Timothy Bracken 1


Baltimore USA   Feb 2008


Artist Bio

Influences:   Lou Reed, Zevon, Dylan, Waits, Zappa, Prince, XTC, TMBG, Frank Black, Stephen Malkmus, Robyn Hitchcock, Peter Case, The Church, Leonard Cohen, Magnetic Fields, Robert Pollard

Please check out my bandcamp page for some of my other music...free or name your price!


This will be my 8th year attempting FAWM.

What am I using?

Milkman, ZT, and Fender amps
Les Paul(s)
Danelectro 12-string and baritone
Cheap acoustics
P Bass, fretless Jazz bass,
V-Drums for quiet time and Vistalites for rock time
Logic X, Apollo interface, a few nice mics, a few crappy mics.

Time to get rocking. Death to autotune!

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