Stick Boy (Tomski) 5


Medway UK   Feb 2009

Artist Bio

Influences:   Sufjan Stevens, Kishi Bashi, Sigur Ros, Elbow, American Football, Mates of State.

Same deal as always: lots of twee ukulele goodness and twinkly glockenspiels.

I'm going to try and record some MIDI drums this year, however, I'm sure the traditional pillow/tambourine/egg shaker/hand drum combo will make an appearance.

Check out some of my fellow Medway FAWMers:

Egg Shaker
Anything else found lying around my bedroom


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  • @balancelost  Mar 1

    I downloaded all your songs and noticed that you have labelled them 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. What happened to track 4? Is that a typo or are you holding out on us?

  • @ryako  Feb 7

    Thanks for the nice comment!

  • @meriamber  Feb 7

    Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment on my song!! 😁 😁

  • @tawalker Feb 3

    I think you must be the second David Kitt fan I've met in 15 years (after the old friend of mine who introduced me to his work) 😀 Kittser has been a huge influence on how I go about writing and recording, and you'll hear plenty of traces of him if you go through my Bandcamp output! (Did you pick up "Yous" - his first new album since 2008 - when he put it on BC for one week last month? It's a goodie... if you missed it, you'll have to wait until September when it gets re-released on a "decent" label (as he put it).) Enough rambling for me - you're on my FAWM "watchlist"... all the best with this year 😀

  • @sailingmagpie  Jan 29

    Leave your stupid comments in your pockets.

  • @balancelost  Jan 28

    Violent bum love!