!

  • @acromie Mar 10

    I used to keep a guitar in my office too, but the cleaning crew broke one, so I decided it was better to haul my uke with me to be safe.

  • @acromie Mar 10

    Thanks for the tips, I will most certainly try some of it out. I'm very new to mixing at this point. I recorded the song with a Blue Snowball mic that I have in a box with foam stuffed around it as a portable recording station. I bring my uke to work almost every day to write over lunch. I used sonar for the recording. I still may re-record the vocals to get a cleaner raw sound, but we'll see what I can do. I'm trying to learn as much as I can because I just can't afford to go to a studio and I want to create a CD of kids music I can sell at some events I have coming up. Might take a while, but I'll keep working on it.

  • @acromie Mar 9

    Thanks for the feedback. Is there a way to fix the bass issue, I can hear it now. I'm thinking I might just want to redo the vocals in a quieter room. I did this in my office over lunch and the air ducts can get pretty loud. I imagine i can't really mix that out, can I? New to the whole mixing thing...

  • @kc5 Mar 9

    If I ever put out disco, I am beyond help and the men in white are coming to collect me in the box truck with restraints and inject me with something that sends me in a zone.

  • @kc5 Mar 9

    Do I know why I do this? There are levels to that answer. It's multi-purpose. Right now serving purposes I'm sure you've rarely heard of. I don't expect you would understand and I really don't think I can explain it. Its serving my personal need right now to write. I'm outside of other intentions that drove me before (somewhat as there was always an element of satisfaction in writing). There's lots I don't understand right now. It rots and I hope it dissipates soon. Yeah, so...give me a beer. (Not really. That stuff's disgusting!). I just need maybe a year's worth of sleep and some mega doses of omega 3 fish oil and ridiculous amounts of vitamin D. Oh! and a heavy dose of humor.

  • @kc5 Mar 8

    Also, the people I engage musically, yes, I'm sure they have some effect. I thought you meant the people here who engaged in feedback on the songs--misunderstood what you meant.

  • @kc5 Mar 8

    I want to hear how a song lyric is received/perceived by others and how music if there is accompanying music plays into that. Sometimes I want it understood and sometimes I don't. I wrote a bunch more but got cut off.. Anyway, could/might say more if just you, but not.

  • @kc5 Mar 8

    I guess I should have asked what you felt it effected--lyrics, content, style? I really would like to hear your impressions. I am asking. You know that (or you should know that) I specifically look for your feedback. I know
    It's not going to be
    Sugar-coated nor mean. I look for that--balance. I'd have to know some of these folks better to know what my response to their feedback would be. I've tried some different things this FAWM, experimenting with language so to speak, trying to not censor myself to the degree I have in the past--trying it out for creativity-sake and for some other reasons since writing has a sort of healing aspect to it for me, and while not censoring so much still staying within certain boundaries I can't/won't comfortably cross. I should take it back what I said because there was one comment that stemmed further inquiry from me to the commenter for further clarification on the song in question because it was a matter of how it was perceived by others I w

  • @kc5 Mar 8

    Thank you for the suggestions. I'm not a heavy listener like you are so this is very helpful. Your mix on the list is quite interesting. Lots of ladies in that list. You must be similar that way to my hubby who has a strong preference for female voices. I've only started to listen. I have to listen in evenings from now on since back to work. That means I don't have the computer because hubby hogs it. All my listening is on the iPod, so I can't listen to all in one sitting, but you've got a nice variety there. I appreciate you taking the time to list them out for me with what it is that you appreciate about each one.

  • @kc5 Mar 7

    In 28 days.

  • @kc5 Mar 7

    I'd be interested to hear more about your thoughts on how the people who engaged me affected my work. Your comments on my songs were not as specific as I'm accustomed to get from you. I figured you had your reasons. Specifically which people. There weren't lots. I'm just curious. I don't feel that this FAWM I produced any fantastic work. I don't think it had anything to do with engagement of other people. Entirely on my shoulders there. I wasn't particularly into it this time around. Nothing to do with FAWM, everything to do with me. I sort of did it to make myself write. Not that I usually have any trouble writing, but well...not a topic for discussion here. Meeting the challenge is a motivator for me to write. I just didn't have great ideas this time around. I met the goal. I needed to do that for myself, if I'm happy with 2/10, that's something. I have only a few songs I'm happy with, but songs I might not have wryif I hadn't tried to meet the challenge of 14 songs

  • @tonyw  Mar 7

    I really appreciate your honest critique, I will never improve my writing until I can see what I can improve. I have copied these texts and will study them and consider them as I try to build the album for this year. Did you spot my Pat Pattison influence - I think you did. Boxes, imbalance etc. Anyway my thanks for your words

  • @reisupstudio  Mar 7

    Thank you for listening to Memory Care and I'm so sorry it made you cry! 😀

  • @kc5 Mar 6

    So, in your reviewing...who'd you find of interest? Good subject matter, wanting feedback for learning, nice sound?? Maybe I'll swing off in those directions and check 'em out if you have recommendations.

  • @kathym  Mar 6

    😀 for commenting on Starbird!

  • @tonyw  Mar 6

    Love FAWM but I wish someone would critically review some of my songs. Helps me to grow and understand. They're not great but I spent some serious time writing some lyrics and need a critical review. Good for you - love you to review London City Lights and White Lightning.

  • @mitchmash  Mar 5

    Thanks for the kind words and listening. 😀

  • @ampersandman  Mar 3

    Many thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate that you were listening to all of my songs.

  • @ihelen  Mar 3

    Ah ok - thanks for letting me know about placeholders - maybe next year.

  • @zecoop  Mar 3

    And one thing I have never played is a short scale bass. I've always had my eye on a Danelectro Longhorn. I'll have to try a short scale sometime!

  • @zecoop  Mar 3

    Hey there... I am mixing down the actual mix of Sliver of Sunshine and there will be a new one up in about 2 minutes where you can hear the music a little better. I've had fun with that fretless, although it is *really* difficult for me to play right, lol. Thanks for listening!

  • @ihelen  Mar 2

    Hey, I just saw that wrote on my soundboard at 50/90. Ha. Yeah, I'll try to make an effort to show up this time. And I should probably look around there beforehand too. But there's still so much to see and hear around this site for now. I'll keep an eye out for you!

  • @brrrse  Mar 2

    I'm sorry I'm only just now getting around to your page...It's good to see you. See you in 5090 😀

  • @hoppiern  Mar 1

    Thanks for listening to my song and for your kind comments! 😊

  • @ihelen  Mar 1

    It's funny, I actually signed up for 5090 and this site at the same time. However, by the time I remembered 5090 it had already passed. Luckily, I was reminded of FAWM on Twitter, so I was ready when it started. I'll have to be on the lookout - I assume it always starts on July 4th. That rate of songwriting though... It's even quicker than what we have here! We'll see - summer is a busy time for me with school being out, and more places to go. It's a possibility though, so maybe I'll see you there. My username is the same there too. Have a great few months until next time!

  • @reisupstudio  Mar 1

    Thank you so much for your comments! I'm glad you were able to bring your dad back from time to time. It's so hard watching our parents fade away. Their lives were so full.

  • @reisupstudio  Feb 28

    22 songs! Wow!! I got the chance today to record a lyrics only song you had commented on before called Memory Care. I hope you like it and congrats on your FAWMtastic performance!

  • @sueawesome Feb 28

    that was hysterical

    I literally lol'd

  • @reisupstudio  Feb 28

    Thank you for your comments on my lyrics for The Echo Chamber! I finally had a chance to record it simply here at home. I hope you like it!

  • @singn4supr Feb 27

    Thanks for your kind feedback on He Chose Me.

  • @wacha Feb 27

    Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate them. All of my electric songs are played on a Fender Squier Strat, For "Female on the Beach" I am using the bride pickup and I am pretty sure the tone was turned down pretty far.

  • @kc5 Feb 27

    February's over, I'm back to work, Ustaknow, so likely done here (except maybe an update on "Lavender Sea" that most people won't get to hear--collaborating with someone outside FAWM). Anyway, wanted to say, "farewell until 50/90!" Happy writing! (I may pop in to listen/comment on songs even past February, but done songs for here.) 😀

  • @squeakmouse73 Feb 27

    Thank you for your encouragement on "Not Titanium."

  • @sueawesome Feb 27

    You are so kind, thank you for the comment on my lyrics.

    You are also prolific... I will revisit tomorrow afternoon when I'll need some Monday decompressing time..

  • @kristi  Feb 26

    Thanks so much for your feedback on my lyric, Another Summer. I do try to be conscious of the meter when I write!

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 26

    Thanks for visiting my song "Reflection"!

  • @factorytale Feb 26

    I qm really bad at sticking to one style of music. And maybe that's a bad thing. But I could make a couple of swing-style songs. 😊

  • @factorytale Feb 25

    I don't know what fyi means. I have my songs on the phone and on my ideapad. And Youtube. I don't know how many of Them I'll use, but I think it helps you unfold your creativity to Just let the Songs flow..

  • @ihelen  Feb 25

    Thanks for your suggestions on my Dreamless song! Yeah, I was having some trouble mixing the vocal tracks, and then I got really carried away with reverb effects. There are just so many options on my DAW. 😆 I'll have to try out your tips sometime. I also use headphones - a pair of hand-me-downs that I've dropped far too many times because my laptop table is too small... but they work well enough (at lest I think they do). I do remember once hearing the idea that music should be mixed so that it sounds good across all settings. So I used to listen to stuff I made via car stereo, but not lately. However, every once in a while, I send them to someone who listens to them on speakers. And I also test them on the dreaded laptop speakers. 😁 Even my iPad has better speakers than the laptop. lol Last but not least, I also like listening to beats and bass, so I raised those levels up... I remember people in the past saying that I should make my vocals louder, but eh... I don't like the way my voice sounds sometimes. Anyway, thanks for all your comments - they're much appreciated and I hope you're having a good evening!

  • @aprilm Feb 24

    Thanks so much for commenting on Hooked On You. I love your feedback! 😀

  • @jenfoss  Feb 24

    I was hooooooping that no one would notice that I don't have 14 songs. 😉 I'm not giving up yet!! Thanks for keeping me accountable, you rascal!

  • @wacha Feb 23

    Thank you very much, I do take it as a compliment that my "protest" songs can be enjoyed on more than one level. I have had more than one person who disagrees with my way of thinking compliment my song from last year named "Chump" which to me felt like it was so obviously political, I wasn't even sure if I should play it but people like it and it ended up being one of the favorites to come out of last year's FAWM.

  • @ihelen  Feb 23

    haha - ok but if I make another song with me killing my guitar (not in a good way), you asked for it!! 😆

  • @kc5 Feb 22

    Didn't know if you would want that on your board.

  • @kc5 Feb 22


  • @wacha Feb 21

    Thank you very much for your comments on "Love Seeks", I tend to be a bit a self-conscious on my love songs. I have written a few and they take a while to grow on me, I always think they sound cheesy or too happy.

  • @ihelen  Feb 21

    Ha - your comments about the Blue Man Group then transitioning to the Surfs are funny. Thanks for throwing some laughs this way. Hope you're having a good day! 😀

  • @aprilm Feb 21

    Thanks so much for your comments on Into the Night! I really like the song, despite the hurried recording and need for polishing. That is what I love about FAWM - the best way to get your ideas down then fix them up afterwards! I feel good about the majority of the songs I have done this year but a couple stand out for me. I really appreciate your feedback.

  • @ethomas87 Feb 20

    I know right!!!!! They are in my head just need to get them on here 😀

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 20

    Yeah how cool would that be - sound track to breaking bad! I didn't get the drug reference myself but now you mention it haha 😁

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 20

    I had the same thought about 3 times to make the chorus imbalanced haha - as per usual I love your comments! Always entertaining

  • @jessicagraae  Feb 20

    Thanks for your nice comments and suggestions!

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 20

    Thanks for listening to my song "Gloria"

  • @jenfoss  Feb 19

    I can't tell you thanks enough for taking the time to help calm my nerves a bit on the latest song I put up, I think you are completely right. I have to come back to it with fresh ears - might take me a bit to get through it, but I love when people who would be honest if there was an issue, say there isn't. those people I believe, so thank you for your honesty and kind words!

  • @ethomas87 Feb 19

    Thanks for the feedback on my latest song; appreciate you popping by and taking a listen 😀

  • @kc5 Feb 19

    I listened and think I get it. Kinda falls apart with the music with bridge I've got as written, so why you suggest a different direction. Also kind of a bluesy feel, so why would need some conflict, eh? I had a comical tongue in cheek kinda vision for it, so had a hard time following until listening. I think I get it now, but I'll look for your negation or confirmation. Hey! That might be a good song title--Negation or Confimation!

  • @kc5 Feb 18

    Not sure what you mean by tag. You brain is speeding by your fingers again. You're referring to the song, "wreckage". Something about a Uke and 50/90 and bridging differently. I'm losing context. I know you've got some ideas whizzing through that speedy brain of yours. I'm not keeping up....

  • @lcad Feb 18

    Hey @ustaknow thanks a lot for your comments on my songs and on my latest track! I'm Canadian, maybe politeness runs a bit too deep. I appreciated your feedback on Complicated Love Song, I'd gladly accept some line suggestions if you have them!

  • @acromie Feb 17

    Thanks for the feedback on missin the girls. I really appreciate it!

  • @jsini  Feb 17

    Thanks, I appreciate your comment on A Train Late and I agree. I'm thinking a bridge may be the place to explain the story a bit more. I'm pleased to receive constructive criticism, rather the usual "this is awesome". Thanks again.

  • @kc5 Feb 17

    Oh you know me better than that, Ustaknow. No adds or phone calls--It would have to be someone I already know or am getting to know. Takes a while for me to warm up to someone--don't you recall? However, a little easier face to face to read the body language, pauses, facial expressions, interactions and general "clickability". However, I do get how difficult...might just be a passing fancy once in the middle of it...who knows?

  • @kc5 Feb 17

    Yeah, FAWM does have a different "feel" to it this year or maybe its just me--not quite as into it this year as I was last year. Feeling like I want to grow some local roots and have some local collaborations. I don't know...I'm overly indecisive about things right now.

  • @ethomas87 Feb 17

    Hiya 😀 Sorry for the late reply but thank you so much for taking the time out to listen to my music 😀 I really really appreciate all the thought out feedback!

  • @squeakmouse73 Feb 17

    Thank you for hellos and encouragement.

  • @sailingtowardsthesun Feb 16

    Thanks for listening to "Sean O'Kane" - happy FAWMing. 😀

  • @factorytale Feb 16

    That's Just The keys making The sounds. I play in my living room, put The diktafon on rec and that is it. I lost my computer so I don't have recording equipment. IF I had it would sound different. Maybe not better but different.

  • @kc5 Feb 15

    I'll Check 'em out! Thanks!

  • @factorytale Feb 15

    Thank you for feedback. I think everyone is born lidless And our parents are supposed to put lids on. Preventing us from flying too far. IF they don't we'll have to live a lidless Life. 😊 The intro was Just me having fun. Really nothing I'd keep. The modulation cqme because my son played guitar last night and the tuner on there started and said c-h-a-g. Then it made me think maybe I should transpose it.

  • @kc5 Feb 15

    Ya got it all wrong!...exasperated yet resigned and semi-(sometimes) supportive wife--not angry girlfriend! But you're kidding with me anyway...I just know it! I mean, do you have nuts and bolts on every flat surface in your kitchen and paint cans on the floor of your house so they don't freeze in the garage? i bet no. I'll have to listen again to that with wreckage in mind, but not on ipod--can't follow with lyrics and I don't have it memorized. 😝

  • @ihelen  Feb 15

    Thanks for commenting on my spring song! As for the artwork, the Met recently recently released a bunch into public domain, and it's been great to rediscover all the artisits I've loved. And yeah, those Trans-Siberian folks are fantastic!

  • @kc5 Feb 14

    Oh yeah...its all in fun...gotta laugh, right? Just wasn't sure I named all the thingamajiggies appropriately...Did I? I suppose I've got to be picking up some of that jargon after all these years and two grease monkeys in the garage (husband and son--just so its not misunderstood). No thick , greasy black eyeliner for me, thanks! I don't own any coveralls--a few aprons maybe...a trashbag? I say, "uh-huh, yep...looks good! Motor sounds great. Honestly, the garage air after a paint job is enough to make me loopy. Anyway, not saying I don't like your lyrics--not at all--its just me--I've gotta dissect the meaning--its like a compulsion with me and it drives me bonkers when I can't get the insight. I like Pink Floyd, too. My high school friend essplained it alllll to me, cause he lived and breathed and played Pink Floyd with a particular love for it on rainy days--guy loved the rain. Don't know why...had kind of a deep, dark kinda way.

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 2017

    Hey nutation you're back! or rather @ustaknow for Fawm. Thank you as ever for listening to my songs and for your comments. Much appreciated - I am a behind behind on listening/reading and commenting but hope to catch up 😀

  • @tjeff  Feb 2017

    I appreciate the feedback - thx!

  • @kerrgriffin Feb 2017

    Thanks so much for all the positive feedback! Really appreciate it.

  • @ihelen  Feb 2017

    Thanks for commenting on my Lantern song! I can tell you're well versed in instruments. 😀 Before making the music for that song, I researched what range each instrument did so as to be somewhat accurate. Although, with the DAW who knows what'll come out. It's easy to press the "right note," but right may not be so right. lol It was fun anyway to try new sounds. 😀

  • @marthie Feb 2017

    "Ek wil Loop"- thank you for the feedback. Translating the song? maybe- I actually wanted to do on Afrikaans one. All my songs are English this year!

  • @marthie Feb 2017

    Thank you for your feedback on "Are you out there?"

  • @marthie Feb 2017

    Thank you for your feedback on "Ek wil loop" Now I have to ask what does IMO stands for?

  • @marthie Feb 2017

    Thank you for your feedback on "What is one kiss"

  • @mishykatz  Feb 2017

    Thank you so much for the feedback! Lovin' this, I am in musical heaven 😀

  • @factorytale Feb 2017

    Thank you for the feedback on my last song. It is useful for me.

  • @kc5 Feb 2017

    Yep. After coming back and re-reading "Wreckage" wasn't thrilled with the outcome, so removed it.

  • @wacha Feb 2017

    I tend to use a wide variety of picks, I'm super selective with what I am using for what other than I use thinners ones on my ukulele & guitalele. I have circular picks that I use fairly often, they are designed to not fly our of your hand but are clunky if I want to playing anything intricate.

    My wife buys me random picks because she knows I like try a lot of different ones.

    I used to use dunlop bass picks because I strummed so heard I would rip anything thinner in half but I have since developed lighter touch.

    I like the shark fin picks but again, they can be a bit tough it I am trying to play things that require a bit more precision.

  • @wacha Feb 2017

    Thanks for coming back to check out my songs now that the audio has been posted. In answer to your question on "Jaguar, it's a Fender squire with some reverb thrown on it. I am using a pretty hard flat pick.

  • @factorytale Feb 2017

    Sleep.. I hate my phone. It makes up new words

  • @factorytale Feb 2017

    Thanks for the comments. When my children ske el I Will have Time to check yours out.

  • @cindyrella  Feb 2017

    Thanks for your comments!

  • @nancihobson1  Feb 2017

    Thanks for your nice comment on When Snow Falls....

  • @ihelen  Feb 2017

    Thanks for commenting on my songs! Have a great weekend coming up! 😀

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 2017

    Thanks for listening to "One on One With Nature" I really appreciate it!

  • @wacha Feb 2017

    Just wanted to let you know I am working on getting the audio for all my tracks up today.

  • @corinnelucy Feb 2017

    Thanks for pointing out the broken link, I think I've fixed 'em now - having some real awkwardness with Dropbox! :<

  • @jenfoss  Feb 2017

    @ustaknow Thanks for your help with the soundcloud issue on the new song I uploaded. It's ready for listening, thanks for attempting to listen the first time around. 😀

  • @kc5 Feb 2017

    Your right. Was uploaded then removed. I decided to add an audio and make a few slight changes. Not sure what you mean by directions. Do you mean different for me or did you mean something else?