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Washington USA   3 weeks

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Influences:   Lots: Gilbert and Sullivan. Tin Pan Alley. Pete Seeger and folk music in general. "Old-timey," mountain music. Top 40 Radio, especially of the 1960s and 1970s. Stan Freberg, Homer and Jethro, Tom Lehrer, Allan Sherman Weird Al Yankovic and other artists you'd be likely to hear on Dr. Demento. Country and/or western. Classical from Renaissance to early modern. The blues. Jazz. Or, as I tell people in workshops and the like, if it goes in here (points to his ears), sooner or later it's likely to come out here (points to his mouth, then wiggles his fingers). Oh yeah, and special mention to Arlo Guthrie, especially "Alice's Restaurant," for reasons I'll happily explain if we ever meet in person.

Been reading music almost as long as I've been reading English. Grew up playing the recorder, took up the banjo in adulthood and progressed into filk (science fiction folk) music. Won the song writing contest 2 1/2 times at Conflikt (a Seattle-area filk convention); that and $6 will get you a latte at Starbucks.


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  • @rbmarty000  23 hours

    Not really.. I was thinking of doing one of yours.. put music to your lyrics.

  • @rbmarty000  1 day

    Let's do one of yours.

  • @rbmarty000  1 day

    I kinda went ahead on a brain wave and completed it.. but am still open to new and better lyrics..

  • @rbmarty000  1 day

    Hi Tuneslayer.. contact me on using my email moji near my name I would like to email you regarding your lyrics and completing The Last Rose of Midnight. Cheers

  • @spinhead  4 days

    Ah, Sir Perry, silly as he is, comes through in the end. Thanks.

  • @coolparadiso  5 days

    at least hes got some taste 😀 imagine dragons are pretty OK. Could be a lot worse. i often cover Demons.

  • @coolparadiso  5 days

    Ha ha mate dont feel bad about BIAB. I reckon im reasonably tech savvy for an old un! But i am struggling ! Every now and again i hit on something and its great! Going to see youngest son seeking assistance!

  • @nateger 5 days

    Thanks for checking out my killing Hitler song! It's not my cup of tea either but I just followed the muse on that one. I'll be sure to check out your link too 😀

  • @infilktion 5 days

    We are good. Working on a few songs. About time we got a few posted.

  • @rbmarty000  6 days

    I put down a scratch track for reference on my FAWM page .. see Last Rost of Midnight.. it's a video..

    Im back so we can start looking at lyrics.. thanks

  • @scottlake 6 days

    Abridged version of 4’33”. Clever. Is that the radio edit?

  • @ajna1960  1 week

    Thank you for letting me know about 'jones'. How interesting, seeing as I had assumed it was a kind of truck or van or similar lol
    Now I need to re-read the lyric 😀
    ps I am an old gal too

  • @brrrse  1 week

    Hey!! good news about the BIAB! I cannot WAIT for you to get going in that!!! Congrats man! You're gonna have so much fun!!!!!

  • @tuneslayer2018  1 week

    Hooray! UPS finally delivered my laptop that Band In A Box is going to be installed onto. I know what I'll be doing tonight (probably updates and customizations actually, and then on to setting up BiaB).

  • @rbmarty000  1 week

    Im away with only my cell.. but will be returning Thurs to the studio.
    Looking forward to what you have done as I consider you a very fine writer. I will get back to you in a few days.. cheers.

  • @rbmarty000  1 week

    Im working on some lyrics and a melody. If you want to collab?

    Listen to 'Rose at Midnight' on Songspace

  • @yam655 1 week

    Alas, my skills do not currently include much in the way of harmony.

    I'm no expert, but I suspect the issue with recording just you and the banjo stems from micing. I'd like to pick up an instrument at some point. I see the benefit of just singer+instrument being the broad range of recording devices you can use when you only care about two channels.

    When in doubt, though, you can record the banjo first and add the lyrics over the top using your DAW. I started experimenting with adding additional tracks my first FAWM.

    Also: When you're working from an established chord structure, some people create a generic backing track in Band-in-a-Box then just write the words and record the vocals during the skirmish. This is quite acceptable as far as skirmishes go.

  • @yam655 1 week

    Welcome to FAWM! Are you going to try any demos this year? I specialize in lo-fi acapella, but then I don't have the ease of writing music that you have.

  • @brrrse  1 week

    You know, I don't know if Kevin was his name - he was about 5 foot something, close beard, played a few stringed instruments - But the steel trap aint what it used to be, right? What a drag it is gettin old... 😀 LOL Your wife is a lovely lady and you are a great person 😀

  • @brrrse  1 week

    Oh my goodness that is Fantastic!!!!! I am so pleased to hear you're finding it fun! It changed my life and gave me ne roads. I learned about it from Kevin..... i cant remember his name - we were in a band scramble together at a Conflikt a couple years ago - and he provided our "band in a box" I went home and bought the next day. Oh the places you'll go!! I'm so excited for you. Now you can get ALL your songs recorded and the world can hear how awesome you are!!! 😀

  • @brrrse  1 week

    thanks I try to shield everyone as much as possible and make sure the title reflects the theme of the song as well as lots of NSFW s and other BiG ReD FLAGS... Yeah, She's a real angry little girl - but it's time she had her release - Hugs!!!

  • @brrrse  1 week

    thank you for your continued comments - This voice I'm trying out is a new one - It's been a long road - and I've realized if I don't start saying what I think and quit being a mushroom I'm gonna stroke out. I'm still dealing with the guilt and self loathing for saying uncomfortable things - I was raised that good girls are quiet and submissive - decades of domestic violence - This has been rocky because of underage trolls looking for the disabled and slow in the back - and I'm finding it hard to find the desire to write at all today - but I'll try - because you keep reaching out. Hugs. thank you.

  • @brrrse  2 weeks

    Oh my friend, BiaB has so much. The way you input chords, you can put in any charts you like - it looks kinda like an excel spreadsheet, you put the chord names in the boxes, then you choose your instruments - they come in "sets" or you can individualize them. 12 bar is the easiest to set up in my opinion. Once you get the hang of that thing, you'll be making symphonies. 😀

  • @ustaknow 2 weeks

    Welcome, happy FAWM2018!

  • @rbmarty000  2 weeks

    Interesting.. do you record or sing..
    Sci fi folk.. cool.. did a song once based on a Ray Bradbury short story..

  • @brrrse  2 weeks

    Its a 1920s bangelele le le and as you were playing it, the moveable bridge snapped down and you pretended they gotcha. Much respect for you.

  • @tuneslayer2018  2 weeks

    Odd how my mind works. On the bus home tonight I caught an article in one of my newsletters about how St. Patrick couldn't have driven the snakes out of Ireland. Apart from the implausibility of it all, it turns out that there weren't any snakes in Ireland to begin with. Something about how it was way too cold for them in Ireland until the land bridges connecting Ireland with England and the Continent were inundated after the last ice age. (The bridge between England and northern Europe lasted long enough to let a few snakes in, but that's a different story.)

    But of course I couldn't accept that explanation at face value. By the time I got home I knew what REALLY happened to the snakes that Patrick kicked out of Ireland, and now it's off to the keyboard and tablet to start working the tale into a song. It's a tall tale to be sure, perhaps best savored along with a pint or two of Guinness.

  • @brrrse  3 weeks

    I think I recognize that face - I believe I've sung near you and with you and you played my grandfather's banjo at a con - It's good to see you here. Happy FAWM!!

  • @tuneslayer2018  3 weeks

    Thanks! Happy to be here.

  • @stuartbenbow  3 weeks

    Welcome to the fun, and great to find another filker. 😀

  • @ericdistad  3 weeks

    Welcome to FAWM! 😀