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Mount Barker SA 5251 Australia   Jan 2007


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Influences:   Classical , Percy Grainger, Mike Oldfield, Enya, Kate Bush, Cecil J Sharp, US Musicals, Gilbert & Sullivan. Tom Lehrer

NEWS: I have a kickstarter running "A Childes Garden of Ecologickally Correct Songes" all out of FAWM. Spread the word if you can! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...

I'll be here for the 2018 first half and squeak the last couple of days. Gone and totally out of touch (all at sea) between February. 16th and 26th (!). So my commenting and main FAWM input will be in the first half.


Tim Fatchen: nice, polite, quiet, writes serious and often soothing music, good dinner guest.

Flying Tadpole (songs marked [FT]): anarchic ratbag, writes irritating and often nasty satirical rubbish, good kennel cleaner.


You're clutching (smaller) money and you want to hear cleaned-up tracks from earlier FAWMs?? Go here:

FAWM and 5090 are the main part of the top row of CDs. Songs are available on iTunes, but it's cheaper via CDBaby and besides, I get more.

Broke? Starving? Some songs are on

And free videos on

Looking to license music?


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  • @andygetch  2 days


  • @adnama17 3 days

    Hey there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @devin  3 days

    At very long last, I have my own chapter in the HHIC... more to come good sir!

  • @rickatfulcrum 3 days

    I promise not to steal your thunder by writing any surf music this time. Hoping your FAWM bears prolific fruit!

  • @tsunamidaily 3 days

    hey! best of luck in the coming month.

  • @writeandwrong  3 days

    Best of luck to you during FAWM 2018!

  • @igg  3 days

    HiHo!!!! Good to see you here....and a great FAWM greeting to you!!!

  • @seanbrennan  4 days

    Hoy, Tim! Hope you have a fulfilling February. I'll miss you in that second-half push, I'm sure!

  • @barbara  1 week

    The blues it is, then! You would be forgiven if you merely moaned your way through FAWM, but I'm very glad you can do more than that! Time is the healer...

  • @barbara  1 week

    Your story... it hurts just to think about! I'm so glad it was "only a flesh wound" as they say in the Monty Python troupe. Yikes!!

  • @barbara  1 week

    Gosh, Tim... I pray it's not as bad as it sounds!