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United States   Jan 2016  

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Influences:   Yamaha DX7 GarageBand Fiverr

#NSFW #AdultContent #Graphic #Over18 #CollaboratorsWanted


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  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 22

    Hey! I saw the lyrics! For me thats more Porn Than erotical. I have to give it a few days to see it I m comfortable singing it. I do see ways to make BDSM feel erotical but more of using metaphors or subtile pointers.
    Thats how I work With music, create tention where the metaphorical language is like using synonyms etc With the guitar to make the sound create the effects needed. And yes I do belive that one Should be not afraid of the language that make people upset though we work With art. But for me (right now) its to little space for the subtile for me to feel comfortable singing it. I need to let it rest a while.
    Sorry I need to