thefuneralcrasher 12


Durham UK   Jan 2017

Artist Bio

Influences:   the clash, costello, the jam

guitarist/bassist/songwriter/reluctant singer


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  • @matthew62  18 hours

    Thanks for your kind comments on: They say. Truly appreciated.

  • @pompeyjazz 1 week

    It's usually artists that I wouldn't particularly want to listen to. How does that work ????

  • @martinswede 1 week

    Thanks! I wanted it to sound like a skate punk ballad, but failed.

  • @martinswede 1 week


  • @pompeyjazz 2 weeks

    This is a hoot

  • @martinswede 2 weeks

    Thank you! I borrowed major chords to make it more uplifting.

  • @martinswede 2 weeks


  • @guatecoop  2 weeks

    Thanks! It was cheap to buy, but is a great kit (huge drums) from the late 70s...

  • @martinswede 2 weeks

    Thanks! It was surprisingly easy to write.

  • @rambam 3 weeks

    Hello, thank you for listening and commenting!

  • @igg  3 weeks

    Thanks for your gracious comment !!!

  • @martinswede 3 weeks

    Hi! Thank you! It was actually a post you made in the forum that reminded me about this event. /Martin

  • @silvermachine  4 weeks

    Hey Man. A lot of very excited people here.
    Makes you wonder who's on the bill.

  • @boyatheart  5 weeks

    I hope you'll be here this Feb. Looking forward to hearing some of it! Hope you're well!