Phil Starling 14


Norwich UK   Jan 2011

Artist Bio

Influences:   The Dear Hunter, Incubus, Jon Foreman, Deftones, Kevin Devine, Ben Kenney, Circa Survive, Minus the Bear, Kaddisfly, Hop Along

Two previous FAWMs:
2011 - 3 songs
2013 - 8 songs

Don't know if I seriously have what it takes to finish, or the time, but I've always wanted to complete a fawm. My songwriting has slowed down the last few years, but I also feel I've gotten better at following through on goals.


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  • @mrcorbs79 Feb 17

    I finally stopped creating to catch up to all of you experienced FAWMers that have been kind enough to support me. And wow, what a plethora of good going on with you! From great voice control, fantastic lyrics, unexpected changes. "Anniversary" is my personal favorite, I just love its vibe...sounds like fatherly love, and I dig the stop coming early in a measure. Really cool snare drum dynamics in "Solstice" ears kept waiting for the harder shots, it completely drew me in. Great songs, man!

  • @mrcorbs79 Feb 11

    Hey again, thanks so much for your support and your amazingly kind words. I know none of us are in this for validation, and that we're all built from passion or this community wouldn't exist...but being respected for a piece of work by a peer is something I will never take lightly.

    Just finished another, time to mix. Then tonight, I dive in and listen to all of you, as I've been too distracted creating to take pause and admire!

  • @mrcorbs79 Feb 10

    Thanks very much for your kind words about "For My Best Friends". The song takes two points of view simultaneously, of the departed animal and the human left behind. Hence the change in tone. My next song is not like this, and I have barely sang in my life, but I gave it a shot anyway. I'll be back to listen when it's not 1 a.m. and I have fresh ears!

  • @rustyp  Feb 9

    Yeah, it's a busy time! 😀 We do what we can! Enjoy your daughter. 😀

  • @mkd  Feb 7

    Er, thanks, I'll tell him!........

  • @mkd  Feb 7

    I know, right?!?! Who does that?! (Homework at 4, and the of the posting of the improv!!) Ha ha! Thanks for your comment on Homework Sucks. I hadn’t intended it to be creepy as such, though several people have mentioned it... but unsettling, yes!

    I always get Alfie to do homework with his dad as I’m too much of a perfectionist, I just find it too stressful and don’t want to pass that stress onto him! So this song probably captures the stress I’m still feeling as I listen to them doing it and trying to keep out of it! So yes, unsettling sums up the whole experience for our household!