ukufriday 10


  2 weeks

Artist Bio

Just a hack, enjoying a bit of music and creativity. Ukulele. Go to monthly ukulele club meetings and volunteer a monthly set at two different nursing homes. Came here to switch gears and force myself out of the comfort zone by scraping together some originals.


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  • @misterd 18 hours

    Thank you so much for listening and your very kind and generous comments on my song ' Living Silence ' . means a lot to me !

  • @robs  1 day

    I like what you did with your profile picture!

  • @spunky4455 1 week

    Thanks for digging my Centralia song! Sounds like listeners are feeling the lyrics much more than I would have thought. Very useful feedback!

  • @jendistad  1 week

    Hi ukufriday! Welcome to FAWM. In answer to your question in the forums: the goal here is quantity. Generally, the more you do something (y'know, practice) the better you get at it. The longer you work on just writing new songs, the better you will get at it. (=

    Happy Fawming! (=