The Carpenter 9


Seattle USA   7 weeks  

Artist Bio

Influences:   J. Mascis. Bob Mould. D. Boon.

The Carpenter is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Brent Carpenter. Native to Seattle, he draws inspiration from the landscape and weather of the Pacific Northwest. He owns and operates a musical instrument store in Seattle, Wa and has played in bands since 1990.

Songs (9)

#1 Snoozer 2
5 weeks
#2 Manic Moon 2
5 weeks
#3 Public Enemy 2
5 weeks
#4 Burn 1 2
5 weeks
#5 New Chapter 3
5 weeks
#6 Riversong 2
5 weeks
#7 Double D Farms 2
4 weeks
#8 Send SASE 2
4 weeks
#9 Dystopian Novels 2
4 weeks


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  • @sparetiger1 5 weeks

    Good to see you on here! I kept forgetting to ask you if you had started

  • @thecarpenter  5 weeks

    Thanks for the feedback folks. This really is a good writing tool. I'm not sure if I'm gonna hit 14 songs but that's still the goal. Having that mid-month freak out.

  • @thecarpenter  6 weeks

    This is my first year participating in FAWM. It's been a good kick in the butt! The writing is happening and I'll be loading them up soon.