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ok, i should explain my madcap strategy toward collaboration. i love it. i am trying to demo all of my songs as i hear them, eventually. so, if you hear a song that you want to realize, just ask me. i will chart it if it hasn't been already, and get my first impressions, and then leave you to your own interpretation-- i just want to chart it out in my own head before i hear your version. . music is meant to be viral. i just ask that you hit me up if you see something, before you do it. if it's identified as a favorite, chords are written and maybe rough mp3 field recordings made. so maybe that makes it even easier because i already have my impressions together. i might put up a version later in the month on a favorite, but i am still open to collaboration. i will never demo all of the lyrics i usually generate....

p.s.-- my location is SUPPOSED to be "middle of now here," but it corrects it to... well, you see that. no sense of zen with this computer....

Songs (25)

#1 just blocked myself NSFW 8
Feb 1
#2 hits and missus 7
Feb 3
#3 door or the couch 8
Feb 6
#4 another f^*$ing name NSFW 3
Feb 6
#5 dream your life, live your dream 5
Feb 7
#6 extra jesus 5
Feb 8
#7 hammer and nail 4
Feb 8
#8 nothing can't be taken away 7
Feb 9
#9 and you 1
Feb 10
#10 pachelbel's palsy 7
Feb 10
#11 narcissus stick 3
Feb 12
#12 i love us 4
Feb 15
#13 The Future's Not What It Used To Be @vomvorton  14
Feb 18
#14 nearness of blue 5
Feb 19
#15 big blue why 5
Feb 21
#16 angel has seen better days 4
Feb 22
#17 Hammer And Nail @cheslain  5
Feb 22
#18 devil's grippe 2
Feb 23
#19 bound n rebound 1
Feb 23
#20 cherry limeade slushy 1
Feb 24
#21 Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams @dutch1967 5
Feb 24
#22 liquor holds me 3
Feb 24
#23 private place holder ZONG
Feb 27
#24 Liquor Holds Me @dutch1967 1
Feb 28
#25 how i wish you were beer 1
Mar 1


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  • @vegansongs Feb 26

    Hi Thank you for your comments on Angels of the Wind. Seems so long ago. I am sorry it took me until now to thank you! That was my first song for my first FAWM!

  • @dutch1967 Feb 25

    Tim, thanks for the compliments on Dream Your Life, and thanks for the confidence shown letting me do an alternate (that's quickly become a dirty word...) version of Liquor Holds Me.
    I had a barversion in my head when I first read it - way different from your own draft, more up tempo and almost upbeat in tone. it will have to wait till first week of March as I'm struggling to find time to finish recording the last 3 songs I have written for this FAWM. But as it;s a collab and you posted already, it'll still show up on both our gauges.

  • @wacha Feb 23

    Thanks for the advice on "Burn the Witches", I will definitely keep that in mind when I work on a proper recording for the song.

  • @brrrse  Feb 23

    Oh you poor thing! I've been down with the flu for a week now. Just starting to have enough energy to care LOL Sobbing in my Shiraz is an interesting little thing I popped out in a few minutes. Actually, it is a male voice song. The "best silkies" refer to his necktie and matching handkerhchief in his suit! I imagined it smutzy and overacted. It's the "high class" version of cryin in yer beer LOL I'll take a hard look at your suggestions and see what we come up with 😀

  • @cheslain  Feb 20

    Hi! I think I could go for Hammer and Nail. I already got some ideas, but if you have anything specific in mind I'd love to hear your pointers. It's probably gonna take me a couple of days to get a chance to record it.

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 19

    Thank for for your kind comments on my Jazz song It Wasn't Me.
    Thanks for listening

  • @snoozin  Feb 17

    Got the lyrics, thanks!

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 16

    You are next: I sent my lyrics to @marvsmooth and here are the two last lines of mine for you to do the next set of lyrics:

    You bring love into my life

    fresh and new

    each and every day

    each moment I'm awake

  • @vomvorton  Feb 13

    Ah, excellent! I look forward to having a read and coming up with some ideas.

  • @tinam Feb 12

    hiya! you are doing very well so far!

  • @vomvorton  Feb 12

    I love the wit and wordplay in your country-style lyrics, would love to have a go at something like that. I was watching a film yesterday and noted down the line "the future's not what it used to be", just thought of it then while perusing your words. Does that inspire you at all?

  • @vomvorton  Feb 12

    Hey hey Tsunami! We've been paired as random collab partners, do you have a lyric you'd like me to take a look at? Or a new idea I could explore? I'm up for whatever, I keep coming up with musical ideas at the moment but I've been stumped for lyrics so hopefully this will work out perfectly 😉

  • @francessmith Feb 10

    Hello, thanks for listening to "Fire", thanks for the advice on a straight eight. I'm slightly scared of the bass and drums part of my songs, as I don't really know what I'm doing, so advice on how to improve those parts is very very welcome. I listened to your demo of "Nothing can be taken away", sounds good, but you're right, not quite what I was expecting!

  • @wacha Feb 9

    Just wanted to let you know I should have all the audio for my songs posted today.

  • @cblack  Feb 9

    Thanks for the comment! 😀

  • @famouspatrick  Feb 8

    Thanks for the kind words on my song, "Equal to the Test." Always good to get the first one done.

  • @dutch1967 Feb 7

    Actually "a diem to carp" was kind of a nod in your direction, especially when delivering it my mind kinda drifted your way.

  • @dutch1967 Feb 7

    Thanks for those awesome, insightful and attentive comments to my songs Timothy! Really appreciate your views. The bass mixing thing is something I need to come to grips with, as the acoustics in my studio are not ideal for bass response. I should really do the 'reference track thing', or switch from monitors to headphones and back when mixing.

  • @francessmith Feb 7

    Thanks for your comment on my song, some useful feedback on the arrangement. Not quite sure which direction to take with it yet. Keep on producing those demos...........

  • @igg  Feb 7

    Thanks for reading and commenting on "Why You Gotta"...Ever felt that way?

  • @dutch1967 Feb 1

    Let's practice that alchemy again this year.

  • @andygetch  Jan 31

    Hey, lets do this!

  • @petra777  Jan 29


  • @pcob1993  Jan 29

    Yo dude, I'm clicking around and I keep seeing familiar names.. Nothing prepared this year so I'll be winging it every two days.....
    Dying to hear your stuff again...

  • @odilongreen  Jan 29

    I'm interested to hear about (and hear!) your experience with Band in a Box as FAWM progresses. Just a couple of days to go...

  • @odilongreen  Jan 2017

    Hello! Are you here this year? I hope you are -- you always have tremendous lyrics. From your Bio, it seems you may not be making demos yourself this year? A perfectly valid choice, of course, but I hope I'm mistaken -- I always enjoy hearing your performances.