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New Zealand   Feb 2011

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I mostly write bluesy or swing jazzy stuff with harmonies and chug guitar/ukulele at the moment. It's a zone I'm just starting to get comfortable in so in the spirit of FAWM it's probably time to bust that right up.

If you are making and want to collab on hip hop tracks I'd be ultra keen - prefer to contribute lyrics and vocals (I write decent hooks) though I can probably bring together an arrangement if you've got a lyrics only song I like. Can add acoustic instruments (uke, guitar, piano) if need be, and totally keen to rap a bit more if you can deal with my New Zealand accent. I'm still not sure I can deal with my New Zealand accent. Ahh well, FAWM!

If you want to collaborate on other style stuff let me know too, I'm probably keen though I'll have to keep an eye on how many collabs I agree to.

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I'm a conspirator in bandness with @cleverhansel and @kat, flatmates with @rustyculthoron, and in general collusion on nefarious schemes with @rogerette, @rosedeschamps, @thelucideffect and @tartinezeugma... Go listen. They are all scary talented.

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