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United Kingdom   Feb 2013

Artist Bio

Influences:   Loads including: Prince, Portishead, Massive Attack, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, Laurie Anderson, Talking Heads, Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, and many more.

I generally write without knowing where the track is going. Lately instead of writing in various separate genres, my music seems to offer up clues of the sort of influences its had. That's what I hear when I listen anyway. I also hear the fact that I love to combine stuff.

Feedback on FAWM a couple of times, gave me confidence in my lyrics, in particular the stream of consciousness spoken-word type ones.

I didn't know I was going to do this: but so far nearly all my tracks have continued in this vein. Its not exactly rap, and not exactly poetry. Very interested in how people take it, or would tag it, actually. I often add samples or interesting effects - and I've developed a taste for the "messy" which I'm not sure where that is going.

I made a load of beats last year on an app called "figure" which is a free app but I love certain elements (like the sounds, the weird auto quantise). I suppose though, I'm interested not only in making tracks to record, but in thinking about how to perform (and who would even like it if I did). So I've just edited this, as I need to focus on single takes more: in the second half of FAWM I might try using my VE 20 vocal effects/looper. and also see what I can do regards playing at the same time as speaking or in between. (I can play keyboards and brass instruments, and am a fairly rubbish guitar/bass player - though I've been loving my new bass).

Mac Book
Software: Garageband Mostly.
( I have Logic and Reaper, but in truth I tend to start on GB as I know it, and like some of the presets.
Melodyne (I use for creating sounds, making loops and creating organic style compositions.)
Strum session 2 (forgot I had it, but great for generating fake guitar!! Will use on the skirmishes this weekend!!)
Amadeus/Fission/Audacity (I mostly only use these to tidy up a track after its done.. )

apps used frequently: Figure, Thumb jam
Occasionally: Loopy, GB, (I find iOS GB quite annoying)
Keep meaning to use: Jam up, a couple of other loopers... Audio Bus with various inputs.. (maybe this weekend)
Beat Wave..

I'm always interested in creative ways to use kit.

BOSS VE 20 vocal effects/Looper (so far unused this FAWM)

Apogee One -
M Audio Fast Track
Apogee USB Mic


Bass - Vintage ReissuedVJ74 - Just got it. I'm a beginner, but I've enjoyed playing on all my tracks.. Better than midi bass.
Guitar - Chord CAL62 (basic)
Keys - I often use EP, or Vibes sounds.
Piano - "Kent and Cooper " - a bar piano.
Mountain Dulcimer
Mandola - Just got it.
Trumpet -
Cornet - Hanson
Tenor Horn -
French Horn - King
Melodica - haven't used so far but love it.

Additional sounds - I often reuse sounds I've recorded such as clarinet, and blend these in with freshly recorded material.

Songs (20)

#1 Half a Man 6
2 weeks
#2 Innocence 7
2 weeks
#3 Moth 6
2 weeks
#4 Just Perfection 2
2 weeks
#5 Piano 3
2 weeks
#6 Life lines 3
2 weeks
#7 Sweet Dreams 10
2 weeks
#8 Take The Bait (Superskirmish) 4
1 week
#9 The Art of Socialism @barbara  10
1 week
#10 Grammar @igg  5
1 week
#11 Just Perfection @gbg2016  14
1 week
#12 The Art of Socialism @barbara  6
1 week
#13 The taste of liberty 3
1 week
#14 Fusion with the Universe 4
1 week
#15 I know Nothing 11
6 days
#16 Waking up 7
6 days
#17 I'll have another. 9
6 days
#18 Death Bed Lament 1
1 day
#19 Where The Beat Is @engebretsen  4
17 hours
#20 Healing 14
3 hours


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  • @acousticmaddie  2 hours

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my healing song <3

  • @mistermann 5 hours

    Thanks for your Godzilla comments tunecat! It's good to see you around as well. I'm not doing a lot with FAWM this year what with my new album but we'll see if anything happens now that I've gotten the release off my back.

  • @marthie 7 hours

    thank you for the sound patch advice-now if I can wrap my brain around to doing it 😀 #SouthAfrica

  • @engebretsen  17 hours

    Just uploaded our song and renamed it: "Where the beat is." It turned out pretty cool!

  • @skittycat  1 day

    Hey thats great 😀
    I prefer not to post my email addy on here as its wide open to the public. Are you on the Facebook group?

  • @visiblydistorted 1 day

    okie dokie, have fun!!

  • @visiblydistorted 1 day

    oh! sorry about that, I figured if you were going to be playing around with them, you wouldn't want all the blank space in front of the clip 😀 (as said on my profile, I don't know much hehe) I'll try again.

  • @bithprod 2 days

    Looks like we're a random collab pairing for round 5. 😀 If you'd like, you can send me something on mmaehre@gmail.com

  • @visiblydistorted 3 days

    okay here is my demo for the collab, let me know if you like it and want to work with it. (@postcardhelicopters took dibs on "rituals") http://fawm.org/songs/84747/ and if you are into it, this is my dropbox with the stems. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zyt2vvox8b...

  • @pumpkinhead 3 days

    Thanks for your comment Tunecat.
    The drums came from a friend and his Logic and they really make me wanna consider changing scene and getting into that shit instead of ProTools. Keep up the spirit. Peace

  • @visiblydistorted 3 days

    That sounds perfect, actually @tunecat - is sending the tracks as a few mp3s in dropbox ok, or do you have another, preferred method for me to send the tracks over? I'm going to write and record something fresh.

  • @visiblydistorted 4 days

    yup, your stuff Is fantastic! feel free to take a stab at one of my #needs-collab songs, or we can come up with something new if you want. I'd be happy to collaborate with ya.

  • @skittycat  5 days

    Heya 😀
    Thanks for the comments. I'm trying to find a few mins to get round my watchlist but not there yet.
    Feel free to play around with "Bleach is Not Enough" if you like. I always 'plan' to get around to making my songs complete but sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. It would be great to hear how someone else interprets the words too 😀

  • @lenigmusx1  6 days

    Thank you for the comments on "In memory of you". To answer your question. The drums and saxophone are real. The bass is a great acoustic bass sound and the piano is Avid Midi Grand. I played all of the parts in real time with a click no quantizing. I wanted it to feel like a live quartet.

  • @cowex  6 days

    Thanks for the comment on the "I shake my flaky pastry" love. I was wondering how clear that was. I'm my head, I imagined the character was too lazy to go up the stairs to pick up the phone. So instead he angrily shakes his doughnut in the air at the phone, like "DARN YOU, PHONE! I'll get you next time!"

  • @ayehahmur  6 days

    Thanks for commenting on Waking Up - I've now given it a tune and am calling it done.

  • @rayboneor  6 days

    Hey, thanks for the kind comments. I dig your oddball sensibilities and look forward to hearing more. As for me, I just fly by the seat of my pants and take ideas where they lead. I'm clueless, really, which makes the process fun and frustrating.

  • @klaus 6 days

    Hi Tunecat. Sure we can collab. If you can do some sort of gloomy minor-key goth music with two or three slightly different sections ( like a song structure ) and leave room for reverby vocals, that would be awesome. Ambient/jazzy/experimental goth with horns! Maybe use third-party lyrics. How does that sound? You can email me at klaus5090 adress found on my page.

  • @kahlo2013  6 days

    You are not missing anything-- threw in some nonsense words

  • @xfloorpunchx 1 week

    Thank you again for your kind comment 😀

  • @aneil 1 week

    I am in Durban do share a few names alexneilmunro@gmail.com I will find time to investigate your sound solutions

  • @barbara  1 week

    Hi there! I'm setting you up as collaborator and linking to the original song lyric. I take your point about keeping the comments all together. Sorry to have let a few slip out there as strays, lol!

  • @sarahrogers 1 week

    Hey there! I made the Frenetic Raindrops Handclaps song downloadable, you should be able to download it here and on Soundcloud. Let me know if you still would like it emailed.

  • @barbara  1 week

    Best kind of bonkers...I love it! Thank you for all that investment in giving my words the deluxe treatment! I will listen many times, for sure.
    You can choose whether you'd like me to add you as collaborator to the existing skirmish song, or you can post it as new effort and add me as collaborator. I'm not fussy about my song count, so the extra would not bother me, and it could get more notice as a new song. But either way is okay for me. "Lyrics by @barbara, FAWM2018" would suit me, if that's okay with you?

  • @gbg2016  1 week

    Hey! Thanks for the generous comments. I'm glad you liked my interpretation. I updated the track on soundcloud and followed you - loved the featured track w/ spoken word.

  • @frenchcricket 1 week

    Thanks! I realised some of my references are niche so added some liner note context

  • @devin  1 week

    Hey there! Sorry the Mac is giving you issues downloading the file. Unfortunately, I'm not savvy on the Apple stuff... try this link, and if that doesn't work, leave me a message on my soundboard and I'll email you a copy of it!


  • @barbara  1 week

    I am very happy to hear that you are working with my words! Go to town, go wherever it takes you; no worries if they change. Thanks!!

  • @gbg2016  1 week

    Not sure it's what you had in mind, but I posted my version of "Just Perfection" (http://fawm.org/songs/82519/). I have it on Soundcloud, so let me know if you want me to add your name (currently it says "lyrics by @tunecat") Cheers and thanks for the use of your words.

  • @aneil 1 week

    Thx so much for comments and helpful tips. i have played many gigs at the bat centre but not since the late 90's with candleman.

  • @monplaisir 1 week

    Hey, thanks for your message 😉 For Soda Mozza, if you want to put some lyrics on, go for it, no problem !!

  • @frozenlonesome 1 week

    Thanks for listening to "Squeamy Gets It" and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  • @phlecksy  1 week

    And I'd love to collaborate, yes... Have no experience of it & no idea how to go about it, but other than that, let's give it a go!

  • @phlecksy  1 week

    Thanks very much for your kind comment... I use pitch shift out of necessity, but I like it as well, naturally. Enjoying your stuff!

  • @davidhendricks 1 week

    I see you're a Logic user, me too. I answered your comment on my page, I left a link to a soundcloud page with some backing tracks you might like. If so, I can send you the Logic file.

  • @marthie 1 week

    Wow! That would be amazing if you can do trumpet recording for 'waitng for amen'. I want to rerecord it but I am waiting fpr end of Deb to get my yearly productions dusted again🙄. I think the song has so much ptential but I cant prove it yet!😜

  • @marthie 1 week

    Wow! That would be amazing if you can do trumpet recording for 'waitng for amen'. I want to rerecord it but I am waiting fpr end of Deb to get my yearly productions dusted again🙄. I think the song has so much ptential but I cant prove it yet!😜

  • @igg  1 week

    Hi....I've been unable to get to the music using your link....Any advice???

  • @engebretsen  1 week

    U got mail! Using wetransfer for a wav file. 120 bpm. And at ca. 2:08 there is 1 beat that is gone/skipped/paused as an "art" break. But you probably noticed already. Looking forward to the final result. Great work so far!

  • @tunecat 2 weeks

    So glad to hear from you - and you like it great! Can you send me the file honeymoonhill@gmail? Oh, and I didn't send lyric as I don't know where it is (probably on my iPad) but the middle bit I think works particularly well - sort of cinematic. I'll maybe try to do it in synch with the track.. or tighten the vibe as it wasn't quantised, and resend or something.. yipee..

  • @engebretsen  2 weeks

    I like it! I have had the feeling all the time, that someone could improve this song, and you did it! We must make a complete file out of this. BPM is 120. I also enjoyed that "Xylophon" thing you added. Give it more melody. For a native norwegian like me it is a little problem to understand all the text, but I feel very comfortable that this is the way the song should be. The lighter part from 1:30 give me the right clue on this. So again, totally impressed and we must finnish up this one. What to do from here?

  • @engebretsen  2 weeks

    .. Or send me a file with you´re contribution, and I make the mix…. remember to start you´re file from the beginning then… do what you think are the best anyway.

  • @engebretsen  2 weeks

    Hi again. So exciting. Can´t you just upload it here on fawm? Allright by me. Just put in the collab link and we´re there. (Or if you wan`t, send me a file on: tseart@gmail.com ) But no problem to put it out at once.

  • @igg  2 weeks

    Hi Tunecat,
    Love to hear what you come up with for "Song Grammar"

  • @engebretsen  2 weeks

    Sounds cool @tunecat. Go for it your way.

  • @gbg2016  2 weeks

    Hi @tunecat - You can email me the lyrics if you like: graybethgray@gmail.com. Hope you are feeling better!

  • @mungus  2 weeks

    Hey @tunecat I appreciate you listening through and commenting on my songs, glad you like them! You've given me a sweet boost of confidence! If you liked the last track you might like the track I'm working on now - if I don't mess it up

    Looking forward to your track 3!

  • @gbg2016  2 weeks

    Hey #tunecat, We're paired up for lyrics/music. Would you mind doing the lyrics first? (Or, we could shoot for two songs and I could also come up with some music for you to write lyrics to.) I would just like to take a shot at working with finished words.

  • @igg  3 weeks

    Hi Tunecat,

    Maybe we can do something together this year....!