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Madison USA   Feb 2013

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5th time FAWMing! Each year has been an amazing experience and I'm thrilled to be back again. I play piano and some guitar. I like to use my husband and four boys as inspiration for some of my songs and sometimes even get them involved. Between the four boys I have two violinists, a trumpeter, a pianist and a cellist.
This year I won't be singing due to neck surgery on the 6th but I'm hoping to still get lyrics up. I plan to spend a lot of time listening as I rest so make some music!
Happy FAWM 2017!

Had surgery and am home recovering now. Thanks for all the well-wishes!


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  • @msculli1  Mar 10

    Thanks for the comment on Rain. I always try to leave room for interpretation, because people always put there own spin on lyrics and their imaginations are probably better than mine. Thanks again.

  • @ihelen  Mar 9

    Thank you for commenting on my Jelly song! 🙂

  • @reisupstudio  Mar 7

    Thank you for listening to the echo chamber! I'm so glad you lied it! I'm taking it to a studio this week to let it really echo!

  • @audrey  Mar 4

    Thank you for your kind comment on my choral piece "Christmas Memories". It's truly appreciated.

  • @johnnyjustice Mar 3

    I hope it all turns out great for you post-surgery! Your songs are quite inspiring 😀

  • @fineexcuses Mar 3

    Cheers for the comment on 'Polly Is', most kind. Going to have a dig into your tracks now!

  • @unholymariner Mar 3

    Thank you for reading my lyrics. I really enjoyed your comments. Maybe I will work on some melodies now.

  • @electrocelte Mar 3

    Thanks very much Theresa!! How can I return the favour if you don't even have a Zong. I'll get ya next year!! Have a great weekend!!

  • @sueawesome Mar 2

    thanks for the comment on the demo for our favorite song. @johncrossman blows my mind, he brings passion and emotional to a whole new level. Glad you enjoyed it

  • @guatecoop  Mar 2

    I'm still in a WOW state over your singing....and still wanting to thank you. So, thank you.

  • @matthew62  Mar 2

    Thanks for you kind comments on just another day in the jungle. I'm glad
    you enjoyed it.
    I wish you a speedy recovery.

  • @johncrossman  Mar 1

    Thanks for the comment feast! I trust things are progressing nicely over there? 😀

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 26

    Thanks for visiting my song "Reflection"!

  • @kristi  Feb 25

    Thank you, Theresa, for your kind comments on my lyrics and my collab with Pam G.!

  • @engebretsen  Feb 24

    Thank you for comments on "Theresesgate". Nice that you picked it up because of Your name.

  • @miked  Feb 23

    @miked just now
    Thank you for the comment on "Gold and rose"that I just posted. I just put that one together this afternoon tried my best to capture the sounds that were going on in my head. Thank you for checking it out! I will give your tunes a listen when I get some time later on today

  • @miked  Feb 23

    Thank you for the comment on " Gold and rose quote that I just posted. I just put that one together this afternoon tried my best to capture the sounds that were going on in my head. Thank you for checking it out! I will give your tunes a listen when I get some time later on today

  • @davewermers  Feb 23

    Thank you for the nice comment on my song "Scars".

  • @jibbidy34  Feb 23

    Thank you for listening to My Dream Or Yours x

  • @guatecoop  Feb 23

    The craziest thing is that no song until this one have lyrics or singers, which is unusual for me. I think it was bumming me out a little. You have certainly righted my ship at the perfect time. I just love what you have done with the song. By the way, My name is Rob...hehe

  • @zecoop  Feb 22

    I am so thrilled to hear your singing voice!!! I am really happy that the surgery didn't damage anything... It sounded beautiful. (I didn't want to dezong it so I'll officially comment in a bit). 😀

  • @guatecoop  Feb 22

    I really can't believe that you did that....I will check it out when I get home. You better not have pushed yourself too far. I appreciate it!

  • @f3bb0y Feb 20

    Thanks for the kind comments on "Tell Me Your Secrets." I really did enjoy that first open tuning experience and expect to do more.

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 17

    Thanks for your positive comments on "I Want To Dance With You". Sometimes I read a lyric and the music is there. Glad you liked it.

  • @musicsongwriter Feb 16

    You are very welcome Theresa. Thank you for letting me know how things are for you. Wishing you good luck with everything.

  • @musicsongwriter Feb 16

    Please get better as quickly as possible Theresa. Take care.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 16

    Well, I am glad that you are through the toughest part. I hope that your recovery is faster and easier than expected.

  • @yam655  Feb 16

    Congratulations on hitting Century Club! 😀

  • @laotranati Feb 15

    Thanks for your comment on my song! It's the first time that I posted I song with english lyrics so the fact that you commented on a verse made me really happy!

  • @billgcaldwell  Feb 15

    Thanks for your comment on my song, "Lisa". I always enjoy writing songs, mostly they sound different in my head. Get healed quick.

  • @billgcaldwell  Feb 15

    Thanks for your comment on my song, "Lisa". I always enjoy writing songs, mostly they sound different in my head.

  • @squeakmouse73 Feb 15

    Thank you muchly for your encouragement.

  • @candle Feb 15

    Thanks so much for the Zongbust on Fear. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @jensscholz  Feb 15

    Thank you so much for dezonging my lullaby 😀

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 15

    Thanks for your kind words about "I Want To Dance With You". When I read lyrics they either have music for me right off the bat or they don't. This was one that did. Happy you liked it.

  • @krayzie003  Feb 15

    Thanks for listening and commenting.

  • @azidoazide0azide Feb 15

    Thank you for your nice comment.

  • @musicsongwriter Feb 15

    Thank you Theresa for your great support and beautiful comments. Hope you are doing well. Can't wait to hear all your beautiful lyrics with your gorgeous singing and playing. Please get well soon. Happy February!

  • @tiller2  Feb 2017

    Hi, you asked to know when "Smoldering Coals" found music. Pete Murphy kindly provided and made a demo. I'd love to know what you think.

  • @arthurrossi Feb 2017

    Thanks so much for your beautiful and that kind comment! 😀

  • @guatecoop  Feb 2017

    Wow, that is really intense! What is the hope and or prognosis? That is very good that you are resting and following the orders as much as you can. It must be difficult and, at times, nearly impossible. Wow. I send you my very best wishes and will be thinking of you.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 2017

    Hey, the song isn't going anywhere. I don't know how long the recovery will be, but we can wait until you are ready. Thanks for your comments!

  • @pcob1993  Feb 2017

    You have just filled me with joy and pride in being in such exalted company. I love Fawm and Fawmers and I will listen to your work tonight. I wish you a speedy recovery and thank you so much for your comment, I feel really, really honored.

  • @boyatheart  Feb 2017

    Thank you Theresa for commenting on my song. Comments like yours keep me smiling and remind me why writing songs is such a fun and fulfilling thing to do! 😀

  • @klaus  Feb 2017

    Hi Theresa. Thanks for commenting Read My Hips. Talking about body parts, I hope your neck and you get well soon. 😀

  • @juoppis  Feb 2017

    Thank you for your kind words on Before The Fall 😀

  • @dragondreams  Feb 2017

    Once again, thank you for your time and your comment. You really are very kind! 😀

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 2017

    Hey lovely. Yeah was definitely interested in collabing on "and she dreams". The problem i didn't anticipate with travelling was recording situations and time and wifi working to listen to (as zecoop has just found out with my efforts to finish our collab). Thank you and I will see where i get to. WIsh feb has 50 days in it!!!) 😉

  • @spunky4455 Feb 2017

    Hahaha! No ukes were harmed, and so far, no retaliatory tweets. Glad you enjoyed my song!

  • @cindyrella  Feb 2017

    Thanks for looking at my song and your nice comments!

  • @spinhead  Feb 2017

    I'm really happy with "That Mountain" so I'm glad the melody stood out. Thanks.

  • @raygungirls  Feb 2017

    Here ya go!
    Hope you enjoy!

  • @raygungirls  Feb 2017

    I've put the lyrics on it, do you want me to put me as collaborator on your lyrics, and I can post it there? Or should I jsut add you as collab on my Untitled page?

  • @tiller2  Feb 2017

    Hi Theresa, thanks for your kind comment on my Smoldering Coals lyric! I'll let you know if it gets recorded.

  • @quork  Feb 2017

    Hi Theresa, thank you for listening to and commenting on my song. Definitely a wallow in sentimentality, but it was fun to write. Hope you're feeling better.

  • @aprilm Feb 2017

    Thanks for your kind comments on What We Love. It was a fun collaboration.

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2017

    Ok, I've just posted it up as a new song 😀

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2017

    I meant to ask... do you want me to post it as a new song, or add it to the existing page where you first posted the lyrics?

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2017

    I'm glad you like it, Theresa.
    Sure, I'm happy to post it. I'll do it now.
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you 😀
    Get well soon!

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2017

    Hello Theresa, here's a guitar/vocal demo. I messed up the melody at the start of the 2nd verse, and in a few other places, but hopefully you'll get the idea...

  • @thefuneralcrasher  Feb 2017

    aw...thank you! there is a garageband preset called "old school punk" and i just couldn't scroll past it 😀

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 2017

    How are you??? Been thinking about you!

  • @zecoop  Feb 2017

    Thank you for checking up with Benjo, Theresa... Nice to know he is doing ok! 😀

  • @petemurphy  Feb 2017

    Hello Theresa! I just saw your note on my forum post. I looked at the lyrics, and a music/melody idea came to me straight away for the verses and chorus. I'd be happy to have a try at it. I might be able to get a recording together at some point today.
    I haven't gotten around to visiting your page properly yet, to have a look at what you've been doing, but I will do soon.
    I just saw that you've had surgery. Wishing you well, and a speedy recovery! Very best wishes.

  • @benbarden  Feb 2017

    Thanks for your comment! 😀

  • @beat  Feb 2017

    Hope all works well for you today!

  • @aflinner Feb 2017

    Thanks for your feedback on "In My Dreams." Have a speedy recovery....hopefully you can spend some of it writing songs 😀

  • @beat  Feb 2017

    Thx for listening and writing... will come round to your sounds later. Everybody still awake here... *]

  • @emplate Feb 2017

    Thanks a lot for your comment on "Mouth of Perdition", I'm glad you enjoyed it! 😀 I'm a bit on the fence with the lyrics myself. There's some good parts, but all in all I think they could be better. Seems like I end up every time writing them in haste between recording the backing tracks and the vocals, heh.

  • @electrocelte Feb 2017

    Thanks Theresa... cranking out a 4 parted 9/8 jig, learning it and playing it well enough to load into a track is a bit of an all-day affair!!

  • @b00n  Feb 2017

    Thanks for your comment on Kicking Down, much appreciated!

  • @deadhead  Feb 2017

    Thanks for commenting on Let's Go. To be honest, I much prefer the second half as well 😝

  • @ladyred Feb 2017


  • @sentense  Feb 2017

    Thank you very much 😀

  • @chandra83  Feb 2017

    Thanks for your feedback on "Should Be Loved" 😀

  • @benschiem  Feb 2017

    Thank you for your comment Theresa!

  • @majordanby  Feb 2017

    (Karl here hijacking Dan's account).

    Thanks for the feedback, on "Sunshine". I normally write nonsense lyrics, but I'm currently pretty unwell, this is tries to reflect that whilst refusing to be negative; however some lines sneak in because they sound good.

  • @kittykqtenderheart Feb 2017

    Thanks for the feedback! I hope your surgery goes well! You mentioned wanting to know when I put a demo up, I just got it up a few minutes ago 😀 Have fun!

  • @johncrossman  Feb 2017

    Yes, a little bit of making fun, sure. Are you saying I should do that in song instead? Someone's probably going to read my comment and think, what a jerk! 😀

  • @arthurrossi Feb 2017

    Hey! Great to see you here again! I would like to thank you very, very much for your wonderful words...

  • @musicsongwriter Feb 2017

    Thank you so much Theresa for your warm comment on my lyric.

  • @dragondreams  Feb 2017

    You are very kind, thank you. 😊

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 2017

    Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  • @dragondreams  Feb 2017

    Good luck with the surgery! I'll be sending healing thoughts your way. ☺

  • @johnstaples  Feb 2017

    Happy Birthday Theresa!!! 🎂 😁 🎂

  • @karlsburg25  Jan 2017

    Hey Theresa . Hope you recover ASAP and your lyrics will lighten up FAWM I sure

  • @guatecoop  Jan 2017

    Happy Birthday tomorrow! I look forward to hearing what you come up with this year!

  • @musicsongwriter Jan 2017

    Thank you for your kind reply Theresa. Hope everything work out the best possible way for you.

  • @cts  Jan 2017

    Hi! All the best to you!

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 2017

    HEY GIRL, make sure I get in here because I miss you!!

  • @johncrossman  Jan 2017

    I see you can't resist the pull... you will be assimilated. Can't wait to hear some narcotic tunes. Who knows, you may surprise yourself. I mean, you're going to be laid up anyway, right? 😀

  • @johnstaples  Jan 2017

    Hiya Theresa!!! So cool that your boys all play! You have your music section! Looking forward to what you create this year!!

  • @musicsongwriter Jan 2017

    Hi Theresa, good luck with the surgery. Hope you will be on the mend soon and hope you'll be able to sing, your voice and playing are very special. A real treat to listen to. But of course take all the time you need to recover.

  • @kahlo2013  Jan 2017

    Best wishes for your upcoming surgery! Will be thinking of you! Reach out if you need anything!

  • @nancyrost  Jan 2017

    Good to see you back here, Theresa! I look forward to seeing your lyrics. I'll definitely make some music, and at least some of it ought to be good for listening while you rest. 😀